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BRANDBLACK, KEEN Master Function/Fashion Footwear

Checking out subway passengers' footwear-(vs addictive smartphone screens)'s clear that woven knit uppers atop sport/lifestyle kicks have become the style of choice... shared with workboots-depending on the hour of the day.

Athletes all? Nope-clearly commuters are opting for trendy comfort ---partially why THAT shoe market niche -looks-wise-boast straight off fashion forward runway handsomeness and functional driven outdoors' details of techy components that are fit fab+ durable.

One of the 'hot' brands out there...BRANDBLACK-a 'lifestyle'  men's apparel/footwear company that would synch just right if purveyed by Dover St. Market-as easily as adorning the uncompensated forms/feet of off duty b-ball pros.

This may be a smirk inducing take on the Birkenstock/sock Grandpa phenomena-but we bet there's a consumer base for this ONE PIECE Tabi  $140 sandal/sock merger. The unibody construction is unique-woven tubular knit upper -3M abrasion tough-manages to be 100% seamless and water resistant-with typical four point closure system and grippy top of the line Vibram® outsole -typical of the best rugged sandals out there. Interesting.
Our new shoe obsession for guys=BRANDBLACK DELTA ($140)
Vibram® outsole was developed just for BRANDBLACK-non-marking outsole with basketball court players  in mind- dribbling on sweated on wooden floors, executing quick fast pivots-and mad dashes/dunks- moves aided by a tricked out  segmented blade construction. Nifty.
Woven knit upper-(Jetlon Lite)-ultimate eye catching functional shoe. Check out the zoned sections of the upper-and the thought out lacing pattern-clearly engineered for ideal fit/comfort like the best body mapped athletic wear (should be). The tongue is only attached at its bottom allows for ultimate tug free fit  (we wish our running shoes were made this way)...and the back tab-aids in on/off- is the only stitched on feature to knit upper. Other features...supportive thermo-plastic heel counter, and cushioning in that footbed too-we checked it out. 
Bonus-the outsole 'color coordinates' with the upper.
Why not buy too pairs-and with it up? Four color combos available now...including urban friendly, black, pictured below.

more traditional looking mid upper,,,tread Vibram outsole=great overall shoe-we bet-pass for work shoes for most guys we know, not appearing in  front of a judge in (on) that kind of court.
we wrote about this fab looking Keen UNEEK a few months back-in variant styles for ( W + M). Imaginative  2 cord construction-kinda has a nautical knot vibe but actually stitched in...featuring handy secure fit lace capture system (easy stretchy adjustment-no flopping around laces). Bonus-keepin' these sparkling white-no porblem-one can hand wash these cold water/mild soap, then air dry.

on board all styles-anatomically supportive footbed (PU or EVA, depending on style)) & "Cleansport NXT" odor control. These Uneek Mojo flat cord (8mm)-atop non-marking outsole w/ razor sipping for better grip.

Men's Uneek 02-has durability of a sneaker shoe-with a lightweight EVA midsole,  fully enclosed heel-with quick dry lining for the water bound-though imo-wear with socks in cooler temp weather-get a half size bigger.