Sunday, December 21, 2014

OLIBERTÉ-M/W Footwear-Gear 2014- 2015

Made in Ethiopia -Africa-in the world's first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear factory-using materials largely sourced from that continent-Oliberté leads the way -in eco minded shoe production-(since 2009) that has garnered buying fans from the outdoors and fashion communities…and made other shoe brand's notice the high quality of manufacturing capabilities.

The men's and women's footwear aren't just feel good purchases-they're distinctive looking-a combo of style and comfort-with hand crafted details courtesy of Ethiopian skilled craftsmen----and distinctive features like natural rubber outsoles and footbeds imprinted with African floral/ethnic patterns- Ethiopian map, water based PU comfort insoles, naturally breathable 100% leather lining and primo leather uppers.

ANBESSO-new lace-up oxford style men-S/S 2015 -black suede (not pictured), dark suede, and brown/yellow pull-up

NBANA-even the outsole- has ethnic imprint---

happy to cross your legs and dangle this outsole...

New for Spring 2015 selections-"Gorilla wax" -an all natural waterproofing wax for leather goods made in Canada-out of organic African ingredients.

ANJULA-light grey brushed wax and rubber outsole-lifestyle kick with hand burnished details

BLANCA-navy suede perforated details in cute wingtip smoking slip-on. On sale - $50
MASERI cutout-teardop shapes pretty-in a slip-on in camel pullup and tan nubuck

RALINI-light grey brushed wax color far left-our fav

ADUNI-womne's S/S 2015 mocha and sand suede...

far right KUKO, left+center NGOLA-men's-love the distinctive Dark grey brushed wax color
FLORA- $250-buckle shut, large outerpocket...

OLIBERTÉ produces fab haulers/gear-that would elevate anyone's gym -weekender bags--- the leathers which are unique-are largely (90%) from HADFE---polished to patina perfection using natural-vegetal dyes.
backstraps are adjustable...
KOBIO oversized tote-$160
GYMANO bags available now -light brushed grey $300

Gymano Rustic Brown