Sunday, April 23, 2017

BIRKENSTOCKS-Sandals for Summer

OFTEN IMITATED-NEVER DUPLICATED...the original BIRKENSTOCK Arizonas get metallic -shiny 'snake'  flair, covered toe kicks, soft footbed options...and  platform wedge styles-seasonal highlights.


ARRAN-in sparkling white leather-Men's $210-leather lining, corked footbed, rubber outsole

THE signature contoured corkbed footbeds in Birkenstocks coddle and support feet-miraculously so as these shapes work for all kinds of arch heights-something that cannot be said for other comfort footwear brands. Deep heel cups and cushioning outsoles complete the shock absorption proposition- that makes this brand beloved by many-and a good travel choice for summer trips.
Arran with textile upper-for men/women-in multiple colors 

Barrie -women's slip-on (L, R)-stretchy elasticized sides- for ez on/off, sued footbed lining, rubber outsole, and Original Birkenstock footbed for all day comfort and good choice for the pedicure-free toesies. $150

Friday, April 21, 2017

Footwear With Style Point of View: Vibram, Keen, ADIDAS x PARLEY

Jun-Inoue Live Painting at Backwoods Gallery
The Asian aesthetic-specifically Japanese - is a very distinct point of view that translates into the visual arts and fashion: it's reflective of nature in its wondrous simplicity and complexity.
With this month's Costume Institute- Metropolitan Museum of Art honoring the Japanese fashion icon Rei Kuwakubo (Commes Des Garçon+Dover Market's leading light) -we found three footwear styles that would pair well with any of her apparel designs-aside from those of her own collab with NIKE...
Vibram's FUROSHIKI Original style-inspired by the Japanese custom of packaging items by wrapping them in cloth- gets some bright print patterns for SS 2017

Vibram's FUROSHIKI $110-A Vibram outsole that cradles the foot-including tippy top toe bumps+ fitting stretch fabric in a wrapped style -snuggly attaches at the ankle with velcro closure. Comes with a traveling case (seen upper right)-great for travelers. Unisex sizing.
UNEEK x PNCA...Spring styles available now-polyester braided cord with nylon core for increased strength  uniquely adapts to shape of foot w/ a lightweight PU midsole, microfiber footbed cover, durable non-marking rubber outsole-razor siped for grip-(or in  leather woven upper)-distinct collab between Portland's Keen and  five artists of Pacific Northwest College of Art-in UNEEK slides (pictured above) and sandal styles. Men's and Women's and kid's sizes available

like the white pops on this UNEEK style-Fall look with secure lace capture system-part sneaker/part sandal

ADIDAS  x PARLEY-a collab with Parley to use plastic debris found in the ocean waters-woven into knit uppers in boathouse pictured above-unisex sized kick with comfort EVA midsole, arch support,  durable ClimaCool outsole, recycled laces. $140 Available MAY 10th-other styles-flip flops, ULTRABOOST X Parley and ULTRABOOST PARLEY runners women/men $200

Resident Magazine Celebrates THE Fabulous Wendy Williams

Resident Magazine
Celebrated April 2017 Cover Star
Wendy Williams
Lovage Rooftop, 350 West 40th Street, NYC

This past Wednesday night's celebration of "The Diva of Dish" Wendy William's Resident Magazine cover/interview hosted by Publisher Michael Travin, Associate Publisher Melissa Kassis, and Editor-In-Chief Hillary Latos-had us cheering for this glamorous gal-who has a nationally syndicated, entertaining talk show -AND many acclaimed radio, Broadway and film performances to her credit. 
Melissa Kassis, Wendy Williams, Hillary Latos (Photo Credit: Andrew Werner Photography)
Looking fabulous as always, and unlike male celebrities-actually taller than assumed, Wendy Williams drew out the crowd- deftly balancing a sharp wit with the comedic timing of a stand-up is super gracious and personable-no wonder her television show is a daytime Emmy Winner! 
We'll never forget a benefit we attended where Mrs. Williams made the introductory remarks for her guest of honor BF, now Senator Cory Booker-who at the time, was  a Newark Mayor. Her eloquence (followed by quite the rafter roof raising speech) -had us glued to her daytime talk show the next day. FUN!

Style Tip:
For luscious do's- ladies who coif their own locks-should check out Carol's Daughter's collection of hair products including: Black VanillaHair MilkAlmond Milk, and Sacred Tiare— that caters to the needs of multiple varieties of hair types and concerns, "Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love" -AND we note another stellar women's brand with a name that's a throwback to the 20th century. 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Active Beauty: CUPPING

Buzz generator Gwyneth Paltrow put cupping (via her backless gown revealing "CUP KISSES") on our radar-but it was Olympic swimmer/winner Michael Phelp's torso adorned with the characteristic red circles (when a pro uses traditional glass 'fire'versions- and heats it up)...that had us convinced of CUPPING's true value.
Lure Essentials
An Eastern medicine practice-aka been around for hundreds of years...cupping promotes Qi energy-improves circulation to remove toxins, drain and rid body fluids stagnation etc-to relieve aches, pains, stress, reduce inflammation to increase oxygenation of the blood and treat tight muscles and sports injuries.
Easy to see how this would benefit one's skin...and overall facial glow...and as an anti-aging tool too.


LURE ESSENTIALS. -offers facial and body cupping the one pictured above- the GLAM facial kit (onside $29.95)... made from surgical grade BPA free silicone...for at home use.

For the face, the suction/release action (what we did) completely painless-one keeps moving the cups around in certain directions-(no marks left behind)... by squeezing -on wet skin...very slight lifting of the skin. It reminds us of what a facials might do to drain the face of puffiness and target fine lines/wrinkles. Nice to have someone else do it of course, but our three minute application-actually something one can do while watching tv. Meaning...relaxing.

One can also use a massage-y or glide motion with these cupping shapes, depends what par to the face one is applying the cups to.
Apply a fav facial oil or moisturizer for effective treatments...or use with essential oils for an aromatic experience too.

FOR MORE INFO: LURE ESSENTIALS including VERY helpful tutorials

Monday, April 17, 2017

Active Beauty: Springtime's Best Bets

Pared down skin routines-who has the time-it's PRACTICALLY SUMMER- demand multi-tasking no fuss skincare products.

Some favs...part one:
Micellar Water's popularity from a Parisian's answer to skin cleansing instead of using French city's hard water has now evolved into versions amped up with ingredients for targeted benefits. From natural brand DERMA-E  a new Vitamin C collection-includes the ideal warm weather version-the Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water -gives thorough skin cleansing (via liquid dampened cotton ball)-dissolving water-resistant makeup and impurities that includes sweat--leaving a fresh feeling. Since facial skin feels replenished not striped,  (Rooibus has polyphenols-supposed to support  youthful skin -similar to grapes, grape seeds and maritime tree bark, Probiotics.anti aging properties))--normal to oily skin can skip the moisturizer after using this product-especially during the warm temps. Added plus: as with the entire DERMA-E collection-the Vitamin C collection is Eco-Ethical: Vegan, GMO-free, and cruelty free. 
ALASTIN SKINCARE HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36-uses physical sun blocking ingredients Titanium Dioxide 8.9% and Zinc Oxide 3.4% -non-irritating and long lasting, sun blocker-but additionally, amps up this lightweight-liquidy-ish easy to apply facial sunscreen with powerhouse skin ingredients-including a slew of anti-oxidants, PLUS Thermus Thermophilus Ferment (counteracts IR-generated free radicals-powerful skin DNA repairer), and Asteriscus Graveolens (flower/fruit/leaf/stem extract)-helps prevent air pollution induced oxidative stress-new buzzy focus of high end skin care lines.Except ALASTIN Skincare-packs it all -in-one tinted formula. We feel we can skip a lot of layers of skin care products-using this on cleansed skin. FYI somewhat sheer effect-no-makeup look-fits most skin color types light-medium.

GODDESS GARDEN Organics sunscreens are natural-but not USDA Certified Organic... one will NOT find chemicals like oxybenzone in their products. The new moisturizing lip protections-are USDA organic though (YAY)- in fun flavors/scents-like raspberry, orange vanilla, and lavender mint-protects vulnerable lips via physical block SPF30 -reef safe cruelty and beeswax free and non-GMO. And easily found too at value prices. $3.99

Sunday, April 16, 2017

L.L. BEAN Small Batch Bean Boots

 Iconic Practical Style Gets Stylish


L.L.Bean Introduces Small Batch Bean Boots
 – L.L.Bean has several new limited edition Bean Boot designs made in their Lewiston and Brunswick, Maine factories...with nifty upper colors and outsole tones for practical style that wears well with anything from casual apparel to rtw dressier seen all over the FALL 2017 Runway show catwalks.

“After 105 years of perfecting the original, we’re rolling out one-of-a-kind small batch editions of the L.L.Bean Boot, meticulously hand-crafted in Maine, just like the original...” the company said in an email we recently got.
The spring small batch is available now and includes the 8” boot in plum leather upper and in dark ash upper with brick red sole (pictured above second and third from front, respectively)  and the 6” boot with field olive leather upper and sail orange sole (better seen pictured below, 2nd from left). 
These limited-edition Bean Boots will be introduced throughout 2017 and available online and at LL. Bean stores including the Maine original-open 24/7.
Upcoming styles for summer, fall and winter include silhouettes like a Chelsea, a lounger and a 16” lace-up as well as linings such as chamois and shearling.

Friday, April 14, 2017

WOLVERINE 1000 Mile Boots-Custom + 'RTW' Footwear

Wolverine unveils the Wolverine Workshop, offers custom options for the Original 1000 Mile Boot-and new RTW Spring styles

Wolverine introduced the first 1000 Mile boot in 1914; using a secret tanning method to create leather that was soft, flexible and durable, the shoe was advertised as “comfortable and durable enough to give you 1000 miles of wear.” With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, durability and comfort in footwear, the Wolverine 1000 Mile boot changed the industry standard forever.
Now you can design your own Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots online at and the Wolverine Company Store - 254 Elizabeth Street, New York, New York- for truly original kicks -made in the USA. The premium materials Custom boots available in men’s and women’s sizes-including selecting  material for the quarter, vamp, heel, tongue, foot bed and hangtag (13 options) outsole (3 options in men’s sizes, 1 in women's), eyelets (6 options), laces (7 options), upper stitch color (3 options), welt stitch color (4 options), and a monogram etched on the heel, tongue or hangtag.

Can't decide? No worries...the heritage silhouettes of the quality made, durable 1000 Mile boot collection have several  ready made choices for Spring 2017...delivering now.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

VIBRAM®'s 80th Year of Good Grips

The buzz words 'heritage' and 'authentic' tossed around lately-rarely get applied to what's underneath one's feet but in reality, that part of one's footwear is one of the most important component of shoe construction.

For anyone standing/moving upright, that is.

The first unique outsole-CARRARMATO by Vibram -has been around for 80 delivers in colorful shades/patterns
Hence-a big birthday celebration to 'senior citizen' VIBRAM-an Italian company with proprietary rubber compounds that grip the ground in all sorts of conditions-allowing everyone from adventurists mountain scalers to casual  strollers-the ability to see the scenery from a vertical perspective, with ease.

Monday, April 10, 2017

MOZZARELLA E VINO Casual Italian Food-Restaurant Review

33 West 54th Street, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Even walking at an uncharacteristic for midtown Manhattan leisurely pace, it's easy to miss the small windowed street front to Mozzarella E Vino.
However-past the entrance -a big hearted casual eatery, and a welcoming staff- attributes for a fine dining experience for solo eaters-or a crowd-wonderfully exists...tempting enthusiasts of Italian food  willing to forgo showier dining non-essentials in order to concentrate on the most delicious 'rustic' cuisine, delivered professionally.

Friday, April 7, 2017


In our inbox...

LUNA Presents: Are You Brave Enough?
A firefighter themed adventure race and community festival

Hosted by: Vulcan Society and United Women Firefighters Sponsored by: LUNA

St. Mary’s Park 450 St Ann's Ave Bronx, NY 10455

When: April, 8th 2017 9AM
For firefighter exam information please visit: ​ ​ ### 


United Women Firefighter and Vulcan Society Host Firefighter Themed Festival

On April 8th, 2017 the United Women Firefighters(UWF) and the Vulcan Societywill host a free community festival and firefighter themed adventure race to promote diversity in the FDNY. T
his event will take place the first weekend that filing is open for the Firefighter exam and eligible candidates will be able to file for the exam on site. The last time filing was open for this competitive exam was 2012. The event is sponsored by LUNA, the popular nutrition bar for women. The United Women Firefighters represent the 57 women firefighters and women fire officers who work for the FDNY. The Vulcan Society is an organization of Black Firefighters open to active and retired members of EMS, Fire Inspectors and civilian personnel of the FDNY. Both organizations work to highlight the strength and benefits of diversity in the fire service and aim to provide all New Yorkers with the opportunity to have a rewarding career with the FDNY.
The "Are You Brave Enough?" race will be a 5k foot race that consists of seven exciting firefighter themed obstacles that are modeled after the firefighter physical exam, firefighter academy and what firefighters do in the field. It will give people a taste of what it feels like to be one of the city's bravest. The obstacles include: window hurdles, dragging bodies, carrying fire hoses up stairs, crawling through a tunnel that simulates a dark fire, wearing heavy firefighter gear and much more. There will be men and women's heats and prizes.
The festival will be completely free to the public. In addition to having a filing site for the current firefighter exam, there will also be free CPR classes, fire safety demonstrations, and a free obstacle course for kids. The public can also try out firefighting bunker gear, take pictures on a real FDNY fire engine and operate a live hose line. There will be mini workouts taught by UWF trainer Anwar Hafeez throughout the day and Vulcan Society guest trainer Yada Beener along with many giveaways and prizes.
Filing for the current FDNY firefighter exam will be available on site and firefighter test takers get $25 tickets. Race registrants will receive a $10 discount by registering online. The Firefighter exam is open for people between the ages of 17.5-28 years old with age exemptions for military vets. The filing period is open for a limited time and the exam is given only once every four years so age eligible candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
Women firefighters and officers only make up 0.5% of the FDNY, which is shockingly a historic high. While the number has grown from past years, this is the lowest percentage of women firefighters out of all the major cities in the United States. Sarinya Srisakul, President of the UWF says "We have a real opportunity to make great strides in changing the landscape for women firefighters in the FDNY. This job will change your life. I hope all young women take advantage of this opportunity and come out to 'Are You Brave Enough?' and file for the Firefighter exam!"
The Vulcan Society had successfully won a racial justice suit in recent years and as a result, has seen their numbers double to over 700 black firefighters and officers, or about 7% of the force. Unfortunately that is far from reflecting
what the black population of New York City is, which is 23%. 
Regina Wilson, president of the Vulcan Society says "the Vulcan Society will help guide and train applicants in every aspect of hiring. We strongly advocate and believe in diversity and inclusion of people of color and women in the FDNY. We would love to increase the numbers of women and people of color to our ranks."
Both organizations hope that through partnering with LUNA and other groups that value diversity, that the pool of future FDNY test takers can be as diverse as New York City itself. Diversity is what gives our great city its strength and the FDNY has an important opportunity to dramatically change its practices through this upcoming recruitment campaign.

Digitial Patriots Dinner-#CTATECHWEEK

13th annual Digital Patriots Dinner- Consumer Technology Association(CTA) -Washington DC

It's "more critical than ever that CTA play a role in governmental policies..." was appropriately in the opening word mix of Gary Shapiro, the President and CEO-who genuinely welcomed a congenial group of industry and political types from both sides of the 'AISLE'-to the first gathering, post the 2017 Presidential inauguration -of this influential trade group-and the force behind the massively popular CES show in Las Vegas.

The well packed cocktails/dinner- at the magnificent Smithsonian American Art Museum + National Portrait Gallery ...officially launched CTA members' efforts during #CTATechWeek-that is an interactive human push  "to work with anyone move our nation forward..."
Early evening meet/greet-(CTA Pres/CEO Gary Shapiro and Rep. Will Hurd & staff)-appropriately enough-in front of the Nelson Shank's portrait of other ground breaking individuals-The Four Justices -a tribute to the four women who have served as Supreme Court Justices...

The major spoken themes touched on by Shapiro and the four award winners, all members of the House - align with CTA's mission--- including shaping public policies to encourage  positive 'disruption' --- to continue to drive a thriving tech industry that supports over 13 million American jobs, to achieve a pro-active tax policy deal and policies that allow for retaining the educated talent that come here for advanced degrees  ... and the frankly enormous need to update the Federal government's  IT infrastructure.
the Honorable Will Hurd (R-TX) and Tiffany Moore

The first honoree-a former CIA undercover agent-the Honorable Will Hurd (R-TX) -Chair of the House IT subcommittee-gave a shout-out to Aggies, thanked his political mentors-and remarked-to serious applause- how as "...a Black Republican from an Hispanic district...bipartisanship can exist because innovation has no party..."  
"Ridiculous" was Hurd's frank assessment that 80% of the 80 Billion dollars spent on Federal IT systems-is spent on legacy systems...while on a more positive note he declared, (rightly so) that "CES is one of the greatest things...a whole lot unites us...(and) technology can change lives."

Monday, April 3, 2017

BRASSERIE 8 ½ -Midtown Restaurant Review

With a clever address (in the landmark 9 West 57th Street building-right off Fifth Ave.) and a grand entrance (a wide sweeping spiral of a  staircase-down)...

...Brasserie 8 ½'s first impression is that of a glamorous ocean liner- transporting guests to a Parisian 'modern slice of la belle époque' or civilized Mediterranean seaside enclave-but decidedly on land-in a spacious midtown eatery -with a dedicated luxe lounge (perfect for cocktails), multi-seat bars made for conversation (sans TV screens) -and a plush leather banquet lined main dining room-elegantly adorned with framed Matisse prints and original artwork by Marco Del Re and dramatically partitioned from the kitchen by a striking stain glass artistic tour de force.

From our welcoming greeting at the street level-to the last sip of after dinner espresso-our experience was intuitively well paced-with professional service as befits an upscale dining experience...and relaxed environment-polished, not precious.

And better yet, the tasty, elegantly plated food-lives up to the luxurious ivory tablecloth setting...with an internationally inspired appetizers, traditional and modern entrées, a fresh raw bar, and sides offerings-tempting palates ranging from the typical French gourmand (Cote du Boeuf with Sauce Bordelaise $49, Saucisson Chaud with Lentils du Puy +Fingerling Potatoes $25) -to lighter cuisine delights that many diners prefer.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Grab+Go-NEW Healthy SNACKS

Part 2


Garden Of Life-Cleanest Performance Ingredients are in this family of products-rare and big deal to have the NSF and
Informed-Choice.Org independent certifications-guarantee no weird (banned ) stuff -all traceable-verified claims-in the mix-critical for athletes-pro AND amateur. PLUS GoL's MO-always USDA Organic and NON-GMO. Protein bars- in 4 flavors-Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter Chocolate-all Vegan,  Dairy -Soy Free-protein bars-deliver 20G plant (pea) protein + 9-10G fiber, 8G sugars-in a chewy textured bar-def have with a liquid like water-serves as a post workout -light meal replacement. BONUS POINTS: Certified B Corporation

USDA Organic Honey-from well cared for bees-hits the sweet spot-in Wedderspoon family of New Zealand derived-highest quality, genuine raw, NON-GMO verified Manuka honey treats-including these soon to be launched- kid friendly lollipops for
kids- delivering 100% Vitamin C serving. 

USDA Organic PhillySwirl Jungle Swirls frozed=n dessert bars are flavored with real deal fruit artificial flavors or colors-and cooling sweet treat-only 50 calories per. Added plus-free of the 8 most common food allergens (dairy, nut gluten ,soy, HFCS FREE and Non-GMO). Even adults will be tempted by exotic choices-Tropical Twirl (mango, pineapple), Leaping Lime (Cherry Lime), Flutter Berry (Blueberry, Lemon) and Babbie Berry (Strawberry, Pomegranate)...imo-dip in a shot of tequila or vodka-for 21+ kind of easy to make cocktail ice pop :-)

Filling Corazonas® HEARTBAR Oatmeal Squares...main ingredient is one of the original so called Superfoods imo-aka bad cholesterol lowering rolled oats (via .8G plant sterols per bar). Delicious crunchy/chewy (date paste) these individually packaged on-the go bars-come in 9 flavors (5G fiber, up to 6G protein-with whey protein isolate -helpful blog post on that-dried egg whites)- with fruits and/or chocolate bits used to liven up the offerings. Non-GMO, no artificial flavors-and under 200 calories per bar-that are def hunger pains curbing all. For us- a Heartbar is dessert-we had the indulgent dark chocolate cherry (chocolate bits, dried cherries).  Available online-including a club pack 72 bars at SRP $69.99




Friday, March 31, 2017



Back in the day-sitdown meals ruled-but since middle school days-it seems real deal snacks,  on the go...are waaay better suited to lifestyles now.

NOTE: AND it's not just cereal anymore, our former,  easy to pour dinner entree---
BIG DEAL:  NYC Public Schools get points for dumping sugar loaded Kellogs' offerings- giving the over quarter of million breakfast eating-kids our fav USDA Organic-and traceable Back To the Roots ready to eat cereals instead -(pursuant to a student taste test TOO-yay).

New eats-for food grab and goers...not just for kids...
quick make P+Bs (or any f the new nut butters)...slather on Rudy's organic breads-in child friendly flavors...squishy in a good way -Soft White and Soft Wheat have textures like the 'other' brands without the junk AND with 24g of whole grains/serving, vegan+dairy free $4.29.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

COFFEE BUZZ -Wolverine, Juara, Cold Brews

Wolverine 1000 Mile Cafe Collection

Java LOVE like Springtime-is everywhere -inspiring a primo Footwear,  a fav Beauty Scrub, Cold Brew Drinks

The limited edition Wolverine 1000 Mile Café Collection-takes inspiration from Michigan based, Madcap Coffee Co., for five new men's styles...available now.

Meticulously handcrafted in the Big Rapids, Michigan factory. the Café Mocha, Café Miel, Cappuccino, Cortado, and Espresso-priced from $360-$400 boast time honored details like- durable (re-soleable) Goodyear Welt construction,  matching tongue / heel combinations that contrasts from the rest of the boot,  ‘LTD’ monograms on the tongue, Horween leather uppers and/or trims, and either a leather or rugged Vibram rubber outsoles.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

ACTIVE BEAUTY-Help for Tortured Tresses

Hair Masques At Home Treatments

toss-able hair...needs good hair product help to achieve

The old and the new hair masques and bond healers (Olaplex/Brazilian Bond Builder/Aloxxi -3 of our favs)-all heal and repair hair a single at home treatment options.

Easy enough to use- all are best applied on dry locks, that gets tucked into plastic cap-let 'stew' at least 30 minutes...

Multi-taskers -good for all hair types-and specific treatments- coincidentally-our favs-are by cult favs  French based LEONOR GREYL and JF Lazatigue...both brand that leave out the ingredients luscious locks need to avoid (SLS, paraben, silicone, coal tar, sodium chloride FREE).

Masque Quintessence
-indulgent blends of healing Cupuacu and Manketti nut oils heal and moisturize so much-that after the first treatment-hair is noticeably more touchable/softer... AND even hands will thank-you after applying. Bonus Points: Packaging that befits a luxury product...worthy of dressing table placement-with gold metallic jar elegantly set inside premium cardboard box with metallic fold trim.
J.F. Lazartigue's Masque-Shea Butter- is a go to thick hair revitalizer for those famous ladies that can afford any hair savior. Loaded with African shea butter's nutrient dense,  rich help that protects tresses -revitalizing fried/dried for whatever reason..At $54-thickest luscious value hair masque we use. Smells divine too.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Part 4

There's a variable vertical limit for concert goers---
ha ha especially after "...having a bottle of vodka..."

Some options for comfy seating -camp furniture - beyond the blanket on a hard ground-are lightweight, portable and aimed at festival flocks who plan on spending time int he great outdoors.

Possibly our fav company for outdoor lifestyle...SNOW PEAK's Asian aesthetic of simplified beauty...includes this multi-tasking lounger-surprisingly lightweight.

Kelty -re-invigorating what we call the casual camper-outdoorsy -portable coolers, tents, haulers can be transported easy enough-in the Festival Essentials including the above folding cooler + Built to Wander Collections.

Thursday, March 23, 2017



top pick-raw edge fedora-woven faux leather band
Bump up the're a grown-up so why not lose the caps of team spirit-and opt for more sophisticated style of summery fedoras, panama, cowboy and lifeguard wide brim hats-made of woven materials, linen, paper and cotton- with sleek trim details.
CHAOS HATS-has so many styles of toppers-impossible not to find at least three silhouettes that pack and wear easy-from crushable straw wovens with ribbon details like these unisex fedora shapes...
wide brim structured and floppy hats for women

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Outdoor Festivals-Footwear: Part 2


Ready for whatever twists outdoor music fun conjures up-comfortable footwear that withstands the OBOZ, ROCKPORT, CHACO, TREKSTA

finally-OBOZ---who makes our fav waterproof/supportive and cute(!) winter boots the MADISON Bdry-has a collection of flip-flops for Spring 2017...with the label's legendary BFit. deluxe footbed, spring EVA midsole and rugged outsole..applied to these easy to wear, webbed thongs. 
carbon rubber pods on outsole
OBOX Ocoee and Selway flip-flops for women-$55

Monday, March 20, 2017

Outdoor Festivals-What to Wear

Best Gadgets, Gear, Footwear, Clothes that can multi-task for  outdoor camping-to indoor city life.
KELTY-camping gear and backpacks from Boulder...reaches out to the millennial with everyday gear -that looks stylish -not the most tricked out tech gear-but in reality they're not going to scale Mt Everest-they're rocking' out to tunes at Coachella-maybe camping out in a tent or RV, making day trips under big blue skies. New slogan #BuiltToWander   gets that...

Part One-Beyond the tees/cut-offs/board shorts: KRIMSON KLOVER, MOUNTAIN KHAKIS, BERGANS, FJÄLLRÄVEN

Wearing fashionable apparel from outdoor brands has become, for selfie promoting types- Instagram opportunities for 'what to wear'- when attending outdoor events.

Patron Saint=Kate Moss at the Glastonbury festival (2005) and Hunter boots.
Krimson Klover-out of Boulder Co.-tops and frocks-in the prettiest prints in cotton/wool/viscoise/rayon/spandex blends- -that are soft,  travel well, AND look so stylish...attire that is patio party perfect-to sportier actives endeavors-one of our fav labels to wear, wherever, Pictured Skyline Open back tee
Krimson Klover  -Swoon print abstract floral

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Active Beauty -Tech: VISIA Complexion Analysis

Part 2

At the recent IBS-IESCS tradeshow-the Visia Imaging System-revealed its 7th version of  its awesome Complexion Analysis system-that captures/interprets 3D images of skin's top and lower layers (pictured below-the facial 'camera')...conjuring up true selfies of what lies beneath with regard to various measurable skin conditions  (like UV damage, textures, pores/poryphrins, fine lines/wrinkles, spider veins, red/brown spots),.
Selfie Alert: Why stop at the surface...
Similar to earlier versions that we've tried...three images-three angles (left-center-right) are photographed -skin cleansed, eyes closed-chin placed on the cup shape holder-while the Visia camera part-rotates around-taking the pictures. The instant images-are then analyzed in a software database that records/measures in three modes-dubbed Intelliflash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting.

What one sees-is unique and color differentiated...of the (your) measured skin type/conditions-including sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne and rosacea (VAESTRO™ Image Analysis). Since seeing is believing-skin subsurface conditions- not visible to the eye-get revealed too. Impressive (or scary).

And competitive types-will love how ones/age/ethnicity/skin color-get analyzed vs a database of like minded faces-scoring up one's "TrueSkin Age®."

Handy-stimulated aging and hypothetical results  of targeted recommendations of treatments (from facial fillers-plastic surgery tweaks)-can be seen too-via stimulated visions of perfection. a visually necessary way to track facial treatments and outcomes over time-especially the price-y kind!. The new Visia Complexion Analysis even offers eyelash analysis -to evaluate and measure eyelash treatment. (Note-we did't get to try this at the show- as our eyelashes had some mascara on them).


Thursday, March 16, 2017


IBS-IECSC Conferences-NYC

Selfie alert-salons and spas are getting etched out-for your selfie best.

At the most recent International Beauty Shows...and International Esthetics's, Cosmetics & Spa...we saw more technology on display along side popular items-hair+ eyelash extensions, organic -(natural leaning), cosmetics+treatments, effusive hair coloring options, and micro-needling -hand rolling devices.

DYSON SUPERSONIC™ Hair dryers--a price-y option sold over 500 of these slick beauties at this show...which included a "professional' smoothing nozzle attachment, concentrator attachment and a diffuser. Beautifully packaged as one would expect of this high end hand held-we asked how this sleek machine was conjured up by James Dyson -who is well know for his tricked out vacuums..."HIS WIFE'" apparently admonished him for not re-inventing a staple of people with hair, used everywhere practically n planet earth.
After 4 years (investing $71 million-600 prototypes)  of tinkering in the garage-so to speak---and cornering the London market on available human hair-all types/ethnicities-to test on (1010 miles, tested) -yielded this winner. Yes it really is better than any hair dryer we have ever used. It works because there is more air concentrated out (air velocity via "Dyson digital motor V9) and more of it (Air Multiplier™)-hard to  just feel it except if hands wonder down to the end of the handle where the motor is located-hence where the air is sucked in from the bottom -like-well, a vacuum cleaner.
Lightweight-and more quiet...the 3 speed air flow hair dryer which kinda requires one to hold it upright (some stylists use a hair dryer upside down -though on oneself hold it correctly)...has 21st century touch 'buttons' that controls on/off, cold shot...and LED lights indicate the heat (4 settings) /constant cold air temp levels-internally measured  20x/second (!!!)  that max out at a non-burn level (212º) for all types of hair-controlled by a microprocessor-located in the barrel shape part. The attachments easily attach/detach by magnetic constructs. Stats-1600 watts, weight 1,8lb, 9 ft cable cord, and Negative Ionizers to reduce static. A splurge-retail price is $399-the consumer version.
REVIEW: As drip dry types-we rarely blow dry our hair-one reason is TIME. The Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer is a major improvement over our hand held hair dryer-that granted, is a few years old. It took maybe all of 5 minutes to 80% dry our long tresses-nothing special  done prior-except towel drying-what we usually do. It usually takes at least ten minutes to get our hair drip free but still slightly damp! Half the time. YAY. Bonus-we felt out fine hair (mixed straight/wavy naturally)- smoother too-we barely used any calm down product afterwards. An investment-but def worth it-of course we asked about future models-maybe the handle design will change better for those who hold the hair dryer differently. From what we could tell...righties or lefties can easily maneuver this well balanced hair dryer. 
Micro-Current -devices were popular-even more so than last year's red/light LED devices-targeting anti-aging skincare pros -enthusiasts. Several sizes of platinum coated metal rollers were shown at ReFa's exhibit-a brand that has gotten press buzz-microcurrent power needs are attained via solar panels built into the handles. Benefits- purportedly to encourage lifting-tone the skin, increase absorption of serums or face masks, and as we felt-the rollers offer a pleasing massaging on areas though we didn't feel any electric current at all...and imo-probably need to regularly use a micro current device to see any benefits. Not inexpensive-the above device retails for $300. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Small Batch Distilleries and Hard Cider-made in NY-are expanding their distribution networks and earning good reviews from connoisseurs of alcohol.
From the NY Restaurant and Foodservice Tradeshow...

Brooklyn Gin-stately bottled small batch-hand cracked juniper berries + fresh citrus peels-+ 100% American corn. FYI-actually made in Warwick NY