Sunday, January 11, 2015

SEN.SE MOTHER+COOKIES Digital- Home Automation Hub+Sensors #CES2015 Mother-connects to WiFi router via included ethernet cable--- and Motion Cookies-pictured above-are smart motion sensors that can detect movement of objects and people, measure surrounding temperature (heat/cold), and detect presence of the object or person they are attached to. Range between Mother and her Cookies=65 feet though if out die that the cookies still log data-but have to get back in range with Mother---to read all the info on the web- Sen.seBoard (a screen shot is pictured below).
BTW these Cookies can be assigned new tasks…if needed. And Mother's eyeball colors can be changed too.Available widely in the USA we found on for $199.99…works with iOS, Android, Microsoft smartphones. Note: works indoors ONLY not weather tough. 

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

So many things to do-so little time.

Tasks accomplished, helpful reminders, and healthful monitors-via an app on one's smartphones continues to attract a wide assortment of products/companies…with easy to use-practical solutions meant to help.

SEN.SE MOTHER was an interesting exhibitor-with a home base "MOTHER" that vaguely reminded us of the Pillsbury doughboy merged with those crafty Russian wooden nesting dolls fused with Ghost Busters with The Prisoner-creep vibe. It's from a French company.

Delivering with four smart "COOKIE"motion sensors (pictured in the box, with an option to buy more)---one places these on what one wants monitored-and then via communicating with the dedicated website (see below) via MOTHER…one has the option of receiving a push communications/ text alert when it's important...

SEN.SEBOARD app- choose the activity -..several function choices…including for medications, presence-meaning a notification when your children got home by putting cookie on keys, sleep and fitness monitoring-steps taken, calories burned, distances, alarm etc

The video demonstrates---
<iframe src="//" width="500" height="263" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Haaaa-the SEN.SE MOTHER MO might be the care you want but- sly sense of so 60's humor here-  we thought IMMEDIATELY of the Jagger/Richard's Mother's Little Helper (1965)…a fab rock and roll dark song about Valium abuse amongst housewives---but also like the song lyrics "…kids are different today…" and so are their helicopter parents. FYI-the motion sensor 'cookie' attached to the pill container bottle, is actually a digital reminder---capable of sending a text "if grandma forgets her pills…"if  not moved...

Company website: SEN.SE