Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gifts Ideas for Camping-Glamping Cooks+Tailgaters

Part One


"Camping" to retired couples we know-means taking their RVs and parking them at some electrified site with plumbing facilities.

 For's driving the family/friends oversized vehicle- parking  somewhere else -like a well attended park site---or uneven more well attended parking lot-before the BIG GAME---while camping for pals we hike with-constitutes trekking off the grid -and pitching a tent in the wilderness without other humans for miles.

A common thread-for sure-is the need to eat/drink - and practical gear to make/take some of the tastiest tastes and liquids- portable-y available.

Because no matter the definition of camping -as glamping or roughing it for hours or days---cooking up some eats-and quenching thirsts requires durable functional stuff that can be hauled around.

For drinks-hot and cold...double walled, vacuum-insulated bottles and containers- keeps beverages and food at proper temps for hours.

FIFTYFifty 40 oz double wall insulated stainless steel recyclable, non-leaching bottle-pictured comes in bunch of colors $37.99-paracord not included but great idea imo. ALSO available 64oz-75oz growlers-for beer-wine, and new food containers...and different lids.  

HYDRO FLASK-packaged ready to these Food Flasks HOLIDAY PACK $59.99 (individually-12oz-$29.99, 18oz $34.99)-18/8 stainless steel, BPA free, TempShield™Protected vacuum insulation -also works as food containers indoors too-fit right into some sleek kitchens with all those gleaming appliances

ALSO available- handy lid options-bottles in wide-narrow, or standard mouth widths, and 18oz pints-in super fun colors  

"Cold, fresh and carbonated"---literally got stopped in our tracks at the Pavilion -Outdoor Retailer show-and after a long day too at  DRINKTANKS insulated growlers 64 oz, 128oz -has a KEGULATOR™ Auto-Regulating Keg Cap that keeps the growlers pressurized AND has a dispensing tap. Allows you to control the pressure (0-40psi)-just like a real deal keg. Except this one is portable. SO COOL!!!! Keg cap replacements, CO2 cartridges and injectors sold separately too...for long life enjoyment. (from $69-$114) PARTY PACK makes a great gift-2 growlers in color choice, 4 DrinkTanks SipiPints and 1 Keg Cap 2 CO2 cartridges

ECO VESSEL...These are great Double Barrel™Insulated Coffee/Beer Mug (choose your poison ha ha...$19.95 comes with open/close slider lid...keeps the drinks toasty or cold with 2 layers of premium #304 stainless steel, BPA, phthalates free, no liners, and holds 116oz. FYI-5" high...3.5" diameter-big gulp worthy!
TOMS footwear (buy a pair---a pair gets donated to child in need)...pairs up with KLEEN CANTEEN= insulated mug $ a collab that makes a great gift and GIVES BACK via providing safe drinking water for one person in need. 100% recyclable bottle, stainless steel keeps coffee hot (6 hours) or the beer cold (24 hours). 

YETI Coolers some new drinkware additions with these RAMBLR SERIES drink holders- Lowball $24.99 (left 10oz-great for cup of joe or cocktails) a Colster $29.99 (middle-keeps cans/bottles of whatever-cold) and Rambler Tumbler  $29.99, $39.99 (on right with a lid 20oz/30oz)..18/8 stainless steel, double walled insulation-No Sweat™ design. 

fabulous-VELO BLING DESIGNS makes inventive gifts-including this cool 5oz Stainless Steel Gear Flask $40 (and men's/women's jewelry, clocks, bottle stoppers) made out out of recycled bicycle parts!!! ECO gifts that are so nifty...imo-great partnerships for company giveaways too.

Carry drinks options-fun the STUBBYStrip...adjustable in size-velcro -neoprene wraps each beer can/bottle separately- 3 models-Premium bottle hauler with padded shoulder, a vino model, and a 6 pack plus one (!) model with a grab handle