Sunday, January 18, 2015

3D Printing #CES 2015

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

CUBIFY®, FUEL 3D®, 3D PlusMe™

desktop+hobbyist CubePro® 3D printing by Cubify-durable plastic materials-multi-colors (24!) in PLA Plastic or ABS plastic

A big theme at CES 2015-3D printing offers a host of possibilities in the future---medical-human body parts-to deliver a replacement joint, spare parts for /machines/appliances/autos/aircraft, custom makeup to join what is already-in fashion, toys and design (Nike's Flyknit comes to mind, Martha Stewart's housewares, durable plastic stuff)---and military applications.
from Cubify-Sense™ is handheld 3D scanner $399-really scan anything -objects large and small-living or not--- then integrates with company's software and 3D Cube 3D printer. A nifty way to that gives more than just a 2d image or picture...
a CES Innovation Award Nominee…handheld  print+shoot 3D scanner by Fuel3D®-hi res fast fun
The most fun we saw-and sure to be a hit at your kid's next birthday party-replacing sketch artist's of yore…3D figurines---with your darling's exact facial image---as a super hero, athlete etc.
SMART---get that Marvel license! Super awesome indeed 3D Plus ME™ seems a kind of a franchise set-up with in-store events where one's kids (or you)…can become a mini-me super hero. Very cool-expect parents to cough up the $ for the little one's next birthday party…when that service becomes available. 

consumers can become their own game figures---or at  movies---a fav character in the film with their own facial features.