Thursday, April 14, 2016



EARTH DAY....has long evolved from a 24 hour wake-up call to a more sustainable way of life for many. 
Yet, having lived around the planet in countries without recycling facilitates, waste disposal sites, or municipal water infra-structures... single use, plastic bottle water bottles-that once hauled the world's most precious resource...end up tossed aside clogging up dried up rivers, lakes, canals- rural - urban byways...and comprising floating islands of trash in the Pacific Ocean.

One helpful solution-long lasting permanent hydration carriers that people keep....combined with a business model that gives back...

Ah-loving the design...DOPPER Water bottles come in fun BPA free bright colors or stainless steel. Dutch made, cradle to cradle. Unique feature- Tops come off  in 2 ways...the top top cap part (and new sports cap) with a narrow sip easy opening...and the white part with the top cap still locked in...that doubles as a cup.  GIVE BACK - 5% of water bottle sales-donated to to Dopper Foundation-that supports safe drinking water projects in Nepal...including wells, pumps and sanitation.

MIIR a CERTIFIED B Corporation  produces bikes, handsome urban slick bags and portable hydration haulers-tumblers, growlers, bottles, cups... all currently made in Asian countries-we asked-but 3rd parties certify that production adheres to social/environmental sustainability standards . Sales $ directly go to fund bicycle, education and water projects around the world...all worthy non-profit endeavors chosen via need and fittingly- knowing someone-or of someone- working for a great cause. 

BONUS POINTS: Each item sold comes with a hang-tag containing a unique Give Code™...register a purchase---and track what getting funded. 

FYI: MIIR name partially inspired by Scottish-American naturalist John Muir (1838-1914) early advocate of the preservation of wilderness.