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  L.L. BEAN, K2, ABUS, HOBIE, KidPik, STIO, UGGS     

Cause they're more tech savvy than WHY BOTHER?


Opt for newstalgic outdoor FUN
Mad for plaid ---L.L. Bean outdoor toys with style include...snazzy water repellent cushion-plaid cover $55 ($65) for the timeless kid's pull sled w/ rope 2 sizes-$149 small-$179 large= smooth vertical snow sailing. Made of kiln dry no warp hardwoods finished w/clear water based lacquer. A real keeper.

 L.L. Bean SONIC snow tube...pile in opportunities for solo or group rides on hard packed or fluffy snow...made of 1000 denier tough nylon protects the heavy duty inner butyl rubber tube, a cold impervious semi-rigid polyurethane base, sturdy handles, straps+nylon webbing tow for going back up the hill. 

Plaid, plaid world...courtesy of L.L. Bean

Rollerblading-aka inline skates-ready for a comeback(?)-K2's for fast mobility speed fiends or dry land hockey slap-stickers. Start at $85 Marlee and Raider skates for kids-with vibration absorbing frame, interlocked on the base for balance aid, a stability cuff PLUS five full sizes of adjustable-up to $435 for the new tricked out MOD series in adult sizes.
We wish we had these super fitting/supportive ankle twist banisher- K2 ice skates growing up...vs old fashion lace up kind! Pictured Rink Raven BOA$110-recreational skate with size adjustable feature +easier on/off with that dial fit technology. The integrated blade mount-allows wearer a lower center of gravity for ez (er) balance...with Original K2 Softboot® w/ brushed liner+water repellant materials for warm, dry comfort.
Snowboard boots-have much so that even carry-on luggage only type of travelers -who rent the latest boards...haul around their own boots. These rock! With BOA adjustments, insulation, and grippy Vibram outsole-pictured are W Haven...but kid versions ($119.95-$159.95) also sport inner heat moldable liners for great fit+BOA dial lacing system. 

durable Vibram outsoles...

integrated LED rear light
ABUS is a German company that precisely engineers bike helmets par excellence that kids will think are cool looking. Featured-one of several youth specific styles-Youn-I Ace-: extended foam visor for face protection, deep temple+neck protection, in mold for durable fusion of the outer shelling shock absorbing helmet material, size adjustable, ventilation via multiple air vents, foamed in fly net, .., pictured above-the integrated LED rear light

LOVE THIS DECK-talk about a retro stunner-the Original Super Surfer Skateboard from water sports specialist HOBIE

Mahogany and maple woods lovingly hand crafted into this beauty of a mini surfboard by Hobie w/ 100% urethane wheels+steel trucks. Delivers in a replica box too. Sweet. $220...carried by a few brick+mortar shops and online
                Cause they have more style...
           (than your elderly all black wardrobes)

SO CUTE KidPik subscription service-delivers one-to a year's worth of carefully curated coordinated girl's clothing, accessories, and shoes-in fab gift packaged box...aimed at the sporty-through frilly leaning gals (plus other options). Just further proof GEN Z has more style than their 'rents...AND pay for what is kept-return the rest via free returns and exchanges.
Above the Happy Holidays treat-for day-night occasions. Akin to having a personal shopper for certain ages. Classics she'll wear everyday imo.
Active package

Girly package

Trendy choices-include this glimmery choices-like the metallic handbag in Pantone's color of 2018-Ultra-Violet.

Cause they revere retro
(but better...DUH)

DTC label STIO-takes the classic puffer vest silhouette-workwear inspired M Woodson Vest-$189 (color-Falcon) in S or m will fit older kids easily-insulated w/ 650 fill water repellant down by Allied Feather™inside waterproof/breathable Delfy™ membrane-2L microfiber fabric. Wide baffle stitching-and front slash pockets (one inside too)- gives it major style points...

 Woodson Vest in Orion Blue

Every suburban teen-or  tweener may have a pair of the original UGGS already-but  a few new takes on the retro version-as in this winter worthy SUNBURST TALL- will garner all the social media 'likes' like ever

BIG ADDED tech on old school bonus points...
For serious grip-a few UGG styles NOW serve up the ultimate slippery ice grabber Arctic Grip™ Vibram® outsole...including on our top pick-these REYKIR WATERPROOF that even hip urban ladies will melt for-with the brand's ultimate warm-plush comfort (UGG Treadlite Midsole) plus a fairly flattering shape via a drawstring-metal toggle..$250