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Ballpark Inspirations: Feasts for Foodies

Stadiums nationwide- have amped up concession offerings-with exotic/ethnic cuisines and name dropping restaurant/food truck outlets serving up gourmet fare.

BUT most backyard bbq chefs, urban masters of city park grills, and outdoor campers (picnic glampers) hauling around provisions, still seem to prepare (prefer) the culinary classics- inspired by yesteryear's ballpark staples. 

What's different... sophisticated global palates and a preference for cleaner ingredients have upped the epicurean menu-adding spicy flair, and gourmet global flavorings -less the artificial additives and preservatives.

Part One:

                                                                 The DOG...
This nostalgic baseball stadium staple-has evolved from it's Coney Island boardwalk palatable beginnings...and is now not only meaty flavorsome-but ALSO a good source of healthy protein. 

Top pick-Bronx based A&H- had our family grilling +eating up its refrigerated Premium Beef Kosher Hot Dogs... (no nitrates or nitrates-and available in low sodium and reduced fat options too)---in minutes. 

Each 'Top Dog' delivers several bites of juicy deliciousness with smoky crispy casing grill stripes-easily fancied up for gourmand feasting- or simply served with just plain ole' yellow grain mustard. A backyard staple-for day or night time meals.
Available in a 12 oz patriotic red, white and blue package-with of 7 hot dogs-SRP $8.99. 

                                                                       The Buns...
AHHH-hotdog/hamburger/sandwich buns are not created equal-the original and organic ONE BUN pre-sliced chewy ones by OZERY Bakery are actually tasty and wholesome (made with real deal heart-healthy whole grains-non-GMO verified-delivering 7 grams/protein). 
Need proof of full-flavored goodness? OZERY baked buns are delish eaten on their own vs-the standard ones where any extras get relegated to feeding the local wildlife.
PLUS Kosher, no preservatives or additives, colorings or artificial flavors-in any Ozery Bakery products, actually.

Sauerkraut for the new century-red hot Korean Kimchi and German origin cabbage - sauerkraut-team up in this salty- savory new organic product by Eden Foods. This heated up zesty flavor-comes courtesy of organic red bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger root, cayenne pepper, yellow mustard seed and chili pepper. And no additives or, win-win-both Kimchi+Sauerkraut-made via a fermentation process-are natural sources of good for you probiotics and other nutrients. Available in 18oz glass jar.

Pernicious Pickling Company-Extra Spicy Pickles-Habanero Hotties-spicy crunch-juiciness of fresh cucumbers freshly seasoned in apple cider vinegar and three types of peppers-plus garlic, dill + black peppercorns-for added kicks to any BBQ mainstay...and that ole' Brunch standby-spicy Bloody Mary. YUMMY.