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BETTER EATS Between Holiday Feasts

WHAT TO EAT BETWEEN binge-like bursts of celebratory calorie loaded holiday fare that may not be so great, calorie-wise-or even taste that good.

TRY INSTEAD...A gluten -free Creamy Rich Protein W/O the Calories & the best slim Crunchy Sweet To Eat Without Feeling 'Deprived.'

Say cheese :-) to the old is now new revamped image (and taste)-of the ideal protein packed pick- a diet staple, cottage cheese...
Picky eaters, feline or otherwise...will love MUUNA ..(tip)-serve chilled-as creamy slightly chewy texture...enhanced cold. FYI-if like us, cereal qualifies as dinner...(so easy)...we suggest stocking up on MUUNA for more healthy, protein option that is very satisfying, taste buds wise. Above-MUUNA 4% milk fat-Classic Plain delivering a meaningful 14 grams of protein/15% calcium needs- and only 110 calories half cup human serving-4 human sized servings per 16oz container. 

Maybe it's what  'their' cows eat-but the slightly sweet taste livens up the straight out of the container, a good way-and NO artificial sweetener, color, or flavor added, ever. 

MUUNA-both 4% and 2% are large curd size...AND all versions are kosher
MUUNA cottage cheeses
Delicious-ness delivered- in creamy/satisfying 4% and surprisingly rich-like, lower calorie/lower fat 2% option..... straight out of the container. 
(Unlike other brands that need seasonings to add+liven up the taste-and sometimes are oddly, watery).
Change it up:
For make in a minute- savory dips or dessert like vegetarian worthy treats (but so much better for you) -put a few big tbsps in a blender-with 2 tsps (or so) of yogurt (tangy dips) or cream/milk---add spices, chopped herbs, maybe some diced pre-steamed/sautéed vegetables-season with salt -pepper (for the former)---or what we do-swish in aromatic cinnamon-clove-cardamon mix and stevia...add a few raisins/chopped walnuts up top...for low cal-protein packed parfait. For more great on MUUNA website include mouth watering suggestions -like snack size cocoa almond protein bars- and a hearty (and heart friendly) entree- light caprese spaghetti with creamy pesto sauce.
FYI- MUUNA is NOW occupying refrigerator shelf spaces where we shop-and various versions are now available coast to coast. Points-great packaging too.

"THIN" SWEETS-not an oxymoron...

Yeah -the thin part is relative term-admittedly-and for Brownie Brittles-that refs the thickness...and scrumptious crunch that makes these cookie crisp- treats irresistible-yet satisfying in smaller saner portions. 
AND actually making that resealable bag, useful.
Pictured above-thin crispy top part of "The Best Part Of The Brownie™"...which of course if the fav top 'section'...coated in vanilla icing for the two newest holiday  flavors, Chocolate Almond (with crushed almonds-in the rich chewy crisp chocolate) and limited edition HOLIDAY Chocolate Chip with White Snowflake Drizzle. Widely available...including online in gift sizes (16oz)-holiday assormtments-AND retail stores, coast to coast.
 :-) One Brownie Brittle piece-is great cup and saucer adornment! 
Dip a fav flavor into an afternoon- after-meal- coffee/espresso then eat---instead of a biscotti...or crumble atop ice cream instead of sprinkles.