Monday, April 4, 2016

FUR BABY Accessories:Whiskers-n-Wigs, ZEAL Doggles™

 So where's our April 15th take back??? 

As we write out the inevitable to the US TREASURY check ...thoughts wandered+wondered...why USA becomes a nation of renters (not home owners who get a slew of write-offs)...

...there seem to be more pet owners than parents of little humans these days...-accordingly-vet bills, adoption fees at shelters---all ripe for Congressional mandated tax benefits that would garner support across party lines and show Americans that their federal elected officials can unite on something.

Fur babies are way more than just pets-so it is inevitable that there are companies ready to cater to owner needs-as cats and dogs are as catered/cared for- as all beloved family members should be.

In our inbox...

From EVINE Live "...a purrrrrr-fect new collection that any cat lovers would give nine lives for; Whiskers-n-Wigs. A majestic line of modern wigs designed specifically for the feline features, each styled coif like the dark and debonair slicked back “MEOW-Moe” or a curled princess up do finished with tiara, lets your cat show off their unique personality and style.  Created by cat beauty consultant, Heidi Fellner, the wigs are easy to clean and care for.  She says of her meow must-haves, “Just like a cat, leave it alone.”  

Whiskers-n-Wigs retail for $19.99 available exclusively on EVINE."

From one of our fav sunglass brand Boulder -Colorado based ZEAL OPTICS-Goggles for dogs aka DOGGLES™ -high glacier/low beach altitudes worthy eyewear is as necessary to prevent cataracts and protect vs harsh UV and HEV rays in furry besties' peepers- as it is ours. Comfy fit (patented adjustable nose bridges and lens cup)-  and cool...these canine optics also mange to have "...the infusion of bacon aroma at the molecular level..."

99.9% Polarized and 95% UVA/B/C protection and shatterproof, ZEAL's Doggles™-just like their human counterparts-have frames made from Z-resin, a plant based resin made from castor bean oil instead of crude oil-for more eyewear eco-worthy.