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The Perfect Halloween Cheese

BOA® System Dials It Snug-Sneakers

Boa® Closures Lace Up New Balance, Asics, Adidas Outdoors Boa®'s closure  - have been SOP on snowboard/ski boots/helmets for years-but now the floppy laces' slayer convenience...

no more slip+trip

 and lightweight comfort... on rapidly gaining favor.

BOA's push up/down release dials (sport specific including a new run specific system of the TX4™ soft lace, FormTX™ textile guides-a blend of nylon and Teflon®- and the secure low profile L6 dial)- don't add up -onto a shoe's weight (a good thing), plus reduce chaffing/lower friction-are addictive, IMO...once one experiences' it.

Treatments+Solutions for Hair Flip Worthy Hair

Part 2

Women's Dermatological Society-NYC

Head hair -or the lack there-of-is a concerning beauty 'issue' for women (and men). So of course...there's a slew of research, and available home use tools/products devoted to helping bring 'on the healthy tresses.

A recent gathering of some of the top East Coast based dermatologists-all whom we could have bombarded for hours with questions...was our classroom 101 for the topic of "Female Pattern Hair Lose" with 'professors' Maryland based Valerie Callender MD and NYC based Shari Lipner MD, , PhD, FAAD delivering  tress stress truths -including a diagnosis of what hair loss actually is- like a visibly wide(r) part, loss of volume, and overall thinning. -.and that underlying causes (including auto-immune illness- alopecia),  genetics, diets, hormones (or lack thereof) and stress -can all result in temporary or permanent lost locks.

NaturallyCurly + Hair Care Solutions

Part One
We have a feeling humankind has been trying to tame its mane since appearances were painted on ancient cave walls, back in the day.

Leaping forward to the late 20th century...naturally curly tresses in all of their glory...began for us...embracing hairdos of all kinds-as celebrated in the late 60s (the revived on Broadway version) of the musical HAIR...heralding the '...wonders of..."

Now even more so-different textures and styles inherent in a multi-cultural society-are welcomed-and we got spectacularly visual proof of this-at the recent book party for The Curl Revolution-by Michelle Breyer-the creative light co-founder of the NaturallyCurly community-born in 1998 (website, social media...).


Kick It Up: Ankle Boots=Any Season

Calendar dates are besides the point for footwear needs---especially when some form of athletic sneakers interpreted for casual lifestyles---seem dominate the feet we observe in our city life.

Still autumn days, irrespective of temps- signal a shift in daylight hours-that alone has us pining for dressier shoes in autumnal tones.
Top Picks for any weather? OF COURSE -the iconic Chelsea/Ankle boots (M+W) =always the perfect Fall shoe for work/play times since...

PINK POSITIVE: Best Rain Boot By Bernardo 1946

Bernardo 1946 rainboots' rainbow of waterproof choices now include a new dusty ROSEshade- a 'neutral'  addition...that can wardrobe synch-up as well any black, brown or white footwear.

Martha Stewart (and others) Tells Us Stories

D&DB (Decoration and Design Building)-the midtown NYC trade destination hosts:
 THE POWER OF STORYTELLING: People:Progress:Product
The DDB Fall Market-last week-hosted inspiring panels -heralding the visually/verbally talented hard-working industry individuals and wonderful wares displayed in open product showrooms. No surprise- hundreds of interior decorators and architecture professionals attended- eager to share/learn... timely tips centered around the theme of "DESIGN IS A STORY" aka what a home environment says about its occupant(s)---and how to translate personalities and spatial requirements into a welcoming place to live.
No doubt, all of the fast paced talks (plus Q+As) with the top professionals, hosted by editors of top magazines (including Elle Decor, Domino, Metropolis, Home&Design, Architectural Digest...) were superbly informative.

We suspect however- that design icon, Martha Stewart -was  the biggest STAR present-a participant in a terrific pa…

Healthy Sips-Best Cocktail Mixes

Alcoholic liquids... the opposite of some of the new better for you functional fluids hitting the market can be the perfect pairing of dress-upped, mixed drinks.

Ideas on how to update the last decades fav Red Bull and Vodka-include now 'cleaner' carbonated alternatives-plus fluids boasting health benefits.
The new behind the bar staples???

BRANDBLACK, KEEN Master Function/Fashion Footwear

Checking out subway passengers' footwear-(vs addictive smartphone screens)'s clear that woven knit uppers atop sport/lifestyle kicks have become the style of choice... shared with workboots-depending on the hour of the day.

Athletes all? Nope-clearly commuters are opting for trendy comfort ---partially why THAT shoe market niche -looks-wise-boast straight off fashion forward runway handsomeness and functional driven outdoors' details of techy components that are fit fab+ durable.

One of the 'hot' brands out there...BRANDBLACK-a 'lifestyle'  men's apparel/footwear company that would synch just right if purveyed by Dover St. Market-as easily as adorning the uncompensated forms/feet of off duty b-ball pros.

Our new shoe obsession for guys=BRANDBLACK DELTA ($140)

Eddie Bauer's Breakthrough- EverTherm Jacket

"Down Re-Invented" is quite the claim-but for those seeking the ultimate warmth/weight ration efficient jacket-Eddie Bauer's new EverTherm jackets (M+W) delivers. ($249-$299)
FINALLY-barely heavier than a simple nylon shell (9.12 oz)-but protective vs. cold temps ( to -15º)-the EverTherm basic slim silhouettes- in weather tough super durable material (StormRepel®)-are insulated with a proprietary high loft -no puff down- stuffed inside without the quilting/baffle stitching usually needed for the feathers...meaning no cold spots and a streamline design.
Delivers in longer parka for women + jacket lengths (M+W) ...with or w/o hood...with zip close chest/hand pockets.

Wines Divine for Holiday Fare

Holiday fare with something 'pumpkin-spice' -or peppermintchocolate -match well with Octoberfest beers and schnapps-but earthy aromatic red wines as well as balanced white wines-can also pair off well.


It's Limited Edition seasoning season!

Holiday Flavors of spicy cinnamon paired with that ultimate patch product-pumpkin ...adds flavorful aromatic hints to sweets, staples and life's liquid must, coffee.
Tops Picks forPumpkin Spice