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HEALTHY KID SNACKS- They'll Prefer. Promise.

HEALTHY kids snacks are NOW more appealing-to kids!!!!

Cleaner ingredients combined with fun packaging helps the bigger humans seal the deal when it comes to good-for-them nutritious eats.

AHHHH-so retro-no one should eat like this...

Our fav eating grabs -worthy of little and big hands ...
This above trio are ready to eat snack 'classics'-so stock up.
L-R: SWEET VALLEY ORGANICS Tart Cherries are addictive-Fair Trade melt in your mouth dark chocolate chewy 'candy'-surrounding naturally sweet dried tart cherries. Heavenly. Come in re-sealable pouches but-be prepared and buy two at a time.

HALOS 'Pure Goodness" Mandarins/Clementines are in season for just two more months- bad news BUT are readily available pretty much everywhere we shop in handy net bags at terrific price points!. Seedless and super easy to peel-in juicy tiny sections- so no editing process aka adult intervention needed. We say-keep a bowl of HALOS on the kitchen counter/table ...for guaranteed battle free healthy snacking.

California based Traina Foods' new ORGANIC FRUITONS are single served-dried tropical mix or single fruit snacks- taken to another level... bite sized real deal apricots (julienne or in the mix-with peaches, nectarines, pears, cranberries, dark and golden raisins (and also available cherries-natural or sour dusted cherries)-just might be reached for instead of those gummy bear candy alternatives-imo-with genuine sweet flavors, chewy textures-and ideal size for pint sized faces...
Naturally-blessed with all the nutrients of fruit-like vitamins, niacin, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium because it is real fruit (yay).  Honestly tho-adults should opt for the big mouth age appropriate FRUITON size 6 oz size re-sealable bags or even Traina Foods bulk size 2 lb dried fruit options available online the family owned private brand's website.
GoGo squeeZ applesauce on the go- in the twist off squeeze easily the toddler fav in the house...and seemingly disappear by the time we replenish our supply! Top flavor -is the USDA Organic Apple Cinnamon version-but truly none of the other 6 organic options last very long. FYI-adult friendly for endurance sport athletes...esp. easy on the stomach-easy on the go energy pops...on the loong ultra-marathon training runs. 
So cute- so healthy-sneak in veggies-like carrots, beets, cauliflower and sweet potato and even Ganeden BC30 probiotics via f sweet tasting (organic cane sugar) SNEAKZ USDA Organic shelf ready portable  single serve (skim milk) milkshake protein drinks (with attached plastic straw)...
or super handy re-sealable protein vegan powder option (scoop it up-so much better packaged than those insane oversized containers of other vegan powder brands that are like half empty anyway grrrr).. Vegan, and NSF certified (aka athletes and others are guaranteed no crazy stuff in the mix like yech no artificial colors, GMOs, synthetics). Per serving=14 grams protein, 10 essential amino acids, and gluten, soy, and dairy free + kosher.FYI-the SNEAZ vanilla powder -also available in chocolate-is handy ingredient in winning sweet treats for ages like Purple Power Vegan Ice Cream-made with coconut milk- or add scoop or two to pancake mixes for added nutrition.
the 411 on nutrition for organic sneakz single serve shelf stable milkshakes...meaningful amounts ofVitamin A and calcium  -100 calories