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Eat Right-Fast

New Shelf Stables -For Fast Eats For The Van Life / Home


Personal Chef--a specialized maestro for each course...
Pasticcieri Siciliani Chefs (Dessert should be first course)

Sous Chef Entremetier
Chef de Partier-Royal Chef-plus clean -up crew DUH

But what you really have is...


A bowl of milk (vodka) + cereal =Cocktail Hour/Dinner MEAL Combo

Some other approaches for a delicious -healthy meal, fast.

Part One:
Fancy Food Show fav Kitchen & Love (Cucina Amore)...quinoa -sauce quick meals-are big sellers in our local supermarket - needs to make some room for these NEW- fiber loaded,  crunchy-chewy siblings...which are now our fav on the go eats.The nutty (like) grain FARRO is starring with (pictured)- aromatic chunky real vegetables roasted pepper+artichoke-in a fragrant tomato sauce. Compared to other ready to eat grain/rice sauce combos-these stir and go mini-meals (or snacks)---are truly made of pronounceable real deal ingredients-with options vegan -veggie friendly, NON-GMO, nut free, no added sugar-plus no preservatives. 250-310 calories, depending. Love.
this microwavable cup-comes packed with cute plastic spoon=van life worthy

When its made so well-including 'getting' the Farro's chewy texture...we say why bother ourselves. Eat up at room temps or heat up. Other tempting mash-ups=FARRO and vegan grilled vegetables+herbs, and artichoke, lemon +roasted garlic FYI-this same company makes delicious shelf stable, READY TO EAT sauces and salsas too.

Skinny Pasta takes the Asian elephant yam-Konjac noodles-a low cal/carb free sub for pasta-a step (or six) further-by serving up different shapes-in portion control packages... shelf stable too. Plus made without GMOs, free of major allergens, and we might add-less the subtle weird fishyish smell of other versions aka -don't have to REALLY rinse em' off. Skinny Pasta is an easy way to get that carb fix without the calories. Just open, mix with a sauce (and protein)- heat=  violà-ready to eat, satisfying meal. The 'pasta' really picks up on the sauce. FYI: the recipes on Skinny Pastas website-including hearty entrees-protein loaded baked Mac n" Cheese, Pad Thai with vegetables, Fettuccine with Pesto...and desserts like rice pudding (so smart)-will tempt even sworn off cooks-and the texture-actually comes close. BETTER though-it's so EASY. 
Truly lazy (busy)- we took the rice shape-drained, wrapped in seaweed nori with sliced avocado..dabbed on wasabi/soy 2 NY minutes. YAY.
---Weight Watchers approved.
Rich + indulgent Mediterranean sauces... Barça based Delicious & Sons -premiered these  shelf stable winners...including the transporting vegan/vegetarian Black truffle & Mushroom Sauce (with tad black olive)...that we bet- rivals homemade made anywhere. Perfect for the aforementioned Skinny Pasta -Fettucine or Spaghetti shape-or dump in bowl-'nuke up-use as a dip for chunky hunks of chewy bread...instead of olive oils. Non-GMO, gluten free, and other selections are USDA Organic.