Thursday, January 29, 2015


SLC/Outdoor Retailer

& TERNUA -North American Debut Outerwear Collection

In demand outdoor gear and apparel functions at a premium-and imo-it's the new fabrics-textiles-materials-with design assists that push the envelope when it comes to the performance pieces/gadgets for adventure/athletic types.

AND renders the outdoor stuff  we own over 3 years old-completely outdated.

Exciting new materials were introduced from worldwide companies-at the latest Outdoor Retailer Fall 2015 show-sometimes originally developed for military uses-or eco-sustainably sourced/made less toxic -ally (like the fluorocarbon free waterproof/breathable laminates)-as demanded by consumers+regulators-and companies themselves
NAU-down hoody-men's-recycled European down $380  Fall 2015

But we got most excited= fav label NAU and prAna  ( new to us) TERNAU-joined teamed up with sock brand LORPEN-are using re-purposed-recycled down that has been sterilized-sanitized and processed-not using harsh chemicals either so as to maintain the highest insulating qualities…in their Fall 2015 collections.


Ethically sourced down is a big deal…and a big challenge-especially when theoretically-the insulating feathers as by products of the food industry is dwindling (don't mean the cruel force feeding geese for foie gras-do mean decrease in duck/geese as a meal choice)---

Plus -traceability is tough when there are thousands and thousands of small suppliers…who may or may not provide feathers that were plucked from live animals.

Nau-650 fill down from recycled source...
Which is why it is a big deal that fashion function label NAU---with its sleek urban travel apparel-and PrAna-a label known for its yoga centric -lifestyle clothing (and scooped up by giant outdoors label Columbia)---went to a French and British sources for recycled down respectively-joining recycled plastics-poly. hemp and organic cotton-andOFOA/POFS free DWR as preferred eco textiles in their terrific collections. BRAVO.

women's down hoody-recycled European down jacket $350---stylish+functional insulation in a DWR ripstop poly
FYI: Spanish brand Ternua's entire down insulated apparel 2015 - made up of recycled down-called Neokdun-manufactured by Navarpluma SL that comes from apparel+bedding products that have reached their end of their product life cycle-and is 100% natural+biodegradable.

Bemis Worldwide sponsored the Trend and Design Center at Outdoor Retailer---check out the colors…pantone that.
ADDED PLUS: the Trend and Design Center at OR- and FabricLink---an online resource for designers/consumers-apparel, home furnishing, and care…and synthetic insulation…our go to way to keep warm…
President- Kathlyn Swantko