Saturday, January 31, 2015

FUEL ESSENTIALS-For Outdoors' Athlete

Way to always start our day/workout--- coffee was fab--worth the wait of the sloooow pour…courtesy of Miir.


We schedule an Outdoor Retailer day--- with strategic pass-byes of the well stocked CLIF booth---

Clif offerings include Bloks-gel are like oversized gummy bears-made of less artificial stuff though (95% organic)+w/ electrolytes-the caffeine ones are staples during hot summer months...

What's New:

Chia is REALLY a staple food substance- with protein+fiber…not just a ch-ch-ch Chia PET.
the cat---maybe wondering where all the yummy treats went-though she still has her Greenies. Instantly devoured-this constitutes an entreé for our dinner-the Berry Pomegranate Chia Bars…and the new flavor of a Clif bar classic=Nuts and Seeds-with organic oats+ almonds, peanut butter, sunflower+pumpkin seeds. Nifty balance of sweet+salty---we think bar food like these bars should replace the stale pretzels-maybe the Clif minis.
NOW: Included as an ingredient- Chia graces the latest portable entry from Clif-in a deliciously chewy/crunchy(organic Chia seeds+ rolled oats)/tangy(organic dried cranberries)/sweet(organic brown rice + cane syrup) Berry Pomegranate Chia bar-with 11 grams protein, 4 grams dietary fiber, and 23 vitamins/minerals.

It's kinda filling too…so one bar definitely fills the need for a satisfying afternoon snack. Winter worthy…when it seems stomachs can handle heartier treats.

ALSO NEW: After a big workout/race-we are never hungry but know enough to know we need protein---always a challenge for vegetarians.

 Lesson learned-pack a high protein bar---and Clif Builder's makes the best tasting ones probably because the ingredients are real.

The latest flavor Chocolate Hazelnut…in BUILDERS size-has 20 grams of protein (from soy)- also belongs in tasty department (our fav-is Chocolate Mint)-with zero trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils----that yech-are found in a slew of its competitors.

Texture wise-it is chewy and easily eaten-no need for a gallon of fluids to down it…and one bar with carbs and vitamins in the mix-is a complete nutritional post workout must---AND a lot more portable than the protein drinks.
Bonus points: Clif is sponsoring the popular Reebok Spartan obstacle races-and the Boston Marathon-which will enable us to lighten our race belt load---w/ Clif energy gels on the race course/water stations. YAY.

caffeine from kola nut extract-about ¼-⅓ cup coffee-Ginsting has Siberian ginseng w/ dark flavored honey as main ingredient-

Another staple for endurance events---like cross country ski jaunts,  long course triathlons and year round runs of 15+ miles=Honey Stinger gels that have the fast acting energy of natural organic honey without the headache we can sometimes get from sugar…a tip read about on a Runner's World forum.

Chocolate energy gel-has caffeine from green tea extract is sweet-organic tapioca syrup+organic honey+chocolate

Classic Gold is our go to -95% honey. Before discovering these  -we poured Honey Stinger honey in tiny plastic bags---got messy though.
 Dangerously on display and available -Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites-are tangy chewy inhale-able cranberry-pistachio bites…VERY addictive…warning…with 7grams protein- courtesy of Californian grown pistachios.

these can equal dessert---these cookie like wafers-Power Bars are better than Nabisco's usuals as the glucose/fructose 2:1 ratio aka PowerBar C2MAX dual source energy blend-deliver more oomph for muscles than glucose alone

this is our idea of a meal-easy and fast and with real ingredients-no artificial anything…the 1 year old GOOD TO GO gourmet worthy line of dehydrated food=impressive. 2 serving size=$9.75- $10.75
Nice packaging too…also one serving sizes available.

so impressive-this pancake set-up drew the faithful crowds---and smelled great- though we cannot eat food like this without slipping into a carb coma.