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It's Limited Edition seasoning season!

Holiday Flavors of spicy cinnamon paired with that ultimate patch product-pumpkin ...adds flavorful aromatic hints to sweets, staples and life's liquid must, coffee.
Tops Picks for Pumpkin Spice
Spice Islands Gourmet Blends-Pumpkin Spice-aromatic fresh ground blend of comforting cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, mace+nutmeg...add to dough destined for desserts, sprinkle a pinch on seasonal gourd vegetables or baked fruity slices or fillings...add atop frothy cappuccino or tempting vanilla ice cream=insta sweet celebration. 
GoGo squeeZ-delicious sweet applesauce in fab portable, shelf stable BPA free pouch-adds tiny hints-of cinnamon-y spice with apple/pumpkin goodness-a guaranteed children pleaser-that's also non-GMO certified,  gluten, nut, and dairy FREE  FYI-perfect for leaf peepers-take these along on autumnal hikes, pumpkin patch picking jaunts, or weekend lazy long bike rides...imo-an ideal natural snack -100% fruit (60 calories per)-with neat top can reseal if there's any leftover contents. Which there won't be.

FACT: The addition of any of the plant-based, dairy-free- CALIFIA FARMS Creamer-made from Almond milk with rich coconut cream- in our morning java makes most needed caffeine jolts, super tasty 🍼. SOON-delicious holiday fare limited editions of these half n' half slayers-will deliver--including the pictured- warm sweet Pumpkin Spice blend version. Made with real pumpkin puree & the ideal amount of spicy hints -easily elevates hot liquids to dessert status, but better, with this seasonal Almondmilk Creamer-having only15 calories and less than 2 grams of sugar per serving. Needless to say, our sample quickly became the household fav -every much so we think this fast growing company needs to deliver these creamers in gallon sized options. PLEASE :-)