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Fancy Food Show

Part One:



Human hydration needs for summer's heated up exercises -get amped reason why powered up liquids are gaining favor and flavors from plants, spices, coffee/tea combos- and and a little bit of scientific know-how.

CALIFIA Farms elevated the niche cold brew coffee market-that we remember drinking up-back in the days  -in New Orleans.. encouraging so many hot/iced coffee drinkers to enjoy this cult liquid-that it's now widely available in retail outlets, nationwide. New single serve options now include tasty flavors of plant sourced, non-dairy, enhanced 'milk' -and athlete must-intense sips of their caffeinated cold brew, slightly sweetened with cane sugar-mixed in with protein packed almond milk.
Pictured: good post workout-recovery option -is the-Maca-Nilla Almond Milk -new flavor addition joining the Choco-Maca Almond Milk version. With real deal vanilla+touch a spicy cardamon-this is truly a satisfying cold beverage-even for those who don't like almond milk per se (or thinnish -ness)... and bonus, it's not too sweet. Non-Gmo verified, dairy free (we find that's helps stressed out GIs), gluten, soy, carrageen, and  BPA FREE too, vegan, kosher-with 8 grams of protein sourced from peas/brown rice-plus 1000mg of superfood maca from Peru.
In the middle-Ginger Almond Milk-perfect balance of aromatic spices-containing anti-inflammatory Turmeric (curcumin)-that we found surprisingly delicious-creamy sip magnified by coconut cream.
On the far right-athlete staple coffee served up smooth= the Califia Farms Triple Shot cold brew coffee -extra caffeine hit 170mgs/bottle+110 calories-with cane sugar+touch of sea salt, plus easy to digest almond milk made from non-GMO almonds. One of 12, single smaller bottle sized, flavors available- -this buzzy liquid precursor is a fuel worthy workout drink-especially in hotter temps. Too bad they don't have this version of a cold one-at water stations during long endurance races!
FYI:-wonder why you need to refrigerate cold brew coffee? It's characteristic low acid, smoothness vs hot coffee's bitter bean's acids-note-  why this chillin' sip is easy to drink straight up also the reason for its one-two week shelf life post acids around to slay bacteria/mold that naturally occurs in beverages. SO KEEP COLD+ DRINK UP.

Rebel Kitchen-hails from the UK...expands its coconut water  product line with flavored coconut  milk drinks in smaller one to two serving(s) containers. Tasty-all are made from organic ingredients and are thirst quenching water substitutes (imo)-made from spring water and 11% organic coconut milk. Naturally we gravitated towards the coffee flavor-sweetened up a tad with organic date nectar-plus organic coffee beans. Though not a caffeine hit -consider this drink-nonetheless, a heat scorching slayer. Available in the former colonies-including specialty stores-health food-and chains like Fairways/TOPS.
 PS: The name -conjures up the company MO-'healthy state of rebellion' -born out of a need to 'redefine health...' including not just natural sustainable sourcing, organic 'simple' ingredients-but also include spiritual aspects of healthy eating on planet earth. Bonus-a certified B Corp.