Saturday, January 10, 2015

#CES2015 QuardioCore Breakthrough Wearable EKG/ECG Wireless MONITOR

 Las Vegas-International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow 2015

To quote the above "EKG/ECG the way it should be…" ten second readings-on the go…compact, portable, and easily worn underneath apparel for continuous monitoring…QUARDIOCORE really impressed with its sleek design and functionality. No wonder it snagged TWO CES INNOVATION AWARDS 2015 Honoree(s)…in wearable technologies and fitness, sports and biotech. CONGRATS.

QUARDIOCORE…the black size  attaches skin side…attaches with the adjustable strap-like a athlete's heart monitor but delivering more of the 411…ETA Spring 2015
The future of Digital Health got a lot of attention at the most recent CES 2015 ---with human health tracking-relayed over the internet (Bluetooth-RF paired, data transmitted via an app) …and all that implies, including costs savings, real time information, consumer wearables easily used and a bonus for those living in remote locales-or who have no time/access to medical personnel  (potentially life saving) ---and of course- security/privacy/hacking issues.
seriously-about the size of this rep's hand…the cord just kept the display model from disappearing. There are no sticky pads or wires.
AND- the question of who is receiving -interpreting the data---a human doctor-or automated gathering device with built-in software that will send out alerts/readings (hopefully) if necessary.

Digital Health and app/smartphones paired with wearables- monitoring humans and streaming the info- are realities with major cost savings- freeing up doctors-medical staff times-let alone the rapid delivery of possibly more accurate information, obtained less intrusively than medical procedures of the 20th century---
QUARDIOCORE is wireless-vs the above pictured traditional EKG/ECG monitor
AND QUARDIOCORE ($449) -we think-is going to be a very popular device.

The data is delivered via the download-able (free?) QUARDIO app (Android, iOS)) then delivered to a QUARDIO CLOUD (also free storage?). Company Privacy Policy.


QuardioArm -smart blood pressure monitor-back is velcro-ed to adjust for arm widths…available now on AMAZON (<$99) 1.5 inches x 5.5 inches-Bluetooth pairing-Android, iOS...

QuardioBase-Very sleek looking 12.5 inches by .76 inches thick-a scale-BUT have to get the 'weight health management' stats  (weight, BMI ,bone composition, muscle, water etc.) on connected smartphone with the downloaded app- -a style of device/monitor we saw offered by several exhibitors-imo annoying-rather read it on the scale itself without the need for yet another IoTs gadget! What this does deliver are smily emoticons---suppose to indicate "smart feedback to indicate your weight trend…" though we asked how this accounts for let's say, a pregnant woman who should be putting on weight…and we were told, the app/software accounts for that. Still-emoticons-so Dazed and Confused---pulllleeeze . No doubt-people will love especially those under age of 3 who will spend hours on scale for smiley face LOL.  ETA Spring 2015 $149