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Fashionable Performance Sunglasses

Eyes were made for the shade...blocking out sunlight/bluelight rays are a must these days (ha ha and nights, maybe)- for short-long term vision health.
TOP PICKS: NATIVE Eyewear and COSTA Del Mar-style-wise-and like so many other accessories (footwear)-the shapes+trims are fashionable with performance elements. All are lightweight, made from durable materials, offer super sharp vision-color accuracy...and bonus points- affordable and made with sustainably minded companies.

Three new urban outdoors styles from Native Eyewear are good for 'one and done' needed pair of sunglasses for travel, every-day and sports-including cycling when focus isn't looking up but down/out.
Pictured above, the insanely lightweight -thermoplastic RHYNO-TUFF®  durable semi-frameless- CATAMOUNT with dark crystal gray frame and N3 green reflex lens-good for moderate to bright sunlight conditions that block out up to 4x infrared light than polarized lenses, plus UV protection and blue light reduction. (4 other frame/lenses options also available),
 The practically not noticeable comfortable -no-slide Cushinol™ grip  (yay!!!) nose pads are completely adjustable for a secure fit (Flex Metal™)-in addition to the frames the fit profile a "Large" with the brand's Mastoid Temple Grip™-w/ temple ends "hugging" the mastoid bone behind the ears, no headache induced after hours of wear. On a humid day run-is when we really appreciated the ability of those channel designs in the frames-that vent out the heat without letting in additional light. Very important-as we have ditched (aka donated) other price-y sunglasses mid race on long distance triathlons-where continually fogging up lenses-that were even pre-treated...were not performing.
Included-hard case+soft-we use wipe off the lenses. $119-$139
All NATIVE sunglasses come with 99.9% polarization efficiency-a superb glare reflector to sun's lightwaves-only transmitting vertical lightwaves for clear sharp vision and blocking damaging infrared light. Plus-all Native sunglasses are coated for scratch resistance wear+hydrophobic-beats out perspiration/sweat + condensation. Impact ought too-passing with flying colors-ANSI impact test...critical for face planting snow-boarders. Limited lifetime warranty.

We loved how the Cam-Action hinges-for secure closed or opened frames-guards against frames splaying out +breaking.
few (any?) sunglass companies are as eco-minded as Colorado based Native Eyewear...with super durable frames made from sustainably derived materials like the biodegradable resin originating from castor beans (not petrochemicals), Packaging made from recycled cardboard-cases-plastic water bottles.

COSTA® Del Mar sunglasses are "Born on the Water"-but have so very terra firma friendly styles  too-with all the sun blocking/clear vision attributes of their sportier models.  
WOmen's Kare (pictured $169 up to $229) polarized polycarbonate X Trivex lightweight+durable frames come with 580G lightweight layered glass lenses that are 100% UV protection that also cuts High Energy Blue Light aka HEV light-known to cause eye diseases like cataracts. Also blocks harsh yellow lights for crisper vision and enhanced contrasts-and encapsulated mirrors-sandwiched in between the outermost  C-Wall ® molecular bond -and then glass layer+polarized film  layers (yup-patented)...are scratch proof. Surprisingly-it weighs less (way less) than typical fashion statement sunglasses. Available with hard case+cleaning cloth.
Our fav new Costa style for women -GANNET ($169-$189)

For sunglasses as accessories-ideal for the matchy match gal-newish brand Privé Revaux -now available at American Eagle (and online) offers the sunglass version of well made fast fashion, in a way. With frames priced at $29.95 (prescription ready too)- are modern hip face framers. Lense versions have critical blue-light blocking feature-so necessary for the smartphone addict.
pictured-gender-neutral style-limited edition BLAKE-frames made of high-tension injection molded polycarbonate with triallyl-cyyanate polarized lenses in gray or brown-blocks 100% UVA-UVB light.