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Hydration -Athlete Drinks:Part 3

OLITALIA, FIRE CIDER, Mediterranea Agoa del Mar Seawater, ISOCEAN, OXIGENE Water, HFACTOR Water


Infused, flavored, alkaline-d correct...are these liquids trends what mainstream consumers will spend coinage on-versus the practically free tap water? Seems that way...

Tart tangy PGI Balsamic of Modena (Italy) and Apple Cider Vinegar-both blessed with touted health benefits like revving up metabolism/burning fat, minerals + nutrients' blessed-Potassium, Calcium, Vitamins B2+B3, healing tired up/out muscles (alkaline effects) and naturally loaded with biophenols (slow down cellular aging process)-comes together in tasty flavored drinkable options by OLITALIA. Sip it straight up-we did and surprised how palatable and subtly fruity they all are (low calorie too-obvs, and verified Non-GMO, NSF certified gluten-free, ),or mix it- in cocktail/drinks- or in recipes like summer salads-available in antioxidant loaded Cherry, Blueberry, Pomegranate. TIP: 5 parts water or other liquid-to one part Olitalia=drink. 
Fire Cider USDA Organic -inspired by old family cure all recipe-fuses raw organic wildflower honey to balance out the heat from raw organic garlic, onion, horseradish and spicy haberno peppers-for sweetish-tangy, multi-tasking apple cider vinegar NICE -packaged  in an eye catching apothecary inspired,  16oz amber glass ($26.99) as well as 8 oz size. Shelf stable 18 months.

After a trip to Japan-we've added salty seaweed strands to cooking water for-salt flavoring+bountiful trace/ionic mineral benefits-found at any Asian food store, stateside. Now that MO-delivers in convenient resealable 1.5L grade Mediterranea Agoa del Mar Purified Seawater for with 78 trace/ionic minerals (calcium, magnesium, chloride, zinc, iodide etc) and that enhanced salty taste yet with lower sodium content than regular 'ole' table salt. Shelf stable-2 years.

1oz sized portable ISOOCEAN Hydration Booster...contains 25 ml of 100% purified seawater containing 17 essential trace minerals naturally present in the ocean, for cellular hydration...HINT-handy shot size packets-can be diluted in water bottle for athletes on the go...or downed straight -followed by chaser fluids. 
Oxigen water - also available in  shot size - boasts breakthrough, bio-available activated stabilized oxygen (ASO®) via a proprietary process-stabilizes+amps up the distilled water + sea salt ingredients- for 24 months from bottling=health benefits like clearing out lactic acid built up from serious exercising. A better water with 1000 parts per million oxygen/bottle. We tried a bottle-after a sweaty multi-hour bike/run-and can say Oxigen def hydrated us -we felt our thirst more easily satiated versus needing to inhale another bottle, right away.  
Buzzed about HFactor 's  bio-available-hydrogen infused water-a metaphoric 'secret sauce' loaded purified water-clinically proven to reduce inflammation, boost energy and enhance athletic performance-by reducing free radical damage, and even purportedly able to reduce cholesterol levels... via molecular hydrogen that humans can absorb. Interesting. Packaged in a special aluminum hydro-pack with minimal carbon footprint-effectively keeps hydrogen inside "...ready to rotate and hydrate..."