Thursday, January 8, 2015



We were dazzled by this---and apparently the prototype is in use by the Germany Federation team---and they won the World Cup!!!
Multi-camera solution-camera (4 units attached to a rig) by Panasonic with real time stitching to create a quadruple wide 64:9 panoramic video of entire field- with raw data dissected by proprietary SAP  HANA software--- btw tracking players-who do not need to wear trackers/sensors besides-sure those activity trackers/sensors are not allowed in pro sports during a game ANYWAY

human shape images-highly accurate using body modeling imagery

track a player in this case Sami Khedira in Germany vs Italy Game 
we were on best behavior and did not ask the PANASONIC/JAPAN executive and colleague to get out of our way so we could get a clean panoramic picture on our iPhone 6+---actually we almost did because we are from NYC-but the German Panasonic rep indicated not too…and we respect that!

a coach would use a touchscreen on the sidelines to get rapid in-game analysis-to analyze team, a particular player, diagram plays etc

SOON-Panasonic and SAP are working on a ice hockey version of this video based sports analysis -our fav sport-we cannot wait until broadcasters use this in their coverage…as NHL hockey is so fast…it would help fans as well as coaches-follow the game.
FOR MORE INFO on the details-we found this SAP press release online