Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PIKOLINOS Spring 2015 M/W Footwear/Accessories @PIKOLINOS_Shoes

 lace-up in a rainbow's worth of color----
SPANISH footwear is prized-the history of the craftsmanship is evident whether producing classics or modern styles. AND bonus points here---the manufacturing processes incorporate sustainability and eco-leaning practices- (chrome free leathers, water -based glues, natural dyes) as a given---and the companies themselves are often family owned.

Calabria---another lace-up with slightly rounder toe-

PIKOLINOS ---from SPAIN---is a worldwide seller of men's and women's footwear and accessories-that pairs the contemporary Mediterranean fashion flair of rich colors, architectural patterns and artisan details---with the company's deep experience in using the finest leathers and comfortable/ practical shoe construction know-how.

love the upper stitch designs----in the middle (and below) La Palma-open toe slide-we would wear with jeans or skirt
La Palma
There was a lot to love at a media preview for Spring 2015---especially the carry-alls-a revelation of sumptuous leathers, versatile shapes ---and crafty trims that seem just right for either the bohemian dressed or urban attired.

cap toe oxford from the men's-influence this great slip-on Santorini


metallic band and tiny grommet with a laser cut ankle strap in leather-pretty. Block heel makes the sandal city street worthy Cabo Verde

natural textiles ---interesting mix with smooth leather Creta (l) and Sicilia (r)

Menorca-love this red---laser cut design and padded footbed says our ideal sandal for the beach

elegant take on gladiator upper… on block heel Roses

perfect shoe for work---straight out to a club dancing-side cut-outs…in a lace-up oxford-ish upper two tone menswear with a lot of femininity Elba

Sport sandals in fun beachy colors Puerta Vallarta-turquoise. sand

reptilian embossed leather lifestyle sneaker -Borneo

Officially our fav-the MAASAI-PROJECT collection that features the stunning hand beading of Kenyan and Tanzanian dwelling Maasai women---then made into Pikolinos footwear and haulers---back in Spain.
Narok-fyi limited editions-as this is a lot of hand work

Punta Cana

Alcudia left-center--then a driver style with beaded detail- for the guy's-

Sao Paulo

beaded uppers-then shipped to Pikolinos...

flap closed-shoulder bag Wha

MEN'S….white stitching and colored rubber outsoles-breezy take on classic loafer-Torr

fisherman style and thong- Phuket--- men's sandals in leather are very popular!!!!!

classic captor lace-up gets a modern fun take with white outsole [aired with bright blue, red or black durable rubber outsole Glasgow

leather suede-Glasgow

Liverpool-leather suede lifestyle sneaker-dress-up kicks

perfect for the weekend-Faro
boat shoe---Torr

top pick for guy's-perforated upper-with smooth leather…white outsole---so dapper

The handbags and carry-alls are made form the same beautiful leathers as the shoes…not trendy at all-we'd keep these forever….
like the shoes-architectural patterns---- Brandy drawstring upper-w/ adjustable shoulder strap...
great gym bag-weekender MHA---outer pockets, leather handle and shoulder strap---nice interior compartments too

MHA-reminds us of the classic camera bag shape----

WHA leather tote….
leather backpacks-sophsiticated version …just as practical

Call the selections contemporary prices from about mid'100s-to mid 200's for sandals -shoes…for the hand bags/haulers-about $225-$330

Still all in the founder- Juan Peràn's family-fyi they learned English by watching TV's Friends-