Friday, December 5, 2014

#WaxmanGala 17th Annual-Collaborating For A Cure @WaxmanCancer

55 Wall Street-Cirpiani's Downtown/NYC

The never want to miss annual benefit for the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation was a sold out gathering ---that packed the house and raised a lot of funds ($2.5 mill) for this worthy cause-dedicated to finding cures for cancers. hosting several items now up for bidding

the former bank ---tables ready to go...

For us-as soon as we heard the the familiar Hunter/Garcia "Scarlet Begonias" we knew it was going to be a great night.

Hosts -Chairman Michael and Elin Nierenberg-and family

Honorees-incredibly talented and super nice Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs-design duo who met at Parsons-and  quickly became a must wear body-con label fairly soon after they graduated! We were honored to sit at their table-and learned the Pre-Fall show was only a few days away. Very calm…very impressive. Plus great musical tastes-Carly Cushnie told us her older sister turned her on to American R+B including the late "Queen of Urban Pop" Aaliyah
a friend-who deftly held the drinks when the designers posed-wearing Cushnie Et Ochs

back of these Cushnie Et Ochs dresses are glamorous too-fit perfectly on this trio who could easily be runway models for their collection
loved the rings too
looking rather glam too-Chairman's Council-Ruth Finley-fashion ICON

Samuel Waxman M.D.-Founder+CEO 
Samuel Waxman, M.D.spoke about advances in cancer research -and also how indiscriminate cancer is-affecting all ages, ethnicities…world wide…and the global research collaboration amongst scientists and laboratories ---that fact is probably unusual…in a world where big pharma wants it take-

MC Chris Wragge-with assists from the fund raising volunteer team in Cushnie et Ochs dresses---he practically got everyone to do a wave…like high school!
Hugh Hildelsley-Sotheby's Auctioneer par excellence-raised a staggering sum including thousands for the adorable black lab puppies-
Sublime offerings-included this posh outing for a select few


after---food was terrific Robin Lathrop-BYROBIN Event and Design Management Group
Tomorrow People-such an optimistic song from a fav album, Conscious Party…written by Ziggy Marley (accompanied by Melody Makers)--his father-the Reggae LEGEND Bob Marley died of melanoma…