Saturday, December 13, 2014


Serious Style Protection-are musts for outdoor athletes---and the quality of the materials make a huge difference and epitomizes the ditty-"…seeing is believing…"

PLUS: UVA/UVB/UVC protection (100%), impact tough, scratch resistant, and glare banishing-safety features that cannot be compromised-all delivered in  Smith Optics, Hobie Polarized.

FROM SMITH OPTICS who pioneer advanced products to fuel fun beyond walls -sunglass offerings- all with techy anti-scratch lenses- including primo ChromaPop™ (lighter weight, film free polarization eliminates glue and haze, hydroleophobic coating repels grease, moisture and grimes, TLT= tarped lens technology corrects light distortion, anti-reflective coating on backside of lens) ...Techlite glass (optical clarity), and Carbonic ( impact resistant) lens- set in wire adjustable frames with base lens curvatures (typically 6-9-how curves around or flat vs face) for sports/casual wear that dips into the brand's archives for in again shapes.
"Do it your way---but see it our way." Dr. Smith founder of...

Subtle cat's eye shapes---medium fit coverage -popular and flattering shape for a lot of faces. Pictured Mt. Shasta-poppy or aqua ($80-up to $119)-cellulose propionate frame material, barrel hinges, carbonic lenses-multi-coatings for precise optical clarity and precision, polarization banishes glare and filters out 99% of "visual static"…for any environment
on left-teardrop aviator frame made of durable and lightweight titanium metal -with superior ChromaPop™ polarized lenses-for optimal clarity and vivid color definition, anti-reflective +hydroleophobic lenses coating, hydrophilic megol temple pads for no -slip comfy fit. barrel hinges, Audible  $269. On right Dockside-ChromaPop™lenses $209. Large frame Outlier XL-similar shape
Lowbrow Family

Lowbrow-Woodrow (handmade acetate frames), Lowbrow, Lowbrow Slim-RX friendly too. Hidden wire core temples easily adjust-with precision metal spring hinges

front bunch-Colette-women's, (Clayton- similar frame color combos but round shape) -with ChromaPop™ ($209), carbonic polarized ($119), and carbonic non-polarized ($80) lenses-timeless style with edgy frames-medium fit coverage, evolve (eco) frame material, barrel hinges, hydrophilic nose pads (no slide), 6 base lens curvature

Questa-from the 1990 Moto series' archive-love these-fit small-medium frame, Carbonic TLT lenses, cellulose propionate frame material, adjustable wire core temple, barrel hinges

PIVLOCK™ ARENA and PIVLOCK™ ARENA MAX-ergo shape great for bikers-performance line $159- 2 position adjustable nosepiece, slide-on temple ends, vast array of performance mirrored lens tint-medium fit-medium or large coverage-carbonic TLT lenses, TR90 frame material, 7x4 Lens curvature-temple length (VaporFit adjustable fit system) doesn't interfere with bike helmet  contours to head

Sea Crystal Series. w/ translucent frame all with Hydroclean™ polarized polycarbonate lenses, TR-90 frame, multi-barrel hinges, 6 base polarized lenses-RX friendly-in signature Bondi, Dogpatch, The Wedge, and Woody shapes ($89.99)

HOBIE POLARIZED sunglasses-are good value-for athlete/fishing types going on the water---plus showed off new Spring styles for city slickers-all featuring the maximum protection for blocking out damaging sun rays, and meeting or exceeding ANSI Z80.3 standards for refractive power, light transmission and impact resistance.

these reminded us of pricey Silhouette-MATRIX movie worthy-La Jolla Motion Collection-RIPS featherweight everyday solution-sailing, biking or running-Hydroclean™ polarized nylon lenses, megol rubber notepads, TR-90 frame, integrated hinge, 8 base polarized lenses $79.99
Other tech features-found in the large assortment of frames-with anti-fog gasket-perforated rubber lining on the interior of the brow-to vent+evaporate moisture (it works!), adjustable nose pad, integrated hinges-secure lightweight fit, megol rubber maintains secure grip no matter the elements including salt water, sweat…), precision flex hinges-for flex-great if you tend to shove your sunglasses up on your head, CO-molded lenses-fuses sunglass megol rubber to lens material without glue or solvents-stands up to elements, and selections made of TR-90 nylon polymer blend frames-tough, crack resistant, hydro allergenic and resilient.

La Jolla-with satin gold frame, satin wood grain temples/copper front-or satin gunmetal grey/satin black temples/grey (middle) $89.99 each-or satin black shiny silver, satin black temples, grey with cobalt mirror lenses (back $99.99)-silicone nose pads+nickel silver face TR-90 frames, Hydroclean™ polarized polycarbonate lenses, multi-barrel hinges, 6 base polarized lenses-RX friendly 

DAX mod looking-TR-90 frames, Hydroclean™ polarized polycarbonate lenses, multi-barrel hinges, 6 base polarized lenses-RX friendly 79.99
Hailey-retro cat's eye TR-90 frame w/ silver rim $79.99 

Aviator styles-
Jaco and Los Feliz- Grey Hobie® polarized lenses
stainless steel frames, silicone nose pads, 6 base curvature lens, precision flex hinges, RX friendly $79.99
Not pictured-nifty polarized  reader sunglasses-in three styles-Escondido, Rockpile, and Woody-available in 3 powers-$99.99