Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Gifts -TRAVELERS @Pikolinos @Luxchilas

The gift of experiences trumps stuff-but is not always a practical choice.

For stylish gals (guys) who love jaunts to far flung destinations---indigenous ethnic designs are wearable reminders of adventures abroad.

Top pick: Selections from the Pikolinos' MASAAI PROJECT-ethnically inspired footwear with beaded details crafted by Kenyan-and Tanzanian women.
knockouts-this beaded sandals get this gorgeous hand crafted trims- from Maasain women-then assembled in Spain by family owned Pikolinos footwear label. Win win-fair wages paid-helps 1000+ Kenyan+Tanzanian women support their families

pieces of leather first cut in Spain-then distributed in Maasai Mara and beaded-then made into sandals and slip-ons back in Spain
on left/center Nairobi -$200-on the right-men's slip-on loafer with beaded detail...

Urban ethnic handbags-feature multi-hued traditional Wayuu geometric patterns woven in northern Colombian-for limited edition pieces by LUXCHILAS.

BackCHILA $250- 100% cotton hand woven in crotchet technique-transformed into trendy backpack-adjustbale straps, leather flap, gold hardware, interior is lined with pockets.