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BETTER CRUNCHES: Snacks- Part 1 Fancy Foods Show 2015

Artificial anything-particularly re: ingredients and food colorings-a disappearing act on snack food labels...even on crunchy eats which as tasty as they are, don't pretend to be nutritious-but a "Lesser Evil"-i.e. baked, healthier oils, non-GMO, organic (the real deal kind-USDA certified), and gluten free.

Bottom Line: the emphasis is def. on the flavors (spicy is big)...and the textures.


Some crunchy sweets:

CHIPS get hip...and hot...made from bumped up ingredients- vegetables, whole grains, and beans.

WALDLÄUFER, SPORTO, KOMBU Comfort Fashion Footwear Fall 2015


Comfort fashionable shoes are NOW the norm for American gals -even those chic city ladies-coinciding with the whole athleisure clothing boom-we don't remember a time when all but the tiniest fraction of men ever put up with uncomfortable shoes.

Reasons abound-including more female urbanites taking mass transit, walking and/or biking to the acceptance of casual summer office attire-paired with lifestyle sneakers and sandals with cork footbeds, setting a high bar for bearable, wearable all day wardrobes, year round.

Colder temps do mean different head to toe ensembles...and foot-wise, three lines previewed certainly offer many stylish feet worthy shoes that are pavement pounding, durably acceptable-and affordable.


WALDLÄUFER-a German brand (aka Forest Walker), is putting down roots on this side of the Pond...with quality classic styles and boots for men and women.

Made in Europe ---the WALDLÄUFER selections we saw had signature comfort footbeds, durable …