Saturday, December 10, 2016

Giftsperation: Guys on the Go The Basics


Part 3
Practical basics bumped up from the ordinary- with unique design features elevation them the gift worthy...including outdoor gear that gets lighter and tougher...

Sock tuggers alert-FITS socks (made in the USA) feature unique  heel construction aka Heel Lock® that -what else-sublimely fits, supports and  guarantees socks stay put! Dynamic Toe Cap® equally locks sock in place.

hiking, running worthy and lifestyle-casual-business socks...available-different thicknesses, lengths,  and slightly different blends- BUT ALL have perfect fits for all widths of feet too (not true of all brands-fyi).

Fits ski socks-with proper gradient compression-weaving (helps keep legs going all day). Vented top zones are for moisture to wick out-and so comfy supportive without late day restrictions we can feel when calves are pumped-Fits Ski socks are actually our referred running sock in colder temps too. Pictured-the Ultra Light Ski $20.99 (merino wool, nylon, polyester, Lycra blend) supportive, moisture wicking-fits just over the calf...and comes in multiple colors. For skiers-this lightly cushioned style works with tight fitting and/or custom boots.

Made in the USA and with a lifetime guarantee-WIGWAM socks are great gifts for outdoors going -travelers...will hold up to any journey. ..delivering in all heights from no-show to knee lengths. Pictured; Highline Pro Sock a "peak to Pub" style-light enough for off the trail-has a cushioned sole...highly breathable via drirelease® Tencel®, workhorse merino wool-naturally warm/anti-order, stretch nylon+Spandex for shape retention and form fitting comfort. Multiple color waves available.

Wigwam's Broken Arrow Pro Socks-$16 -casual wear anywhere sock-delivers in multiple colors-and are lightweight-moisture wicking. The seamless toe (no chafing-or irritating lumpiness) assures no blisters while the  form fitting-shape retaining blend of stretch nylon, merino wool, drirealise® Tencel® with 2% Spandex guaranteed to last. Impressive -a patented design too (US Patent No: 5,095,548)
Compression HA-1 socks with G-Fit technology by Zamst-a company known for its precision engineered braces- are for pros and amateur athletes alike. The support and stability via gradient knitting are noticeable from the first sec-so much so-a pair might become the go to socks for airline travel too. PLUS-the right or left specific shape stabilizes heels-doesn't slip around, it lifts up arches and makes sure blood circulates up through calves. Fit note: imo-these socks have a very wide toe box-won't strangle toes that like to spread out.

Travelers swear by Ex Officio's Give-N-Go boxer/briefs...quick drying, soft as silk feel-stretchy diamond stretch fabric (Nylon-Lycra-Spandex), anti-odor, highly breathable-in solids ($26)- and prints ($30).

Cozy stay in all day-night winter warm...featherweight L.L. Bean  Scotch Plaid Flannel Boxer $19.95-elastic waist band...100% cotton, authentic dyed  in tartan pattern might convince those Highlanders to wear something under those kilts. HA
The BF FAV..SAXX Underwear CO...with its thoughtfully designed BallPark™ Pouch for barely there wearing experience...delivers in festive patterns just in time for that first blast of winter. Everyday wear---in different styles/lengths/fabric blends all feel great -plus special moisture wicking tech boxer/briefs/tights  for performance/exercise. Pictured-VIBE Boxer-modern fit in a fun print $31.95 
SAXX Underwear CO Performance -wick moisture-from gig output activities-with patented mesh panels and ergonomic front pouch adjusts to heat/cold-stretch and fitted. The Black Sheep collection-made of multi-tasked warm-anti-odor-breathable merino wool w/ 5% shape retaining/supportive spandex keeps one warm. dry and odor free...great for outdoor activities-snowboarding, skiing and hiking.