Tuesday, December 15, 2015

15 HANDSOME New Men's Kicks-WOLVERINE 1000 Mile+1883 SPRING 2016

solid hardwear, handsome stitch details, Horween® Chromexcel® leather upper-hallmarks of well made footwear-PLUS Made in the USA-Goodyear® Welt Construction w/ Vibram® rubber heel...Original 1000 Mile Boot $360
Wolverine has a deep history in work boot wear...tough, durable and made of top notch materials. Their premier 1000 Mile collection- Made in America selections made with luxury leathers (Horween®) featuring Goodyear™ Welt Construction (typically range $295-$400)...and their affordable-accessible trend-on 1883 line---are the fashion function end of this heritage brand.

LIMITED EDITION: Original 1000 Mile Liberty Boot-6" - Horween full grain leather looker...lined with Liberty Art fabric-based on the Lady Paisley intricate design of silk scarves-w/ ¾ leather sock insert, weight 21.20 durable non-butyl leather outsoe-hand crafted in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA LOVE
Lady Paisley Liberty Art Fabric....in the Original 1000 Mile Boot

new Olive Stead Suede Leather/Horween Full-Grain leather unlined Original 1000 Mile 360 Boot...360 Degree Goodyear™ welt construction-durable and re-soleable!

Original 1000 Mile Boot in bright Stead Suede/Horween Leather upper-Goodyear Welt construction-Made in the USA-Vibram rubber heel-would great with jeans

Original 1000 Mile Boot-Brown Stead Suede/Horween Leather upper-slightly rounded toe-traditional silhouette -can see stitch details of Goodyear Welt Construction

heel in black matches the Horween Chromexcel Leather upper- sleek look-fuss free- can wear with a biz suit-Goodyear Welt Construction-made in the USA 

Courtland-Made in the USA Stead Suede leather...Vibram 1395 Rubber/Leather outsole

Vibram 1395 Rubber/Leather outsole-handsome too-can see the hand finished details

Wolverine's 1883 line -a ref to the year the company was founded---has the fun with classic styles-without compromise on quality-included selections made in Portugal...a country with a long history of traditional shoe making know-how. And land of Cristano Renaldo :-)
Pictured-full grain leather/textile upper Clarence Boot-weighs as much as some sneakers-13.05 oz. WOW. 

grippy XL Extralight lugs -on this Clarence outsole-is actually lightweight+flexible -for all day wear that can handle the weather.

white outsoles-sneaker ref- are popular-continuting trend-as seen on Driscoll boot-6" mock toe boot...pictured in Brown Leather and Olive Suede...mad in Portugal...PU white durable outsole   15.25 oz-light weight looker.

Lionel is a plain toe Chukka...full grain leather upper and the classic must crepe outsole...never goes out of style...

double stitched white welt construction...smooth toe Lionel Chukka in rich brown leather

Hensel plain toe leather Chukka-resin rubber outsole

Hensel plain toe leather Chukka-resin rubber outsole-in new Olive Suede...nice new neutral tone works year round

Bring on the rain-Felix=Waterproof!!! Available now- 6" Duck Boot -full grain leather upper-Bonwelt Construction-rubber outsole $190
office worthy-wouldn't mind wearing casually too...Javier Oxford-made in Portugal-full grain leather or in oiled nubuck