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Healthy+Better Tasting Drink Trends:Manganese, (with some magnesium potassium, zinc) loaded, naturally sweet (xylitol) Birch water-tapped from trees-joins coconut and maple as an in-demand hydration a new addition targeting active adventurers.


USDA Organic TREO are gulp-able fruity sips of Birch Water Infusions that contain only 10 calories per bottle- easily becoming fav drinks of ours. Available in four flavors (Strawberry, Coconut Pineapple, Blueberry, and Peach Mango l-r)-all contain pure birch water tapped from Vermont trees...AND all are  authentic tasting-non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-naturally packed with minerals+electrolytes-+ only 1 gram of sugar. FYI stevia and erythritol are the sweetners. Bonus points-bottled in PET bottles.
SAP! Birch +Maple Sparkling Soda and Seltzer -in convenient aluminum cans-tapped from Vermont trees-with minerals+46 naturally occurring nutrients/electrolytes-aid hydration-naturally not too sweet sip. SAP! Maple soda-80 calories, Birch soda-25 calories, and Maple Seltzer-40 calories-all USDA Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free. Make good mixers too!
SÄPP BIRCH-taps Vermont trees in late Spring for its subtle sweet flavored (Rosehip, Nettle, Original) waters naturally containing minerals+anti-oxidants. Bonus-member of 1% For the Planet-and packaging-is 100% recyclable....and USDA Organic non-GMO, vegan-original has 10 calories/bottle serving.

Bahia- northeastern Brazil sourced  OBRIGADO Coconut Water...added 3 fruit infused flavors to their non-GMO 100% premium coconut water product line-up...that all have a refreshing taste that might appeal even to those who don't like coconut water in general. Pictured r-l Pineapple Strawberry, Mango Acerola, and Tangerine-plus original-all natural packed with Vitamin C and potassium.
Muscle cramp banishers-like spicy mustard and hot peppers-come in a way more convenient form=zero calorie Pickle Power Pickle Juice shots. Sugar caffeine, gluten, and GMO refrigeration is required with an extended shelf life of 2 years...handy! The 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport contains 10x more electrolytes than sugary sports drinks -while an Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot-has 15% more electrolytes. Tastes-as one might pickle juice.