Wednesday, January 14, 2015

@iFIT, @SleepNumber TECHY BEDS w/FUNCTIONS+Slumber#CES2015#FitLife

demonstrator-had to rotate with others…there were more aerobic things to do too.

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Show


Monitoring sleep patterns via a wearable monitor- and a smartphone app---not so new.

Destined to be more popular and something that consumers will really stick with (and a bigger investment-obvi)-techy functionality laden beds that provide more actions/deliver data- than mere sleeping destinations.
from iFIT---a multi-tasking bed…adjustable base -incline/decline-lift up head, feet and a vibrating function---plus measures sleep cycles, heart rate and breathing patterns, automatically warms up or cools down based on body temp (nice). ETA Fall 2015. Also available separate iFIT Sleep Pad-measures sleeping cycles, HR, and breathing patterns,  automatically warms up or cools down based on body temp , hypoallergenic mattress cover, integrates with iFIT -premium subscription service $99/year delivers fitness suggestions-integrates with a wide assortment of company's IoT offerings-including internet connected kitchen appliances, fitness trackers-as well as new smartwatches with GPS Ridge wearables (later post). 

iFIT bed remote---demonstrator likened the massage function to a vibrating chair
You've seen the ads…

We know SLEEP NUMBER® -from the television mentions…but we saw the beds in person for the first time at CES 2015.
i8 and iLE (limited edition)-temperature adjusting hot-cold-no worries---either side of the bed can be the ideal temp---we bet this would save a lot of relationships!!! Fantastic…we so want. 
SLEEP NUMBER® is a vertically integrated company---we asked-so their employees deliver, set-up and can remove the old mattress. Bonus points: Made in the USA.
Advanced DualAir™ technology…adjust firmness either side via remote

SLEEP Number  i10 (15 inch duvet style pillow top bed)) and i8 (13 inch bed duvet style pillow top bed)-with separate adjustments…mattress part with 2 - 3 inch topper  PlushFit™ foam respectively…with SleepIQ™ technology- sleep monitor----(software/app), adjusts via 2 wireless remotes---comfort preferences---like temps/firmness etc. The mattress-is absolutely comfy---nap inducing.
The big new introduction and a CES 2015 Innovation Award Nominee…A SleepIQKids™ bed.
SleepIQ™ technology and Sleep Number™ adjustable-for kids' sizes…the head lift option good for stuffed noses. Can receive an alert when your kid gets up out of bed (sneaking out teenagers be warned)….and of course-there's a reward system….SleepIQ® score.

the ability to control a night light very helpful and there is an underbid light too that goes on when kids get up middle of night-or maybe when pets do.

an employee showed us how he has the Sleep Number™ beds for his family- all accessed/adjustable via smartphone….with individual comfort settings including mattress firmness…VERY NIFTY.