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NEW:Plant Based Sustainable EATS/Drinks+Sweets

 Fancy Food Show 2017/Editor Showcase

Our fav new products from recent foodie -centric events...ready to eat/drink...and delicious.


Who knew? For Half N' Half is finally-a worthy creamy rich alternative by Califia Farms -that delivers in quart and half pint sizes-in unsweetened and original, slightly sweetened vanilla, and hazel. Our MUST HAVE new coffee pair-up---this Almondmilk Creamer with coconut-a healthy heart fat and with no sugar or cholesterol (unlike diary cream or whole milk)...has the same thick pourable texture and great shelf life as it's dairy equivalent-BUT is vegan (plus gluten/soy/dairy-free, non-GMO certified, carrageenan free, and kosher).
CALIFIA FARMS dairy free, plant based milks-from Almond+and Coffee Brews available from coast to coast. 

Shake well before using-and this container is recyclable.

POST ENDURANCE RACE-ditch the recommended chocolate milk-Chobani's new coffee+cream flavor, in this flavor -is not too sweet. This Greek Yogurt drink-delivers 14 grams of protein and is satisfying-a creamy easy to drink snack-meal sub-in a one serving,  chilled bottle-240 calories, 21 grams of sugar-with potassium, calcium and Vitamin A.

Are you the type to be tempted to eat a whole bag of chips? Farmer's Pantry-in original, (also in slight spice heated jalapeño and buttery a bit sweet honey butter) our top new satisfying crunchy snack-akin to a chip version of the best part of cornbread-the crispy top. BUT-with each serving (6/bag at 120 calories), serving up 10g of whole grains-this new snack is actually satisfying filling AND finger licking' good. 
cat worthy!

GREYSTON BAKERY is our decadently fav crowd pleasing cookie/brownie company, period. AND it's-a non-profit-where the irresistible mouth-watering sweets like all flavors of chewy brownies (aka the high quality chocolate fudge is transporting and new vegan fudge brownie is a revelation all made with Fair-Trade certified chocolate+cage free eggs)... and soft yummy cookies like this year's Fancy Food Oscar- SOFI winner HARVEST  (oats, raisins, cranberries) and real deal Chocolate Chunk is made by those wanting a job, irrespective of background (Open Hiring™)...including homeless, and formerly incarcerated offers community programs like after-school+daycare...AND 2% of profits donated to Whole Planet Foundation/a Certified B Corporation. FYI-perfect for hostess or corporate gifts, wedding favors-in special packaging. Available at Whole Foods and online...We wish this 501c3 organization could franchise itself all over the country.

After trying one of these substantial, individually wrapped- soft pleasantly sugary/butter creamy Butter Toffee Caramels-by EVERTON TOFFEE-we couldn't believe just how amazingly better-like a COMPLETELY new candy category-this tin packed treat is-compared to the mass marketed USA version we grew up with. Yes, that good. From a British based company founded in 1753. Delivers soon in this collection tin-and available now in re-sealable packs of 3 bags (10 caramels per bag). Nice touch-each oversized caramel is individually  retro-wrapped -throwback to old fashioned sweet shoppes-using old fashioned wax paper. 
Sahara Date Company-fruit chewy and delicious-awesome portable snack wholesome dates (there are actually four kinds-Sukkary, Khudry, Ajwa, Saggae) grown/shipped from Saudi Arabia. Available Whole Foods and Harris Teeter..we think this is the only food import from that country we could think of...