Monday, January 4, 2016

Beauty 2016 -4 Effective Time Savers


A NEW YEAR----always tempts us to try out new beauty 'stuff' at home-that importantly will save time/$ and mimic for results that we would pay for, service-wise -at a salon/spa...

First Up: Smoother Skin
One of the RHWONJ  got belittled-in an episode we saw...because she mentioned how she used a razor on  her face-in the shower-with moisturizer as shaving cream...and how it left her skin so smooth. Made total sense to us....and what we thought about when we read up on DERMAFLASH ™ - a new-use  at home-we got to review.

 This new
 face beauty exfoliating tool works via sonic-slight vibrating handpiece that is loaded with an exfoliating edge (razor like)... that gets stroked or 'edged'- over bare, clean skin...avoiding sensitive areas (eyes, lips, nose...). 

The instruction book is easy to follow and there is a quick start guide, included too. Usage is intuitive-though the booklet is loaded with warnings-like...tie all hair back, don't drop the instrument in water, avoid eye area with prep/sooth creams...etc. 

DERMAFLASH is well packaged-like premium beauty products...mercifully all that nesting cardboard and plastic is recyclable!

DERMAFLASH™: Exfoliating System Kit inside...the handpiece, 5 edgers (razor-like),  charger, and prep cleansing and post soothing creams...imo-can use your own preferred non-irritating cleanser and moisturizer too.

To charge up-takes several hours at first...and without an edger in---or the handpiece won't sit in the charging cradle...a full charge will yield 30 minutes of usage.
To start/shut-off loaded handpiece, depress the on/off button -the turquoise round 'thing' up top with bird image-that will flash on/off when first charging-then shut-off when completely charged.
The blue rubberized sides visible on one side, pictured above-is where place thumb+forefinger of one hand to guide Dermaflash- the edge is designed to sit flat on skin... with our other hand-used a finger to support our skin though not a taut pull.
In the user guide, there is an illustrated pattern of handpiece movements...which is intuitive=feathery vertical strokes on forehead+chin, horizontal ones cheek area and angled ones inside the cheeks' nasolabial folds- towards the lip area...
We tried and following instructions-took our time to go over recommended facial areas...we barely felt the vibrating edger at all...and had no redness from the exfoliation...which seems to work like a REALLY GOOD exfoliating scrub-except smoother. Nice.
Bonus points for gals with peach fuzz...the DERMFLASH™ reportedly gets rid of that-akin to process of shaving but without the nicks...
slide handpiece in to click new plane-like clicking in a hand-held razor blade. IMO- unlock a used one...have to really firmly grasp the holder.

EDGER-used on right-without turquoise knob you know.

SECOND: Longer Lashes

Glammy eyelashes-long and luscious without extensions or need for glue ..3 step\YOUNIQUE MOODSTRUCK 3D Fiber Lashes+.

thicker brush is for steps 1 and 3 (transplanting gel enhancer)....thinner brush is for step 2 (3D fibers-are tiny tiny tiny-and made to 'stick')...the mascara tubes are sized accordingly so you can't switch up by mistakes...

non-irritating so good for sensitive types the Moodstruck 'system'...use as pictured above...gel enhancer, fibers, gel enhancer...DONE. The thin small brush allows to get the fibers right at the  eyelid...for  the longest lash length possible. Important step 3---the seal in the fibers-good to coat entire lash. 

EARTH KISS...has new facial masks too...which are popular these days....
CONVENIENT!!! Earth Kiss single serve-perfect for gym bags/travel, Earth Kiss pre-mixed masks come in single use pouches...for hydration/exfoliation/refinement...generously sized...and made from natural plant micronutrients and other winning ingredients-glacial mud, white tea, Dead Sea Salt and moisturizing shea butter. $2.99 each


j.f. Lazartigue's best selling rich hair masques, soothing -hydrating conditioners, multi-tasking shampoos and cutting edge scalp treatments- are crafted to work on all hair types -including process and chemically treated locks...and have ALWAYS been made without harsh irritants like sulphates and sodium chloride anything...and paraben free!

Targeted hair solutions which can be deduced online via few clicks with product suggestions ...including effective solutions for thinning hair and oily scalps----easy to use treatments-shampoos-gels- all loaded with vitamins/minerals, fruit acids, and soothing herbs-to cleanse/purify/ heal. 
Pictured on left- Bee Propolis Jelly Treatment---for the scalp -a 1x week treatment-gets massaged in -feels soothing+cooling.
Spray in-leave in Disentangling Instant Silk Protein Spray(pictured on right) is a gym bag staple especially good for swimming pool users-spray it into damp towel dry through with out need for styling products.
j.f. Lazartique also has Hair Revitalizing Nutrients supplements to aid in hair thickness (with vitamins A, B&E plus plant extracts)...
--- and our fav-the rich hair masques-that smell divine too...there are several kinds...we swear by the luscious Pre-Shampoo Shea Butter Masque...which we slap on after a long run---tuck our hair back in a pony tail---and leave on as we do post run stretches...then wash/conditon locks in the shower. Fabulous- use 1x a week.