Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LIGHTEN UP-Portable Options Fun Designs+Functional-

JBL and NiteIze 


Night time visibility-for humans and dogs---so critical...from JBL and Nite Ize -affordable and functional be seen stuff to keep wearers safe.

JBL Reflect Mini-is well packaged with easy to get instructions- included-small and mid-size ear buds....for custom fit. There's a Bluetooth version too----

how reflective-VERY (see above for 'reg' vs with the flash on)-another way to be seen when headlights hit ---running against traffic...

 JBL Reflect Mini headphones are sweat proof - sporting a unique reflective design. Super lightweight-these in-ear sport headphones are designed to stay put during intense workouts. Featuring the smallest sport design from JBL, a one button remote and mic, adjustable Y-Split cables that manage not to tangle... and the angled connector, the JBL Reflect Mini delivers quality sound and stays put for bouncy striders.
 Bonus-there are two sets of earbuds-in small and medium size- squish on/off... $59.95

FROM NITE IZE®...more long lasting LED lit - additions to the incredible assortment of gizmos...

Disc Golf can be played round the clock-including night-time the entire Flashlight Disc Golf Set...with DISC-O color options. FUN.
NiteDawg LED collar =bright red and water tough
Whether walking dogs at night - in the city or in rural areas...having Rover within eyeball range gets a lot easier...these are musts.

attach the SPOTLIT to the collar  (or you)...LED rubber Ball gets tossed -lighting up when moved around-impervious to dog slobbering for endless hours of fun...replaceable batteries included!
For outdoor athletes and/or cycling commuters...life saving gadgets that are long lasting, practical and inexpensive...
fits most (26mm-32mm) handle bars the GRIPLIT™ LED Handlebar Grip Lights.stretch on the ends-red or multi-color changing DISC-O light options...2 modes- glow (20 hours) or red flashing (25 hours) push button switch -easy replaceable 2 x 2016 3V lithium batteries are included.
 Available Now.
besides our sneakers...our SLAPIT™ LED Slap Wrap gets the most use day in and out...we even wear during daylight hours if running in the busy park...fits perfectly -with 2 modes-glow or flash. We haven't needed to replace the battery yet-(100 hours)but easy enough to do with included 2032 3V lithium coin cell. Four color options-the fabric has high vis reflective pops.