Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CES 2015 Innovation Award Nominee Highlights Part 2

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

Netgear, Tiffen Company, Hewlett Packard, InFoMotion Sports Technology, Sharp Electronics, AudioQuest, iHealth Lab, DISH, Pioneer Electronics, BlackBox Biometrics, Pioneer Electronics, Riva, Samsung Electronics-OCULUS, Grace Phonics, DevelLAB, A-Audio, Guillemot, Axxess CE, 

Netgear AC1900 High Power WiFi Range Extender -w/ high power amplifiers+tri 5dBi external antennas=widest range+fast WiFi speeds-must have for IoT-imo

Auto stabilization to the max-Steadicam CURVE for GoPro Hero-on hand held shoots=shake free videos

HP Pavilion x360 hybrid-notebook/tablet

94Fifty™ Smart Sensor Basketball Glassware app-non-wearable fitness =complex motion analysis w/ InfoMotion software wireless works iOS+Android $179.95

Sharp AQUOS 4K UHD TV w/ Pixel Splitting Technology -highest resolution 4K UHD TV (not that it is obvious from this pic)….renders an image with 66 million subpixels!  Like supersaturated reality that will drive TV makeup artists nuts

NightHawk luxurious semi-open, over-ear headphone made of eco-friendly materials delivering high quality audio

iHealth Align glucose meter that plugs into a smartphone's headphone jack-w/ results on screen using mobile app-convenient!

just one of many DISH nominees Pathway X1 Portable Satellite HDTV System for DISH for outdoor recreational+business needs-set-up only takes 10 minutes. Huh!

Dolby Atmos Elite Enabled Floor Speakers from masters of cinema sound…dynamic sound for home

About time!!!! BlackBox Biometrics a leader in sensor technology- Linx Impact Assessment System-real time sports impact monitoring system-SOF +SWAT combat tested…soon-probably something like this will be standard equipment -maybe built into sports helmets-mandatory- given litigation...

sleek looking portable Bluetooth® speaker-RIVA's Turbo S-Trillium™ proprietary sound quality+16+ hours battery life+multiple inputs for more than just portability of sound---

This got loads of attention-we took 3 pictures…the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus Technology with games+app available on Oculus-new way experience+consume mobile content-paired with Galaxy 4-AVAILABLE NOW Innovator Edition: $199.99 ---interesting VERY accessible price -guess it is the content that's going to deliver the earnings for shareholders.

reminds us of souped up snow goggles---w/ Touchpad, Back button + Volume Key-adjusts for near/far-sighted folks (nifty)--just right for specs-3D spatial sound (headphones needed), + camera 60fps +delivers with 16gb micro SD card +pre-loaded 3D movie trailers+360º videos 

Samsung Gear VR-shot from above-can see the flexible cushioning-ergo design-96º viewing angle, adjustable strap

KiiTAG 2---based on the Swiss Army Knife multi-functional item but digital- in a compact solution-item finder, power bank, LED flashlight, 16gb storage, camera shutter, fake phone call (!? for bad first dates?) on Kickstarter

a 4 port USB 3.0 network USB3XFR™ switch- xeroLAN™XL450 product  delivering a private+secure 5 Gigabit switched network connection btwn systems

reminded us of our grandparent's tv antenna but this Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi Router is more 21st century w/ Quad-Stream Wifi Architecture delivering the fastest dual band 802.11ac speed-performance for bandwidth hogging stuff…and control all attached and non-attached via an app...

MAJOR style points here-A-Audio Legacy Elite over-ear Headphones-like having 3 headphones at once via Three Stage Listening Technology $299 -w/dual jacks+travel case-cables- Liquid Chrome-Phantom Black color options... soon to deliver in rose gold-SWEET!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4-w/ S pen enhancements-front/rear camera, battery improvements-sleek design and big enough text to not squint reading email

Hercules DJ Control Jogvision-2 deck controller first to integrate PC/MAC -features display in the center of the jog wheel simultaneously indicating both playback speed+position in the track at a glance -comes bundled w/ Serato DJ Intro Mixing Software +built-in audio interface $299.99

Axxess CE AIR2 our most popular Instagram from the show…check out these wireless floating Bluetooth® speakers levitates over its base, suspended with magnets!!! Patent pending…and potential cat toy. Plus mic for conference calls+micro-USB port connects to USB slot on base…rechargeable battery-up to 12 hours playtime. It is listed on Amazon but not available-BUMMER