Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Better 4 U Bars: Part 3

Fancy Food Show '18

Two companies that we've written about prior-showed new (to us)-versions that stood out...
Reishi mushrooms have herbal medicinal properties-help detox the body, boost the immune system+fight stress. FYI-there is absolutely NO mushroom taste in this pleasingly sweet enough (coconut +coconut sugar) crunchy chewy bar.   
organic pumpkin, chia and hemp seeds, sunflower kernels-and peanuts+peanut butter, cashews+almonds- in this flavor-with 7 grams protein

purely elizabeth. brand expansion on their popular granolas...with a bunch of bars-including four flavors of GRAIN-FREE Granola Bars with organic extract from SUPERFOOD REISHI mushrooms in the mix. NON-GMO, certified gluten-free, vegan and bonuses-NSF certified (great for athletes) & purely elizabeth = CERTIFIED B Corporation

USDA Organic Keep Healthy® Low Glycemic Bar-are tasty treats-with meaningful amounts of plant based protein-making this a really worthy post exercise eat...esp this chewy rich Sea Salt Brownie  dairy free, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO version-that delivers yumminess without the sugar rush. There are other flavors too--all snack bars safer for diabetics or those sensitive to those high/lows glycemic rushes. AND no artificial preservatives, sugar alcohols  or artificial sweetners or high fructose corn syrup.
IMO-real ingredient protein bars (there's also a 15 grams of protein options)-priced similarly-and widely available-why wouldn't one choose a USDA organic Healthy® are now widely available-online too.

impressive-12 grams of protein...5 gm of fiber, 7.5 gm of sugar...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Better 4 U Snacks: Part 2

Fancy Food Show 2018

Vegan Rob's Kombuchabar™ bars-"crunch consciously" with organic quinoa, pumpkin+sunflower seeds and very slight hints of all star ingredient-n kombucha (yup-like the 'it' sip-the tea)...fermented-therefore has active bacteria cultures aka probiotics). Also delivered, 6 gram plant based protein- more than similar bars not loaded with whey (and therefore, not vegan)....and 4 grams of real deal fiber. Four flavors available-Non-GMO, cold pressed (heat protection for probiotics), vegan and grain free. Factoid-this company has plenty of snacking fans...founded by the leading light of Pirate's Booty popcorn.
BIENA's salted roasted chickpeas (deliversr a bit of protein, calcium, iron and potassium, naturally) -are a fav snack-now the company has taken a sweet turn with Fair Trade certified dark chocolate coated and FUN-Girl Scouts' inspired THIN MINTS' flavor-that nails it-the chocolate int so unique surrounds crunchy chickpea---more like a a crunchy texture vs any chickpea flavor. Needless today-those lasted about 48 minutes on the kitchen table before being devoured.NON-GMO, Fair Trade, gluten free, vegan and kosher.

never seen the cat move so fast to grab a bite...beating out  Greenies!
Feline fav---we'd put the almost sinfully addictive, Sheila' G's Brownie Brittle  in the better for you snack category-based on taste -texture alone. The rich crisp snack's MO-is to capture the top layers of home cooked brownies...and is available in a gluten free version-and new flavor Chocolate Almond-laded with chunks of chocolate and almonds---like an 'energy bar'...yet with the same melt-in-your-mouth the best home cooked dessert staple.
re-sealable bag-but our experience with Brownie need for  that,
Al the aforementioned-good to crumble/layer on any kind of creamy yogurt/ice cream/gelato.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Better For You Snacks/Fancy Food Show '18

Snacks- (or dessert additions)-the new 'energy bars' are better than inhaling the typical packaged cookies when the mood strikes for tempting tasty treats.
Part One

Reasons-real deal fiber, organic and/or 'functional' ingredients,  cleaner labels...and allergy free choices.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Flavorful Native Spices/Foods/:Africa, Haiti, Australia

Ancestral inspirations and distant islands/continents...turned up in new ways at the latest Fancy Food Show...with African, Haitian, and Australian spices livening up foodie goodies.
Departure Snacks-travels for you, no security checks-needed, tastes wise-with far flung locales-thematically adding flavors to dry roasted almonds. Pictured-Ethiopian Berbere-with smoked paprika, mild chilies, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and imo the new 'it' spice-cardamon=fragrant spice hits. Non-GMO, gluten free +vegan. 210 calories/pack.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

French Condiments: World Class Tastes


French mustards and salts are probably the most popular of that World Cup powerhouse offerings...besides a football team with players ready for the world stage (too).
Some favs from the recent Fancy Food Show:

Moutarde Pommery à l'Ancienne ---Meaux Mustard- Pommery-founded in 1949. We had the grainy signature crock packaged mustard -with a wax top- in our kitchen pantry growing up-been in the USA for awhile...other truly delicious flavors from mild-to medium...including new fruit added blends-(cranberries on the left, figs on the right)-which we think could add pop of flavor to BBQ-grilled anything. Once Canada slaps on retaliatory tariffs on a certain USA brand of mustard-we think...price of this French gourmet brand-will be similar-and will be an easy replacement. AND-the ancient Romans 'shared' their cultivation of this ancient spice-with the Gauls...but many believe it was really the French town of Dijon-back in 1382 -under the rule of the Duke of Burgundy-made mustard a French staple.

Monday, July 9, 2018

BAHHHHH. Goat Cheese' Tangy Good Tastes

Spreadably familiar- fresh creamy smooth Montrachet style  rolls-soft ripened or aged- in harder rinds' slice worthy formats-or headlining spreads/yogurts/dips/gelato ...goat milk's distinct tangy mildness highlighted  exhibitor offerings at the most recent Fancy Food Show.
just get right to the point-no fancy consultants needed to conjure up this distributor's name...World's Best Cheeses

What caught our eyeballs...

BELLE CHEVRE (an Alabama creamery)=goat cheese nirvana-log rolls, flavored in light+creamy spreadable textures...and an amazingly delicious sweet vanilla lemon zest fresh goat cheese cheesecake $34.95-in a graham crust-airy- like NY cream cheesecake version versus the more heavier Italian ricotta style.

Zingerman's Detroit ST Brick Cheese...goat cheese with Tellicherry Peppercorns in velvety mold...aged 2-5 weeks-crumbly and sliceable for grilled cheese potential-yummy-slight sweet- earthy flavor. An Ann Harbor, Michigan Creamery

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Not a ref to Prince Harry,

Teeth clinging-taffy-like aromatic ginger chews were a fav of  senior family members-acquired tastes for time spent in India and England during/post WW II.

Now-the natural remedies/ health benefits of this fragrant root-are well known-particularly as a digestive tummy calmer+anti-inflammatory helper. No wonder ginger (lemon tea) is so popular...whether sipped up via branded tea bags-or what we do...slice a fresh chunk off the real deal root-peel it a bit-and steep in a cuppa hot water.

Plus unlike say ginseng...ginger actually tastes good. Paired with cinnamon/cloves in cookies, garlic in Asian fusion sautés or on its own (with sugar-in addictive ginger snaps)...this sophisticated flavor multi-tasks in a lot of yummy eats.

Maybe that's why-it seemed like the sweet-savory Ginger chews were the "it' single wrapped hardish chew candy at this year's Fancy Food Show.
Besides the soon to be collectible Harry Potter themed Jelly Beans.

HA-barely got home in a NY minute-before we sampled these seriously delicious original GIN-GINS® chews from The Ginger People Group. (that's an unwrapped piece in the lower right-lightly dusted). Authentic ingredients-non-GMO, gluten free+vegan-Gin-Gins have spicy adult sweet melty taste/quality-with the distinct true ginger  -a palate highlight. The company-founded years back by a couple with a background in tea harvesting-sources its main organic ingredient from family farms on the lush lower slopes of Mount Arjuna, East Java. Widely available -online and brick-mortar like Targets...and in different flavors and sizes including bulk (smart)- too.

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews-Mango
 Other brands seen----

Melting Sweet Ginger Candy

CHIMES Ginger Chews-with Peanut Butter-from the brand we remember seeing sold in our local store-for decades.
Gem Gem Ginger Candy.oh oh Orange! Also in Just Ginger, Mango and Lemon-new product from  Brother's Trading LLC

Thursday, July 5, 2018

FANCY FOOD SHOW '18 Trends -Next Year was really the Fancy Food Show-but there were enough screens-massive and minute-live broadcasting the World Cup-it was also an ideal viewing setting-complete with a huge international turn-out-cheering on the drama...

Some new trends we expect to see more of NEXT YEAR!

Nói Síríus  Icelandic Chocolate-from the new 'it' tourist destination and soccer powerhouse.

there's plenty of SMOKED BBQ sauces, chips, and spice blends out there-but we're seeing that earthy flavor pop up in other edible spots...Minerva Smoked Amish Roll Butter
SMOKED Sea Salt-by Maldon
FIGS as feast
we wrote up the USA based award winning Date Lady dessert sauces from last year's Figs taking center stage -Hellenic Fig Salamis
NOTE-dried pressed figs/dates with almonds or chocolate - already a Spanish/Greek/Mediterranean staple-widely available here- already in round wheel shapes (whole/half/quarter). 
Fresh figs-always on trend-this selection of dried/fresh-from central California-delicious variety to eat solo-chewy fruity texture-sweet enough for die hard sweet booths-but ya know-loads healthier than candy-is an understatement.

GREEN TEA flavor (full)

Green tea and matcha are 'it' ingredients in smoothies and frozen treats (ice cream, non-dairy ices)...but now are showing up in indulgent sweets and desserts with no claim of health benefits---but there for its "Asian" taste.
Made in Japan-Puchao Uji Matcha candy-remind us of Hi-Chews-with addictive  chewiness...perfect sweet -match flavor balance.
Radishes are staple eat at French bars-alongside a shaker of salt-but don't seem to get as much love,  here. Why this Paul's Perky Producs-Radical Radish Poppers...caught our eye. 
Richardson Brands edible rock candy---in an instagrammable layered cake

  Photo-worthy...layered 'cakes'

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Celebratory English- July 4th Food!

The former Colonies-celebrating America's freedom from the jolly Brits-is all about the BBQs. 

But why not-go celebrate their World Cup team...with eats heralding English eccentricity, the recent Royal Wedding, and unique UK tastes (and contributions).

Highlights from the Fancy Food Show 2018
It's always tea o'clock ---YAY!!!!
traditional LAKELAND Bake crumpets-think a merge of EnglishMuffins with a muffin...yummy when toasted and slathered with jam...and clotted cream. FYI-the CO2 shortage has Brits in all twisty knotted knickers...but this company's MO "CARRY ON.." so no worries. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

For Life On The Go-The Best Summer Shoes

ALTRA +  NINA Footwear

Life on the go-travelling for pleasure or purpose (like destination weddings)...

For footwear...two picks for minimal packers.

Hands (feet) down-trail or well made road running shoes are the best multi-tasking one and done shoe for travelers traveling light!

For comfy supported running-day hiking or walking hard or soft (ish) surfaces like city cement-quaint cobblestone byways, or dirt trails...our fav-no drop specialists ALTRA-offers up popular shades of their woven mesh uppers- and super super light weight-high traction styles-for S/S 2018!

ALTRA-"zero limits"...just about true! Available now in summery shades (pictured above/below-are Fall'18) men's and women's specific last women's Escalante-lightweight and with the brand's distinguished wide toe box for toe splayers, Engineered knit uppers -shaped perfectly for a  sock-like fit w/ a performance last with the new  Altra Ego™midsole and decoupled heel-plus the forefoot and heel are on the same level-helps with low impact landing when kicking up  the gait on runs. Noticeable difference. Footpod™ Technology outsole-aligns with bones +tendons of feet-for natural ride with energy return too. Altr'as original claim to fame -trail running selections are also great choices.

NINA NINON-fancy fringe trim...with beaded shots of gold-adds sparkle to these thoroughly comfy sandals...elegant enough for formal occasions-yet the solid lower(ish) heel allows for hours of wear. We also like how the silver or black insole lining behind the toes-amps up background for pretty summer pedicures. Great option for travel-where nights  out (daytime too)- require a bit or a lot of dressing up. Both the silver or black-match up well-with wardrobe options in  prints or solid shades...
FYI-pack up kicks in Eagle Creek's practically legendary packing organizer's Packing Cube-shoe size specific. ones available-as are extra multi-tasking sizes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

ADIDAS OUTDOORS - Bold B/W Statement

 Adidas is in the World Cup spotlight as a big time sponsor/outfitter (plus a NY Rangers top, atop A$AP's  in that great ad?)

The company's outdoor collection-like the acclaimed other function fashion apparel lines-has eye-catching black/white summer offerings...including this snazzy multi-tasking Agravic Wind Jacket

visibility guaranteed-men's AGRAVIC Wind Jacket onsale now $69-handy high energy sports-run/hike option-as well as handy for travel+water sports on cooler days...with a slim fit, water repellant finish, full zip high neck, fitted hood and ventilated breathable mesh panels under the arms...women's version too-with flattering princess shape $69

Monday, June 25, 2018

Retro Prints Rule

Mad for plaid, prepped Madras and Hawaiian inspired prints-never look a bad way. Trendster understatements-practical tops for summer-go the distance -fashion wise-and are  practical too ...for life on the go where outdoor days -city nights require functional style.

L.L.Bean has plenty of apparel options flouting Madras classic patterns like this L/S Women's Classic Madras Shirt- $59 -in Misses and Petite sizes too.Machine wash+dry-made from 100% cotton India Madras-the roll sleeves have button tabs -handy for hot days.Two button back pleats+rounded hem-gives it a flattering feminine un-tucked look. There's a Signature L/S men's version-less the roll sleeve tabs and with a spread collar $69. 
Matchy matchy-Madras Tote $69-durable cotton canvas body+100% sourced from  India cotton -plus internal hanging zipped pocket-roomy 35L size.
L.L.Bean-women's Vacationland pullover-anorak-$59.99...contrast lining/stitching,  side draw cord +kangaroo pocket w/ this slightly fitted jacket/top that hits right at hip bones
L.L.Bean Signature hooded Madras shirt $89-made of 100% India madras cotton. Men's-slim fit, chambray lined w/ 2  front flap pockets and side seamed ones too. Available in medium and large-a popular item. 

MK.s wildflower print Men's Chee Pono S/S-has the roomy relaxed fit of the iconic Hawaiian shirt-but not sloppy (imo)--for some go anywhere Rocky Mountain  flair and attitude (apparently Chee Pono aka 'hell yeah' = Hawaiian language expression). Nice. $64.95 With a split hem, side seam, MK's signature back yoke,  and oversized left front pocket. 75% cotton/25%Viscose blend...ez care and soft skin feel.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tasty LunchBox Snacks

Life on the go...
Better for all aged humans, nutritious single serve lunch box snack options...come in savory global flavors or sweet tooth satisfying high protein options.

Solid crunchy, chewy textures or fluids...

vegan options-plant derived high protein is a trending eat/drink that's better for the planet (too). Tasty options from SAFFRON ROAD-include snack sizes of their crunchy roasted non-GMO chickpeas-in assorted flavors like sea salt or hot tinged in their savory Bombay Spice. Bar food re-defined, imo. SNEAKZ organic-sneaks in veggie servings plus protein in their USDA Organic- shelf stable 'milk'shakes that are dairy free. Sweet too-perfect adult post work out sip-plus retro -lovers-it kinda reminds us of Nestle's  Quik. From Bolton Farms- a line of sweet plant based protein drinks recently launched...USDA Organic-almond milk based -non-GMO-these keep cold options deliver 12 grams of protein/9grams of sugar/150-160 calories.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NEW: Carry Ons That Go The Distance

Life on the go...
Need a(nother) reason to travel with a carry-on only?

New Haulers from our fav reliable/durable brands-backed by warranties.

THULE's hardside collection-REVOLVE. Durable frame, exclusive 8 wheel system for easy navigation, and roomy (minimalist) interior compartment...but not available til February 2019.
super durable+lightweight-4 sizes available...internal corner protections, front panel is reinforced 
nice design-zipper carriages for puncture proof zippers+TSA locks-built in

Monday, June 18, 2018

Flag On-Socks That Rock the RWB

Flaunt these  for July 4th fireworks-stars and stripes socks made by two brands known for their durability...

Awesome-  5.11’s Sock & Awe American Flag Crew socks limited edition design emblazoned on SlipStream crew socks-w/ breathable upper+polyester construction-risks moisture away and keeps feet dry, reinforced heel, NanoGlide® fiber. Pictured with the same priced- Sock & Awe Liberty crew...which goes with everything-including all black-or denim,

DARN TOUGH-a Vermont company that knits its own and guarantees its socks for wear-ever...waves the stars and stripes with these  Micro Crew Ultra Light $19. A fav-these slightly lower than crew-still peak out of hikers...and with great no slip fit and lightweight feel-multi-task for biking and running too. Made of a soft skin feel- nylon-merino wool-blend with 5% Lycra Spandex-these socks are naturally breathable, fast wicking, anti-microbial, with Darn Tough's True Seamless™ construction-aka undetectable seams -so flat-they are barely there-and def don't feel them. Keepers for sure. Widely available-online too.