Friday, January 2, 2015

Lacoste Apparel S/S 2015 Runway+RTW Collections

that Yachting Pique Leather with navy stripes/print at top and the backpack white cotton coated canvas w/ black neoprene trim=runway pieces
LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL SPORT…a phrase that serves as a guiding light for Lacoste's design team, helmed by Felipe Oliverira Baptista…season after season…really comes to fruition during the summery months of warm temps, given the French brand's heritage in tennis, golf and yachting.

While there are scores of companies that are trying to entice the fitness fashion crowd, wherever they may dwell…Lacoste has always been attiring sporty chic humans with a très chic style-design silhouettes and a flair for details-that are super important imo-in a world where everyone is starting to dress so similarly.
Yachting …off the runway-blue graphic printed light neoprene-in a fab color block pattern that reflects maritime flags…LOVE. Around the waist coat off-white, dark blue and blue printed light ripstop, pants off white light neoprene, sneakers of white leather w/ yellow, purple-violet rubber sole

Asymmetrical dress-off white, parma violet, purple violet light ripstop

Ocean's Away-off white neoprene with blue print-men's runway
Another growing trend is Lacoste's use of performance fabrics that as followers of fabric trends-we notice…though it's not a main selling point here with those oversized hang tags-like in outdoors and strictly athletic brands we cover.

BUT a great trend nonetheless-and that includes-techy textiles used in those iconic Croc logo polos that today's athletes would be happy to wear-

navy yellow print was featured on the runway collection
yellow and white double face mesh dress

print was in a different color on runway as a ¾  light neoprene sleeve dress

enough performance details to wear this jacket off the runway-and on city streets…including storm flap over center closure, adjustable cuffs, and attached hood with high collar...white bonded nylon w/ contrast black details...

YES-those collectible pools come in several styles now to---from the original classic to a fitted feminine cut. AND fyi last forever!

A high end finished-MADE IN FRANCE collection of some chic separates…premium fabrics---finished flawlessly...

year round dress-sweet flair…love color too

Chantaco-the golf estate of of the René Lacoste's wife's family---serves as inspiration for many of the clothes and accessories--and FYI the lady (wife) pictured, Simone Thion de la Chaume-was a champion golfer.

Sailing-navy and white done right

polka dot sweater-knit Lacoste Live

Lacoste Live-slightly narrower fits…polka dot prints a theme...

lived in feel-in a good way-Lacoste l/s button downs…short sleeve tops wardrobe staples in white+muted tones

Col washed wardrobe colors…natural soft to the touch fabrics...
l/s shirtdress…a keeper for beach to city-with easy----

Lacoste clothes fit well---even casual pieces- like drawstring boardshort-polished---

Later deliveries include sun-bleached colors in the polos, trousers, easy breezy dresses, and knits---we were told reference the 80s…or at least a part of the prep side of that decade…

madras plaid…always in demand

coral, faded peach---even this boldly striped polo---has that comfy washed feel

ready for the beach----

gingham goes beyond the picnic table---nicely---swim shorts-cut a little higher than typical American baggy version

one piece maillot---swimwear by Lacoste is new to us---this pretty print showed up in bikini top+bottom too

shorts-in a washed cotton…love

colors here remind us of the Bahamas...

GOLF apparel---for the 19th hole in case one does not play…clean functioning separates.

color options-classic polo

part of the Roland Garros collection…tennis separates

A  performance collection impresses with the fitness/fashion construction, cuts and materials used. These pieces with playful graphics, textile textures, and fun styles also travel well…!

deep  v neck how we like sweatshirt collar...

moisture wicking lightweight…top-drop hem you can really play tennis in


Kids sizes are just as well designed as the adults---we actually can wear a size 12-14…if torso is long enough as some of the patterns and prints are only in the children's department.