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IXXI Cosmetics -Anti-Aging Science-Nature

IXXI Cosmetics 

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Hailing from Southwest France, new to the USA- IXXI Cosmetics- is a subsidiary of a private, family owned company with decades worth of products based upon the unique regenerative/healing properties of marine pine bark (sustainably sourced, fyi from the Landes Pine Forest).

The secret sauce, so-to-speak-is the powerful active ingredient-the patented OPC PIN -extracted from the aforementioned ancient tree bark...that has more anti-oxidant power than Vitamin C (neutralizes damaging free radicals), protects skin more effectively than Vitamin E (maintains firmness+elasticity of youthful skin), and repairs collagen III and IV -evening tone and increasing density over time. Impressive. 
screen shot of clinical studies...research link


There are six collections based on the OPC PIN ingredient-divided into product categories by skincare concerns (preventative youthful skin-to repairing mature skin) and essentials that work for everyone (cleansers, scrubs, micellar water and glorious fragrant waters in handy spray bottles). 

Depths of dermis damage-easily grasped-via color coded packaging...and containing other, rather unique active ingredients too including the aptly named "Everlasting Flower" etc. (info link)

Bonus Points: Accessible premium priced  -IXXI Cosmetics smartly uses mostly pump tubes and pump bottles to ensure efficacy of ingredients, and the percentage of ingredients from 'nature origin"-clearly marked.
Elixir Expression Wrinkles Ritual Radiance Toning Mask turn/click brush on masque

Sublixime Mature Skin Ritual-Anti-Ageing Absolute in dropper vial

Elixir Velvety Cleansing Milk-genle no-rinse-Essentials

Sublixme Silky Cleansing Balm

One does not have to memorize the list of NOs-NOs on the Cosmetic Europe  list to know that EU based brands who sell the same products worldwide (unlike some publicly owned global brands!!!!)- generally speaking- lack a lot of  questionable ingredients that are allowed across the POND...another reason to respect IXXI Cosmetics. Meaning no dumbing down of products sold in the USA...and of course, NO parabens, phenoxyethanol, coloring agents, silicones, nanoparticles or mineral oils.

OTHER ECO Initiatives:

Manufactured using solar power, PEFS/FCS cardboard packaging, double sided printing-eliminating packaging...and a partnership with UN ENFANT PEUT SAUVER UN ARBRE