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Natural (er) Beauty: Reasons+Solutions

De-regulation of certain industries is a dominate Fed Thing, these days- but in the USA- cosmetics and supplements-elude FDA oversight-ALREADY-in ways that might surprise consumers/users.

One solution-stick with European made products- load up on your favs when there. That includes mass globally marketed brands...where-we suspect...same name products are made differently-as in higher standards-on the other side of the Pond.

Another solution-for supplements-opt for brands with 3rd party verifications of potency/contents-while for beauty-buy small cult brands that have ditched the unregulated/tested for safety stuff to begin with.
Top Picks:

For fuller brows... EES™ (Essential Eyebrow Solution®)-developed by RMV Trademarks LLC-a clinically tested topical solution (on chemotherapy patients) that encourages the appearance of eyebrow hair growth/conditioning.

EES™ is patented, paraben free, hypoallergenic, pH balanced with natural black cohosh-and it's safe to paint on sensitive skin...apply liquid formulation with a cotton swab, 2x daily on dry, clean brows-then let brows dry-10-15 minutes before applying any brow powder etc,
FYI-eyebrow hairs are on a four month growing cycle, generally speaking---so as with most supplements-imo-give it about three months of daily use. A 2oz bottle should last 6 months-applied as directed.

For longer-lusher flutterers-vegaLASH gets good buzz for its hormone-free liquid formula of eyelash enhancement. Cruelty and gluten free, vegan and made in the USA-vegaLASH is a plant based formula bumped up with bio-active plant extracts-that make it unique-and relatively fast acting. Available online with an 100% money back guarantee (not that common, believe it or not)...its applied on clean dry-lashline skin-kinda like how one would apply eyeliner.

Permanent Solution

Surgical solutions are clearly not for everyone but they are permanent-unlike the aforementioned topical...
For a one and done solution to thinner hair...including the 12 percent of women who have experienced abnormal hair loss-and /or over plucked brows-SmartGraft permanently restores hair by sourcing one's own locks from places beyond the head. 
For balding heads..note-there's no scape incision, virtually no pain and no stitches-according to a release we got. Interesting.

How it works? State of the art Follicular Unit Extraction-way less downtime...


ANTONYM and now-baked foundation-is a fan fav (ours)...has added an Ecocert, certified organic mascara LOLA LASH TOO to temporarily add length/volume to lashes via moisturizing hair helpers like shea butter and vitamin E, builders beeswax and carnaube, plus lengthener sweet almond oil. 

Added plus-like all Antonym products-this mascara is standout (also) for what it doesn't have-free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals, or phthalates.

BONUS POINTS: Antonym- eco friendly packaging -and is cruelty free-note-a lot of brands that sell in overseas markets-are not

Omega 3 Fatty Acids-derived from fish or vegan sources like Flaxseed=EPA/DHAs - are naturally loaded up, beauty - health juggernauts- with heart/brain healthy-hair + skin, anti-inflammatory benefits. 
Often one of the sole supplement even clued-in nutritionists take-besides Vitamin D-Omega 3 capsules bog down retail vitamin aisles -but rarely are any of those guaranteed by independent 3rd party certification testing.

Impressively-OMAX3 Ultra-Pure soft gel capsules-with a patented ProResolv™ EPA/DHA formula is certified -a process that includes-what's on the label is in the product, plus a toxicology and contaminant review-testing for scary things like caricinegic PCBS-often found in 'fresh' waters. 

OMAX3 -was founded by Yale affiliated scientists/docs-who discovered the ideal 4-1 EPA to DHA ratio-a distinguishing attribute, too. 

And even though we eat our Omegas...we tried these non-GMO, soy+gluten free, no artificial fillers/colors-blister packaged capsules-and found them burp-free too. WIN WIN.