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Panettone is the 'it' newstalgic holiday chewy-moist cake-y baked 'bread' treat...with Americans discovering how this traditional Italian holiday staple should taste.  FLAMIGNI PANETTONE can 'feed' a crowd-with this pictured 10kg size (or small)...with selections made in classic Milanese style-and other delicious traditional iced (or not) selections featuring Italian regional fruits that aren't candied. Available online-including nifty online destination of Seattle's  CHEFSHOP and GourmetItalian.

Granola's  sweet crunchy mix-up is the  perfect foundation for these scrumptious BARK bars by Small Batch Organics. Several flavors are available in portion control (ha ha) re-sealable bags 2oz= $2.25. Delivers real deal fiber too.

ASHER's  crunchy salty-chocolate-y heavenly fusion of Pretzels come in all shapes...-and are smothered in white- milk- dark versions $15.95...  available in festive holiday -gift worthy packaging-though as a self-gift-the container size pieces' version is just as handy-and seal-able-in case there are leftovers after opening. (Doubtful)
A traditional doughy-pastry dessert/pastry for Purim (in March, typically)-Hamentashen are now an American year round choice from San Diego based CHEWYS. Freshly baked..Kosher-with no preservatives... tart sweet jelly (7 options-including raspberry, apricot, cherry, strawberry) with sweet dough combo are actually lighter than they doughnuts are.