Friday, April 15, 2016


TIDAL ROOTS Stand-up Paddleboards and ORU KAYAKs 

CHOICES:Maneuvering on(over) watery by-ways -eye-candy durable- handsome wooden SUPs by Maine based Tidal Roots or origami-like, collapsible-storage friendly/fold-away San Francisco based,  ORU Kayaks---are great ways to get outdoors...

Beauties all- MADE IN THE USA (bonus points) these water crafts come in several models for  different destinations/types of riders-flat water, ocean waves, stable floaters or racing thrill seekers... ready for FUN- for years to come.

TIDAL ROOTS hand crafted of locally sourced Northern White Cedar- are now made in Salmon Falls River,  New Hampshire. Hollow core construction engineered to withstand years of use fiber glass and epoxy finished-imo double as handsome bars...just conjure up two pedestals. The company also sells kits for the handy ($310).

agile and high performance-cut through choppy waters with ease-pointed hull design - BLUEFIN $3600 -dimensions 12'6 x 29" weighs 44-45 lbs-hand shaped using old fashion Stanley hand planes-the crafters embrace Mother Nature's varietal wood grain patterns...
up against the wall SEA BIRD $3000 specs 10' x 31" x 5" 40-50 lbs and Tradewind paddles (in lengths 72"-84" $429)-in partnership with Shaw & Tenney


High performance, ORU KAYAKS serve up 5 models for beginners to rough riders -wanting smooth-fast to mellow-casual day adventures.
Pictured-new  BEACH KAYAK by ORU KAYAK-ships May 2016 $1175.00  good for day trips, weighs 26lbs...up top rubber deck straps for storing water bottle or fleece tops...

paddle choices include pictured-carbon one ($375) folds down into 4 parts. The Beach Kayak-28" wide, 12' long-open cockpit ez stable in-out-made for up to 300 lb loads-paddlers up to 6'6 in height-supposed to be a "snug fit" fyi for increased control and sea worthiness. Adjustable foot rest inside the hull...also not seen in this pic- multiple bulkheads-perpendicular support pieces- create compartments for Oru float bags for increased stability in open water

trim materials carefully selected, we asked...that's a grab handle...Fairing sleeves (on bow and stern of all models) add extra protection and help kayak slice through the water... stainless steel ratchet buckles super durable-makes it makes it faster/easier to seal the deck and assemble the kayak

list of what not to American

adjustable back rests ...soft padded foam covered in nylon fabric...there's also a day hatch in 2 models (Bay+, Coast+)-right behind seat- on --- with a screw top lid...3 liters of storage for personable items...

lights in hull and stern...
Below---a 411 on assembling the Beach ORU KAYAK-a 7 step process from box "OPEN THE BOX" (haaaa) to boat...imo easy to follow.

Beach Assembly guide from Oru Kayak on Vimeo.