Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SCOTT IDT ProTec Cycle Top/Bibs-ABRASION Tough -SCHOELLER® Fabric

only men's tops+bibs fyi… PLUS bib has silicone grippers-made of breathable fabric- flat lock seams, reflective pops, top has 3 back pockets including a zip one+a water repellent pocket
 SCOTT and Schoeller---really made a breakthrough with this new- IDT ProTec cycle top/bibs -that we saw last August (2014).

 Claiming to be tear/abrasion resistant for cyclists taking a spill-when cruising up to 30mph…and tested by real guys…though we assume they didn't intentionally crash-the material that is strategically placed on top's shoulders and bib's sides-will spare skin some serious healing time...our only thumbs down reaction-is its men sizes only.
Knit carbon yarns (for resistance strength+anti-bacterial) and ceramic prints-that feel good next to skin-the schoeller® inserts on in sides of bibs and shoulders of top-that honeycomb looking print

protect skin vs abrasion from asphalt

grey interior is brushed feeling imo-fabric with IDT ProTec technology-breathable too- and in video tested against a sander