Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

ONCE AGAIN, while attending an Outdoor Retailer event-the thought of "…this renders everything we own-outdated…" crossed the brain cells.

From Gore-Tex® a company synonymous with waterproof/breathable and windproof fabrics a big intro for footwear-SURROUND™"…the first all-around breathable and waterproof hiking footwear…"
open feature in the outsoles and special Gore-Tex® laminate incorporating the Gore-Tex® membrane features  over  1.4 billion micro-pores per sq. centimeters-each pore is 20,000 smaller than a droplet of water yet 700 times larger than a vapor molecule-meaning moisture cannot get in form outside---but sweat from feet-easily escapes. NEAT.
Adopted by several brands including outdoors and lifestyle labels…the 360º climate comfort-venting moisture during summertime-is a very desirable characteristic-and in combo with a waterproof feature=WIN WIN.
that's a serious waterproof visual...

Salewa-one of several footwear brands adopting SURROUND™ Fyi a special non-woven fabric in sole protects Gore-Tex® laminate SURROUND™ spacer-under the sweat gland loaded foot- from sharp objects. As pictured, the inner sole inserts-like this Salewa footbed- also breathable-i.e. perforated…or SURROUND™ not effective. Important as many people use customized footbeds...
we had a nice chat with Marc Peikert-a Germany based Gore-Tex® Product Specialist employee who clued us in on the multi-year research process that went into -and how important the extra thin sponge like layer is-vents the sweat lower side vents…
HANWAG -has the aforementioned technology in the lightweight, functional  Trail+Travel collection- Najera GTX® SURROUND™ mid and low-for  Spring 2015 

NAJERA Mid GTX® SURROUND™extremely breathable. waterproof, PU laminated suede at heel+toe for reinforcement, Vibram® Cross sole -awesome grip with aggressive studs at ball of foot+heel section, cushioning and shock absorbing construction


tough toe protection…like lacing system for precise fit

Vibram® Cross sole...
SALEWA -a mountain brand…that inspires it's new logo and mission to "GET VERTICAL."
RAMBLE GTX-choclate-women's is in a charcoal grey

Gore SURROUND™ TPU anti-slip

ALPINE LIFESTYLE-Ramble GTX® has SURROUND® multi-tasking casual wear/travel with nubuk leather upper

Gore-Tex® laminate lining incorporated in the upper exploit channels beneath the foot and a lateral radiator to ease air circulation around the foot-yet ensures waterproof.

MID ALP FLOW GTX® SURROUND™men's in Basilico/Foliage full suede upper 605 grams-3F system (brand's specialty) for flexibility, anatomic support for ankle+perfect fit-via multiple lasts, plus odor control. Multi-season winner.

women's ALP Flow Mid GTX®-Venom-Bright Aqua
women's ALP Flow Mid GTX® in Charcoal/Indio-burly but kinda light at 515 grams-Hike Approach Vibram outsole flexible and durable and grippy. serious treads