Friday, January 16, 2015

#CES2015 Edwin The Duck-Interactive Toy @FitBark Dog Activity Tracker

Las Vegas-International Consumer Electronic Tradeshow

Keeping track of what one cherishes most---there's a  lot of products that are part of the Internet of Things- and Kickstarted funded-geared towards kids and pets.


"…squishy, squishy, splashy…" LED light with 100 different colors
 EDWIN THE DUCK is a waterproof rubber duck-interactive toy=adorable!!!! Control night light function plus a bunch of stuff- from a downloaded Edwin app (iOS, Android, Windows devices).

geared towards functions that are fun in four areas-sleep, story time-wirelessly streams music, bath time--thermometer-temp sensor (ok that might not be so fun), and play time-tells stories, sings lullabies.

 FITBARK- is (are) dog fitness/activity monitor(s)- tracker(s) available in different colors--- to synch- via a free mobile app-Bluetooth Smart connected on iOS/Android devices-providing web dashboard of 411-and providing a cloud based platform to store data-just like the human kind. Note-not a GPS tracker.
dog bone shape pretty cute-water tough up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, battery life 1-2 weeks, depending,   we can see how worried owners would want to see how active their dog is…and certainly vets might like to see how their patients are moving/sleeping…and pet insurance companies ---maybe get a discount for an active furry friend…kind like gym membership reimbursements by human health care companies.