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New Skin Savior-30 Minute Treatments

A new year often ushers in vows for better beauty habits.

The reality...those new routines-often including at-home beauty devices- can have metaphorically,  short shelf lives. 
For longer term pro-aging facial boosts-way under one hour procedures, FDA cleared-with little or no downtime...require less effort-and get results, PDQ.

1) HALO-is not a new new skin tune-up 20-30 minute, adjustable laser treatment - but it's growing popularity amongst the top plastic surgeons/dermatology practices -because, no surprise -coincides with positive patient outcomes.

What it is: 
HALO by Sciton uniquely combines 2  fractional laser wavelengths in one-'aimed' at ridding targeted areas (face, décolleté, neck) of "superficial aging" brown sun spots, reducing pore size, improving overall skin tone and smoothing out fine line wrinkles ...with-bonus-the ability to adjust the type of treatment depending on goals and number of treatments and recovery time desired. It has the ability to target superficial and just under the surface skin a non-ablative (read that as no downtime) and ablative (requires a few days of healing) manners....not one or the other like other lasers currently on the market for skin rejuvenation.   
For the  detailed details of what to expect from start to finish-read a two part treatment review of a Halo session by the affable Dr. Mark Schwartzhere and here.
Bottom Line: 
Expect to see positive results (smoother skin, more even skin tone, reduced pore size) after one treatment-but more heavily damaged or scarred skin might opt for a second session, 4-6 weeks later,
Also expect to a) have some crusty-healing thing going on-not terrible and easily covered by makeup (and sunscreen DUH)-but imo- lay off the Red Carpet appearances for 2-3 days post session...and b) spend around $1400- $1500 if done in NYC area by a qualified physician.

2) The Silhouette InstaLift is gaining traction-for its visible gravitational banishing aka lifting, minimally invasive solution for moderate aging/ sagging of the mid/lower face-for all skin colors with good facial skin+ tissue quality. 

WHAT IT IS: A 21st century thread lift treatment- that takes 20- 30 minutes and uses patented clear biodegradable thread (Polylactic Acid) + bi-directional suture cones - placed in the fat layer just beneath the skin where lifting is desired. A big bonus, according to Dr. Julius Few (The Few Institute)-who performed this procedure at GOOP's summer Health Summit soiré that no anesthesia, incisions (the suspension sutures are re-absorbable), scarring and recovery time of invasive surgery (and $) are required to reposition the skin on the affected area. (Note-high impact sports are to be avoided for two no swim practices, 10 mile run or anything requiring a Downward Dog right afterwards, or  saunas/massages for 3 weeks (for more in that- read this)....though 'regular activities' can be resumed).  
Expect to pay around $3500 for this procedure (which we think is competitive $ to 3-4 filler syringes)-performed by a trained, qualified plastic surgeon/dermatologist-who will deliver a natural, more subtle facial rejuvenation-tightened up jawline/improved skin laxity- that lasts 18 months-to maybe 2 years. Done correctly- no worries-especially about being stuck with a so not wanted wind pulled look or that over filled chipmunk cheeks of fillers gone wild -used by some to lift up jowls/jaws/ mid-face.