Sunday, April 10, 2016

Endurance Athletes' Little Helpers


Yeah yeah yeah-we know what M. Jagger/K. Richards song is really about...but this is the second decade of the 21st century...and children of the 60s (and 70s, 80s, 90s) are embracing other mother's helpers as nowadays athletic age uppers want to maintain overall fitness and physiques.

Supplements have mixed reviews these days -why brand names (and their reputations) are important imo. For endurance athletes who cannot eat all the nutrients their bodies need to maintain ...supplements are a given. From well-respected  Natrol-Skin, Hair & Nails -a very inclusive new offering (eta May 2016) containing Vitamin B's- 5000 mcg Biotin and 10 mg Lutein (found in the also pictured Biotin Plus)....PLUS collagen+hyaluronic acid (skin hydration/firmness aid), vitamins A, C, and E (protects against damaging free radicals), D B2, B6 and minerals copper+zinc, and ALA and horsetail supplement-bonus-one pill a day vs competition 2-3 dose. MSRP $12.99
Tumeric is a known anti-inflamatory with curcumins (black pepper) and the basis for a daily functional food aid. We are big believers in this. New- Tumeric Boost ...from GAIA Herbs (interesting company name choice)...also contains Lemon Balm and Gotu a prebiotic blend -powder form---can add 1 ½ tsps (15 calories) to milk, smoothies or what we do-sprinkle it into oatmeal (it has a vanilla chai spice taste, fyi). 


After our 1x week mega hours workout-we barely have the energy to stretch/shower-let alone fuel up afterwords...especially critical protein within 40 minutes ...which is tough to meet-being vegans when eating at home (which is 98% of the time)...

FROM a recent media showcases -easy to eat, functional and tasty solutions...that re-fuel, replenish and satisfy...meeting all of our nutritional needs...

from  recent media showcase....this plant based sample packet from  VEGA Sport Performance... Clean Protein...vanilla flavor = delicious and delivers the must have BCAAs +Glutamine muscle rebuilders we need. Only 130 calories-with 25g protein, our only mistake was not taking more samples!!!! ALSO comes in mocha and chocolate -not tried :-( ... BONUS POINTS Non-Gmo verified-protein from plant based pea, hem, pumpkin seed and alfalfa sources, sweetened via stevia, gluten free and no artificial coloring.
What we devoured-hey-athletes need carbs too.... this yummy savory combo of subtle sweet/spicy, gluten-free Mango Salsa (one of five flavors) and crisp tasty Organic Tortilla Chips -both USDA Organic...are shareable -if you are nice... a Brad's Organic duo that is so much better tasting than the usual chip/dip options. 
yup this is the "Brad" all grown up...BRAD'S ORGANICS

NEW -take that Nutrella an organic version  of the French breakfast staple-from Brad Organic's -a smooth treat-the chocolate hazelnut multi-tasking spread is now without the artery cloggers-trans fats/cholesterol. FYI an entire line of products from Brad's Organics-is now available.  FYI-a family owned company...well established in the NYC a label that one can count on for USDA Organic goodness, Kosher too- and all offerings are made without preservatives or artificial flavors...

Post workout hydration is critical...not just water either-fruits and vegetables are a great way to meet hydration needs that get absorbed by the body more slowly and sticks around longer,  than liquids. From Wonderful™ Halos sweetly satisfying mandarin oranges are seedless, easy peel eaters...widely available and affordable goodness (Vit C+fiber too). A long growing season-in California...November-April.

VERY consumer friendly-new to us LUCKY VITAMIN-is an easy to use-and -comprehensive online retailer-serving up a 21st century way to buy...38,000 or so -products ranging from vitamins to beauty/grooming products to teas-coffees and healthy terrific competitive prices coupled with the convenience of doorstep deliveries. A worthy alternative to Amazon and Thrive, we tried and found the ordering online simple to use, with clear instructions, options to reading labels- and loads of optional (welcome) info...we even liked the quarterly newsletter on how to shop Spring health and wellness trends.