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Snack Nation: New Products+Forever Favs...

New and old snacks...get 'cleaner' -crafty the best sweet indulgences...


Craft Beer Salsa by Mrs. Renfro's-fun medium heat-with beery flavor...merger of two local Texas businesses-the aforementioned +Rahr&Sons-cold ones...and at 15 calories-2 tbsp serving-tasty way to perk up chips and salads without adding the pounds.

Garden of Eatin  USDA Organic Nacho +Ranch Corn Tortilla Chips=   crisp triangle sized, scoop up the dip/salsa musts-with the addition of creamy cheddar cheese-or buttermilk-that surprisingly (to us)-worked with traditional spice-y heat we expect from this popular crunch. The Nacho flavor-has hints of tomato, onion, cayenne pepper and garlic -with organic cheddar cheese-while the Ranch contain 6 grams fat -25% less than other brands-and is gluten-free/certified Kosher-with organic black pepper, white pepper, chili pepper and cumin-giving off subtle heat.

GOOD HEALTH-better for you crunches-takes south of the border inspiration-with its savory Organic Tortillas Black Bean & Rice chips-slightly salted to perfection with Himalayan Salt. USDA Organic-non-GMO-organic whole grain whose masa flour and organic whole grain brown rice flour-blended with aromatic heat from red cayenne pepper, cumin, chili pepper-impressively mixed with SURPRISE -vegetables like carrots, broccoli, beets +spinach (all organic)-all serving up nutritional goodness (vitamins A, C K, Bs and even tad of IRON). Impressive-great way to give vegetable phobic a 'hidden' dose of goodness-sans trans fats or artificial colors.
Addiction alert-why do you think each and every MLB dugout probably goes through a case of sunflower seeds per game...sure beats the days of yore staple-chewing tobacco. NEW Flavor Fusion-Nacho Dill by GIANT. Sunflower seeds from North Dakota -grown by family farmers...get a seasoned twist...that-as we were told -super popular-especially now available Dill Pickle Flavored and BBQ-join the original salted version.  Widely available...and fyi-bags are resealable if for some strange reason-not eaten up all at once.

Virginia Diner Peanuts- landed in "O Magazine" for its collegiate three pack options...but there's a whole lot more  scrumptious super sized peanut varieties available from this VA based company-as we happily sampled our way through-at  the recent Fancy Food Show. Bonus-peanuts pack nutrition-are crunchy tasty cholesterol free protein. FYI-actually a real deal Virginia Diner-along Rt 460
ALL Torie + Howard candy = USDA Organic (and certified Kosher, non-GMO, free from major allergens and have NO ARTIFICAL COLORS). Their USDA Organic Chewie Fruities- might be our fav candy, period-based solely on taste too. The chewy taffy like texture and tart tangy sweet flavor-per bite- may not qualify as nutritional per se though each serving delivers a daily dose of Vitamin C-but def is as an excellent sweet tooth satisfyer. Available in 3 flavors.
NO-eating Sheila G's melt in your mouth, crunchy-chew bits- of Thindulgent Chocolate Bark (in Dark and Milk Chocolate versions), won't help shed the pounds (ha-not in this life, anyway)...but the slivers of indulgence will sooth chocoholics' need for the sweet, delicious must. BONUS-made of Fair Trade Certified Chocolate-and available fun combos-of creamy/crunchy blends-s'mores, cashew/toffee and caramel/pretzel.  
Egg free-edible cookie dough is one eat by the (little) spoon sweet -that has gone from fad to genuine trend, fast. The Cookie Dough Café - which served up the Shark Tankers-not only offers multiple flavors, their creamy chewy delicious confetti topped version aka "think birthday cake meets sugar cookie"---comes in single serve 3 packs now.