Thursday, April 26, 2018


Older generations' VW mini-bus adventures, Airstreams' upscale digs... and collegiate low budget New Zealand travels-in camper rentals...all lend some retro flavor for today's millennial plus (ers) who NOW demand tricked out vans  - that rival functional RVs---as THE vehicle of choice.
Bonus- smaller parking spaces!
What gets packed -and what gets built in - are all multi-tasking -well made, durable objects making life on the road -a desirable way to go.

Part One:

Aluminum Portable Products-by YETI, PK GRILLS

Cooler ruler YETI introduces a new HORDO BASE CAMP CHAIR $299...that even interior design mavens will LOVE. These are a bit heftier, weight wise-than typical camp/trek chairs...but are way more rugged solid...and comfy. Note-the breathable mesh w/ GRIDGUARD™MOLD for no-sag,  edge to edge comfort- is just like the upscale Herman Miller Aero Chairs-and wow-can support up to 500lbs. Solid cast joints + double barrel  aluminum frame fold up flat too for ez storage (see pic below)-including nice touch... built in Hauler Handle in the frame=ez carry.

Portable outdoor kitchens requires a grill that can last and heat up all 360 sq inches- JUST right (fast-for grilling..steady+.slow for BBQ). US-we're a tad obsessed with the new PK 360 Grill and Smoker Capsule by PK Grills ($599.99)-a made in the USA retro chic item-from a company inspired by (re) discovering an original PK- at a yard sale. NOW fabulously updated for use in the 21st century...with heavy duty aluminum construction, efficient cook chamber w/ 4 way venting assures any ash (lower charcoal grate made from marine grade stainless steel)- doesn't mess with the the air flow and easy 2-zone set-up. Lock release hinges, rear stabilizer hooks and-critically-a super easy detach -from the stand-for ez hauling,..makes this grill/smoker-an ideal affordable glampfire 'stove' very travel worthy.   

Monday, April 23, 2018

SPICED Up-Subtle to Bold Best Bets


Tastebuds Kitchen, a spacious (very-by NYC standards)-restaurant worthy event space/school- was SRO packed---by the cooking inclined last week.
Homemade-blend your own India spice Garam Masala w/ 11 SPICE ISLANDS-or buy ready version

Savory samples of appetizers- entrees-desserts- enhanced with a few- deeply flavorful and fresh SPICE ISLANDS spices-are mouthfuls of world global cuisines made with simple, quality ingredients livened up authentic flavors from far flung locales. POPULAR!

Friday, April 20, 2018


Sit-down 3 meals daily-gives way to more bite times of smaller eats. Life on the go doesn't mean less nutritious though...whether fresh or frozen, meal worthy snacks are substantial and healthy clean now. Convenient too.
THE easiest substantial snack for a sit-down moment=a pairing of locally sourced- fresh baked bread+cheese-typical of our daily meal enjoyed while traveling abroad on a budget. Cheese loving nations in Europe---started it all...but now terrific options worldwide, just about-either with dairy based cheese or tasty regional dips like hummus (both protein loaded).

Sweet nutty Norwegian Jarlsberg + chewy fresh dough bread or flavored crisps-like crackers or savory flatbreads-easy does it crowd pleasers. Just add a beverage-and some fresh fruit=insta meal.
Indoors? A practical posh set-up courtesy of beautiful and inexpensive Royal Doulton housewares-china-as seen at their showroom...breadsticks, fresh figs and olives  look even more inviting- delicious, imo. Our fav coffee mug-in fact is from the widely available -sturdy Ellen Degeneres collection!
French Compté -most popular cheese in France-is mild-is and creamy- but distinctly flavored cheese (subtle nuances-depends on aging etc)- that goes well with a lot of different breads, crisps-and wines.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Probiotics: Skin/Hair Help

The beauty + haircare brands with nutraceuticals-aka supplements- acknowledges 'you are what you eat.' Inside and out-skin deep, plus.

One trending area-pre and probiotics...the former to nourish the latter.
For topical applications...there's enough scientific evidence that  helpful ingredients providing microbiota solutions for many skin concerns -from oily-acne to dry-sensitive conditions, work.

Easy FAST though- get natural benefits of probiotics-from a make it yourself masque.

Mix up  USDA Organic yogurt (2 tbsps-'fattier' the better)-blessed w/ cell renewing lactic acid +active cultures---with pure honey (a natural sterilizing healer-like Wedderspoon Manuka Honey-1 tbsp)---and apply on for about ten minutes, before washing off.

Insta-brightner that works for most skin types.

Hair wise- for a moisturizing-cleansing masque-for locks- double the aforementioned ingredients-and add tbsps of coconut oil (olive, safflower, sunflower seed or sea buckthorn oils would be okay too)...and slap on  hair for about 20 minutes...before rinsing out thoroughly.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Some new products for the sub adult-set-are the same quality-or even better than what's available for parental units.

Spring/Summer screams for outdoor activities...and impressively-Keen, Nina Footwear, KidPik and Priority Bicycles all deliver.

Top Picks: function/fashion footwear-and the coolest hand built bicycle for cruising...
IMO-Keen really did great job with these limited edition NEWPORT RAINBOW COLLECTION big kid's sandals.. a rainbow-available in 25 color options (wow)-unisex sizing can be adjusted with ease via hook+loop strap.Suitable for  water/hike/walking with durable outsoles...there's no skimping on protective details either-like PFC free protective rubber toe caps and metatomical footbed design. $50. Good travel shoe for light packers. Machine washable-polyester webbing upper, non-marking outsole-air dry.


Eye candy, convenience and speed-three attributes in supply -for the new Specialized S-7 Works cycling shoes-tricked out with the only available here (for now) BOA S-3 Snap dials.

No popping out/pushing in those life guaranteed dials for on/off access of these super lightweight, stiffest-FACT Powerline™ carbon plate that maximizes power transfer...with no stretch zone  in key areas, Form Fit last-roomy toe box, 3 bolt cleat pattern that handles all road pedals and heel cradling-coddling for fit.
we were dazzled by these new Boa S-3 Snap details-rotate to and fro for easy access on/off.-on the fly, micro-fit adjustment. $400 for men's +women's Specialized S-7 Works cycling shoe weighs in around 7.9 ounces/shoe

Color options including a flashy (Peter) Sagan limited edition black cycling shoe with gold Boa dials $425.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Microbial Diversity AKA Gut Health

Trendy-or reality...the importance of healthy (natural)  human bacteria-living life in GI tracts or on the biggest organ-the skin- has people re-thinking what they eat or slather on.

In turn - hundreds (thousands) of products/supplements aiming to ameliorate microbiota deficiencies-have flooded the consumer market.

One solution-duh-so easy and natural-embrace the different ethnic cuisines that already serve up foods loaded with a variety of LIVE probiotics-meaning fermented foods with live organisms (seriously there loads of ideas-a Google search yielded 400,000 results in.03 seconds).

 Yogurts-kefir, cheeses, non-heated sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, tempeh,  kombucha, natto...are some probiotics loaded home runs-granted-maybe are spicy or tangy acquired tastes.

Another healthy eating trend-for proper gut functions-is to 'feed' the aforementioned acquired probiotic bacteria...with prebiotics-which is just getting a lot of attention-as auto spell-check still turns the 'e' into an 'o'.
Prebiotics are made from soluble fibers that provide gut living probiotics with the resistant starch kind of food they need to thrive versus like eating up one's mucus lined gut (bad).
Foods like beans, onions, garlic, oats and even cooked/cooled pasta...can deliver enough.

But given our snacking lifestyle---or travels...sometimes more portable shelf ready solutions are just easier.

New to us-and in a tasty and handy powder form (kid approved)-ProBiotein®-made from 100% organic wheat, oats, flax and barley...
ProBiotein® imparts a barely there soluble fiber- chocolate hit- only need a very small amount added to warm or cold foods-doesn't matter. Contains  4 prebiotic fibers and 4 digestive enzymes-to feed the 100 trillion beneficial bacteria living in our gut.  No prep needed-just add to smoothies, baked goods' mixes, juices etc- the good stuff DOES NOT  get harmed by cooking -or freezing and unlike probiotics-one does not have to wonder if prebiotics are 'live.'
Probiotein® naturally has Omega 3 and anti-oxidants too-from the flax---and some protein. We regularly add 1 tbsp serving- to hot oatmeal-which we actually eat at night-something about that warm creamy filling food encourages sleep.
back label info
1 LB re-sealable pouch AVAILABLE on Amazon AMAZON

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Sorry snow---these are going on our feet ANYWAY!!! It's time-when sun shines past 7PM.

Top Picks-comfort, functional-fancy footwear ready for springtime strolls (and pedicures).


Web masters (the woven kind) may be giving CHACOS even more cred than their ped savior footbeds + LUVSEAT™ PU midsoles - that have already help this brand garner more than a cult following these days. Combine those attributes with traction- from non-marking ChacoGrip™ outsoles -making these styles- athletic, water worthy (as per their heritage)...and urban friendly- with guaranteed comfort all day long. Ladder lock buckles-and adjustable and durable high-tension heel risers complete these well thought sandals-plus-we like the open style-though others feature a secure toe loop. FYI-there are numerous  Z/–––styles-customizable too-the snazzy polyester jacquard webbing comes in dozens of options-start at $105...

Monday, April 2, 2018

Patio Party-Game On (Part 3)

Snow melting celebrations-outdoor products by L.L.Bean and Thermacell get the game on (and make great house gifts too).

A classic nostalgic challenge...these made in the USA, hand forged Tournament Horseshoes one of many games made easy by L. L. Bean $99 -comes with 2 solid steel stakes in a convenient wooden carving case.

Another crowd fav-croquet...and yes -there is skill involved. Maine Coast Croquet Set with Stand $279-delivers-hardwood malets, stakes, and stand...nine wickets +6 color coordinated plastic balls PLUS GAME RULES.

 via GIPHY
                                         Heather vs Heather                           

Patio Shield ($24.99) comes in multiple colors
NEW Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent works at push of a button

Backyard minutes spent swatting away mosquitos&no see'ums = hours spent indoors. SOLUTION...Thermacell has several easy to use-no spray-refillable solutions that invisibly keep those bugs as bay. DEET free, no open flame (like candles)...

RECHARGEABLE (6 hours of use per charge via USB-powered by Lithium-Ion Battery)-new Thermacell RADIUS Zone Mosquito Repellent-scent+DEET FREE-protects an 110 sq ft area-a single refill can last up to 40 hours. There's even an automatic timer. Added plus-can travel with this...great for those heading to tropical destinations where mosquitos are a many college junior year abroad destinations.

Friday, March 30, 2018


     Part 2

                                                              SUMMER SIPS:
ROSÉ Season!!!

Portugal is poppin'-as a second hone+vacay destination...and earning a great rep for its wine in addition to its signature cork that goes on top...

Grape composition 25% Saborinho, 25% Agronomica, 25% Aragones, 25% Touriga Nacional. Sustainably grown tiny plots (2 to 6 bush trained vines per square) planted in 1991 in volcanic soil at sea level. 12.5% alcohol...around $25 bottle
Sips of the mineral-delicately black peppery- acidic Rosé Vulcânico-courtesy of the deep volcanic black basalt soil of the Portuguese archipelago -AZORES (Pico island)...conjures up summer breezes, long sunny days at the beach, sunlight outdoor deck parties. Easy to drink (and now)...this thirst quenching wine pairs particularly well with salty snacks, Asian eats, grilled veggies +fresh fish/seafood.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


(it's almost-or already there...)

New Products That Help Celebrate Snowmelts, Uncovered Grills,  Aromatic BBQ Al Fresco, and Backyard Fun...

Part 1: The Eats

Upgraded Condiments:

FYI -fair warning-one tablespoon of ANY Traina ketchup -rich savory offerings -courtesy of 3lbs of tomatoes-in each bottle (!!!!)-will have you ditch those mass market- really red bottles-straight into recycling.

It's almost like a re-invented condiment staple.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Transitional Sandal Season Solved

Weather alternating between snowy slush and really Spring?

For those warm moments- suede/leather sandals in  3 (or 4) season colors-like mustard yellow, brick red,  navy, or camel brown aka luggage-shades well with wear whatever flowy black outfit or denim wardrobe staple one wears.

Pr People multi-task...
Our fav-by BERNARDO -have southwestern flavored triangle embroidered details on the uppers-in a walk all day 1" block heel (GABI) leather elegant take on a thong...or peep-toe suede 3" wooden heel statement maker (HARPER).

GABI $158

Thursday, March 22, 2018


A recent Puerto Rico Ironman 70.3-had us appreciating (experiencing) the clean ocean waters.

Which is partially why we heart big time...that plastic bottles -retrieved and recycled by non-profit Parley For The Oceans- end up as uppers in the continuing popular collaboration with the sport-performance-fashion giant,  Adidas. 
(Other reasons-comfort, good looks, functional).

The snazzy looking Parley kicks' collection has sold over a million-and counting. New Spring additions for ADIDAS OUTDOORS- feature quick dry climacool® woven uppers made from recycled yarns and outsoles boasting the brand's grippy Traxion®or Stealth® rubber outsoles (in Boat and Voyager $90-$120 ). 
Great Pacific Garbage Patch-world's largest mass of ocean garbage-now 2x the size of Texas
TERREX CC VOYAGER PARLEY-has toe protection+lightweight EVA midsole for long term cushioning

drainage system through midsole sidewalls

Stealth® rubber grippy outsole (from sister brand FiveTen)
TERREX CC BOAT PARLEY $99-pictured in trace blue/raw gray/chalk ideal boat shoe with urban style bonus points. Very comfy with lightweight toe protection, breathable per with TPU weldings, perforated mid+outsoles lets the water out, 
Traxion non-marking outsole for great grip

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fashionable Performance Sunglasses

Eyes were made for the shade...blocking out sunlight/bluelight rays are a must these days (ha ha and nights, maybe)- for short-long term vision health.
TOP PICKS: NATIVE Eyewear and COSTA Del Mar-style-wise-and like so many other accessories (footwear)-the shapes+trims are fashionable with performance elements. All are lightweight, made from durable materials, offer super sharp vision-color accuracy...and bonus points- affordable and made with sustainably minded companies.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Skincare Trends...

The most recent NYC IBS tradeshow for spa professionals highlighted non-invasive skincare trends.
For at home users-the  proliferation of FDA approved beauty tools available...and salon only brands-being sold on Amazon or direct to consumer also lined the aisles...

CRYO FACIAL SYSTEM-Cryotherapy's deep freeze anti-inflammatory benefits-are now available for the face/neck only-and is very tolerable.  Liquid nitrogen vapors (-130º) targets the area--supposedly increases blood flow, reduces pore size, reduces inflammation+puffiness, reduces dark spots-and- this def makes sense to us-might sooth dermatitis, eczema patches. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

HAIR TRENDS: Rainbow Hues

 IECSC N.Y. Tradeshow-Javits Center

Besides ear-splitting backbeats, we can always count on the latest hair trends-and the companies that make the products to get the looks-to show up at the annual March hair+spa- jam packed with humans, tradeshow.
Noticeable-multi-hues-multi-strands + barbershop artistic hair styles-unisex and multi-cultural neck-up statements.
MANIC PANIC-founded by club legends Tish+Snooky...Manic Panic serves up professional worthy, semi-permanent hair colors and saturated shades of highly pigmented make-up for do-it-yourselfers. Pictured above-mermaid worthy hair that makes a statement. AND yes, copious amounts of hair spray needed too.
-Manic Panic mixes it up- on the right-bleach hair starting point for true rainbow shading
Rainbow lovely locks---ramp up single saturated shades -a harkening back to 1980's London punchy punk scene that celebrates all genders/types of hair. FFFUUUUUNNNN!!!!

TO KEEP TRUE COLORS trust-worthy:
Sulfate free, rich ingredients' hair care products are musts. IMO-the best of the bunch- are usually made by smaller, still privately owned, cruelty free (no animal testing) hair care companies who don't compromise on ingredients in order to churn out stock market-like profit margins.

New to us...

Keratin Complex®...refs the building blocks of gorgeous tresses in their name...and accordingly, have a slew of widely available. color supporting products that nurture luscious locks of kinds. 
FYI: Free From sulfates, sodium chloride (a keratin treatment killer fyi-and an unfortunate ingredient in a slew of high-low priced shampoos/conditioners), and parabens

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

HEALTHY KID SNACKS- They'll Prefer. Promise.

HEALTHY kids snacks are NOW more appealing-to kids!!!!

Cleaner ingredients combined with fun packaging helps the bigger humans seal the deal when it comes to good-for-them nutritious eats.

AHHHH-so retro-no one should eat like this...

Our fav eating grabs -worthy of little and big hands ...
This above trio are ready to eat snack 'classics'-so stock up.
L-R: SWEET VALLEY ORGANICS Tart Cherries are addictive-Fair Trade melt in your mouth dark chocolate chewy 'candy'-surrounding naturally sweet dried tart cherries. Heavenly. Come in re-sealable pouches but-be prepared and buy two at a time.

HALOS 'Pure Goodness" Mandarins/Clementines are in season for just two more months- bad news BUT are readily available pretty much everywhere we shop in handy net bags at terrific price points!. Seedless and super easy to peel-in juicy tiny sections- so no editing process aka adult intervention needed. We say-keep a bowl of HALOS on the kitchen counter/table ...for guaranteed battle free healthy snacking.

California based Traina Foods' new ORGANIC FRUITONS are single served-dried tropical mix or single fruit snacks- taken to another level... bite sized real deal apricots (julienne or in the mix-with peaches, nectarines, pears, cranberries, dark and golden raisins (and also available cherries-natural or sour dusted cherries)-just might be reached for instead of those gummy bear candy alternatives-imo-with genuine sweet flavors, chewy textures-and ideal size for pint sized faces...
Naturally-blessed with all the nutrients of fruit-like vitamins, niacin, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium because it is real fruit (yay).  Honestly tho-adults should opt for the big mouth age appropriate FRUITON size 6 oz size re-sealable bags or even Traina Foods bulk size 2 lb dried fruit options available online the family owned private brand's website.
GoGo squeeZ applesauce on the go- in the twist off squeeze easily the toddler fav in the house...and seemingly disappear by the time we replenish our supply! Top flavor -is the USDA Organic Apple Cinnamon version-but truly none of the other 6 organic options last very long. FYI-adult friendly for endurance sport athletes...esp. easy on the stomach-easy on the go energy pops...on the loong ultra-marathon training runs. 
So cute- so healthy-sneak in veggies-like carrots, beets, cauliflower and sweet potato and even Ganeden BC30 probiotics via f sweet tasting (organic cane sugar) SNEAKZ USDA Organic shelf ready portable  single serve (skim milk) milkshake protein drinks (with attached plastic straw)...
or super handy re-sealable protein vegan powder option (scoop it up-so much better packaged than those insane oversized containers of other vegan powder brands that are like half empty anyway grrrr).. Vegan, and NSF certified (aka athletes and others are guaranteed no crazy stuff in the mix like yech no artificial colors, GMOs, synthetics). Per serving=14 grams protein, 10 essential amino acids, and gluten, soy, and dairy free + kosher.FYI-the SNEAZ vanilla powder -also available in chocolate-is handy ingredient in winning sweet treats for ages like Purple Power Vegan Ice Cream-made with coconut milk- or add scoop or two to pancake mixes for added nutrition.
the 411 on nutrition for organic sneakz single serve shelf stable milkshakes...meaningful amounts ofVitamin A and calcium  -100 calories

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


A coveted secret of footwear addicts...and well know performance outsole musts for outdoor enthusiasts... Vibram's rubber soles are unique (patented) takes on the best underfoot protection...

via GIPHY fyi-shoes aren't heated...

...acclaimed for durability, protective, cushioning abilities- and grab appeal (the latest-Arctic Grip-is practically a 'miracle on ice')... but are also fashion statements. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

imPRESS Gel NAILS-Flaunt Fav Team Colors

Limited Editions by Fashion Designer Christian Siriano Adds To Nail Art Line-Up

We really love how two of our favs- fashion designer Christian Siriano and manicurist Gina Edwards (who has a slew of amazing editorial credits too-we read the fine print in those glossies)...managed to synch up during NYFW to celebrate the aforementioned ten years in the biz!

Christian Siriano and Gina Edwards
With the opulence and  elegance-inspired by late 18th century British Art that hangs in the Queen's Gallery of Buckingham Palace... Siriano's Fall 2018 fashion collection-ALSO heralded the launch of Christian Siriano limited edition imPress Nails' seven beautiful deep tones -and exotic designs that flatter all skin tones. Available now too.

Friday, February 23, 2018

FANCY FLATBREADS-Primizie Reinvents w/ Bold Flavors

Olympic viewing party gives way to the March Oscars' soirées -where the food bites get elevated ... right alongside those glam Red Carpet outfits.
Suggestions for a fancy finger food feast?
We were all set to conjure up appetizing eats that are more sophisticated than sporty pizza deliveries...

Simply Salted have a buttery sunflower oil-lick your fingers worthy crispiness-salted with real deal Set Gris-French Velvet  Grey Sea Salt  -delicate yet sturdy enough toehold up creamy thickish dips like hummus. Honestly thoughts is our prime picks as potato chip slayer... 

But then we finally opened up samples of new to us Primizie flavored flatbread crunchy snacks...and immediately 1) understood why they aren't packaged in resealable bags-cause each of the flavors tried----buttery crisp Simply Salt, grilled crunchy Green Harvest-fragrantly lightly spiced, and cracker like textured Rustic Beet---are so delicious-worthy of swapping out for not only typical crackers-crusty bread-bruchetta basics---but also-really tastier than snack addictive pleasers like potato chips ...there won't be any left to save for next time...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

MvVO Art -Celebrates Advertising Visual Arts

at Sotheby’s in New York
February 22-25, 2018
The First Art Show to Celebrate
A New Generation of Artists from the Advertising World

With the judicial recognition of non-mainstream artists (and their art)... a timely exhibition just one week after that $ finale in NYC...displays new emerging-and somewhat under -cover-not heralded artists from the advertising world. 

Put on by MvVO ART, an innovative New York-based art venture, the show welcomes a  new generation, indoors

Says Founder & CEO Maria van Vlodrop, “AD ART SHOW is a platform for discovering exciting new emerging artists that come from a historically rich landscape– following in the footsteps of Warhol, Magritte, Rockwell, O’Keefe, Hopper, Haring, Rosenquist & so many others with dual careers in art and commercial art.” 

This groundbreaking art show and MvVO ARTs newest art initiative, will be held at Sotheby’s New York (72nd street/York Avenue-Manhattan- from February 22-25, 2018.

AD ART SHOW features a selection of global artists chosen by a esteemed committee of contemporary art professionals, chaired by Laura Skoler, Board of Directors, New Museum, NYC and the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Foundation, Paris; and includes: Isaac Aden – Senior Curator, Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Center for Visual Arts • Natalie Bell – Assistant Curator, New Museum • Julia Fowler – Executive Director, JP. Morgan Private Bank/Hunter College Art Advisory Council • James Fuentes – Owner, James Fuentes Gallery, New York • Deborah Harris – Former Deputy Director, The New York Armory Show • John Hatfield – Executive Director, Socrates Sculpture Park • Matthew Higgs – Director, White Columns • Norman Kleeblatt – Independent Curator & Critic • Corina Larkin – Executive Director, CUE Art Foundation • Gracie Mansion – Gracie Mansion Gallery • Lisa Schiff – Founder & President, SFA Art Advisory • Eric Shiner – Senior Vice President, Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s and former Director, Andy Warhol Museum. 

Proud Partnerships
AD ART SHOW is supported by the art world and the advertising & media community, including Presenting Sponsor, NBCUniversal, and Partners: Artsy, The One Club for Creativity, SRI Fine Art Services, Y&R, Geometry Global, Adforum, NYCxDESIGN, The School of Visual Arts, The Clarion List, Belvoir and Neuhaus.

MvVO ART is also collaborating with NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s annual celebration of design administered by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), to celebrate the dynamic relationship between creativity and commerce in New York and introduce new audiences to New York’s artists and commercial designers.

MvVO ART is a proud supporter of Franklin Furnace and Artistic Dreams International.

Annual Event
AD ART SHOW is set to become an annual event with artists and sponsors ready to take part in 2019.

AD ART SHOW - Tickets
Complimentary General Admission Tickets, Courtesy of MvVO ART– Registration Required
Tickets Available at:

AD ART SHOW  - Exhibiting Artists
MvVO ART is proud to present all participating artists and their exhibiting work via Artsy

About MvVO ART:
MvVO ART is a New York based innovative art venture comprised of a team of advertising, art & technology professionals, dedicated to creating new opportunities for artists, art lovers & brands to discover each other and form powerful partnerships. MvVO ART Founder & CEO, Maria van Vlodrop, is a global business development executive with an impressive track record establishing new ventures. MvVO ART is poised to reimagine & redefine the relationship between Art & Commerce.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Fashion aside...the 2 big highlights of NY Fashion Week deserving the biggest applause... 
The the NGO launch- Humans of Fashion Foundation...a #METO#TIMESUP kind of application for the global fashion industry...
AND- the editorial attainable hair coifs.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

NYFW F/W 2018 Marcel Ostertag

Spring Street Studios NYC

Sometimes we go to a runway show-and leave the run of show-the 411 on the collection inspiration...for later-curious as to what comes to mind-before we get clued into the designer's thoughts.

meow-pussycat bows with sparkling feline print---70s vintage style-homage to YSL
For Marcel Ostertag...a designer seen years ago during Berlin's-based fashion was obvious from the opening musical notes-that production values were top notch.

Tried +True: Best Lip Balm

Sometimes it's NOT the packaging...
Our top Lip Fix...EpiCeram-L® Lip Care...boasts 3 essential lipids (ceramics, conjugated linoleum acid, and cholesterol)-the same healing ingredients found in some skin moisturizers-to ward off our daily (hourly) battle against dried, cracked lips.

IMO-longer lasting...and really does work on

FYI-the basic plastic packaging might remind you of way cheaper lip balms -but it's the replenishing balm formula that earns EpiCeram-L® a gold medal.

Added Points: FREE of steroids, parabens, gluten, petroleum, lanolin+ fragrance. Does NOT taste like anything either...kid-guy friendly.
Available online 3 pack $44.95

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Valentine's Day-just snuck up on us----with all the DRAMA + healthy Olympics' distractions.
Grab a fast last minute  chocolate treat-that will amaze-and will be worthy of sweethearts across America-aka- the yummy chewy melt in mouth gourmet candy - by a fairly new division of a giant  candy company (Sunrise Confections)-Sweet Valley Organics.
We couldn't believe how good these are...Sweet Valley Organics uses Fair Trade, non-GMO-USDA Certified Organic chocolates with a pleasing creamy buttery taste authentic dark chocolate...with hints of vanilla and organic naturally ripe bananas. IMO-who ever came up with this deserves a raise. That Good.
  Online $5.90/per 4oz. 4 servings per pouch-120 calories.
We say-be real-count on eating half-delivering 240 calories like those dreck awful mass market chocolate bars that pass for 'chocolate'  in this country...(just saying)
Considering we're not banana fans (though should be considering all the endurance sports we do)---these scrumptious USDA ORGANIC dark chocolate covered fruit candy bites Tender Bananas completely wowed us.