Saturday, November 22, 2014


AT that tweener time in life where it's all about what everyone else has-those middle school years are tough to live in- and maybe with.

HELP: Holiday gift ideas that'll get a smile from a gal that maybe rarely does these days…

Numero UNO idea- a gift card…packaging is everything---this adorable snow globe-and other porcelain selections double as a clever gift card holders ($7.99-$9.99)…from Improvements Catalogue.

Stocking stuffers-for nails…

KISS Nail Tattoos (so easy), Design Perfection (stencils) and thematic Nail Art kits - the latest thematically tied to Disney's Good and Evil  (complete with artistic sparkling trims, brush tools, polishes/top coat-and fake stick-on neutral nail tabs if needed…) are FUN and affordable-widely available (Walgreens,…etc) and top out. price-wise at $9.99

KISS Nails
Manicure sets-from Rowallan® of Scotland-are keepers-$55-$65

By now every suburban dwelling female under a certain age probably already has a pair of solid color sheepskin lined warm boots…but these whimsical ones form EMU add a bit a snazzy style to the winter staple.
Emu original Wallaby and waterproof Brumby boots and fun kicks for big kids  (and pictured-for little ones tooz0 $89-$99

FOR THE CITY SOPHISTICATE-EMU shows off some high fashion kicks with same comfort...

Heysen $179 full oiled grain leather, molded foam insole, comfy EVA midsole -inserts, durable natural rubber outole

SO SMART-Seventeen Holiday Collection from the iconic Seventeen magazine/brand-  a spot-on collection of fashion, accessories, shoes and bedding…for its target market.
Cute, frilly, flirty with some sass-available at SEARS.

Sequin tulle skirt-with wide waistband hidden back zipper and fully washable $16.99
Sparkling skater  and tulle skirts, leather moto jacket, leggings, studded denim vests, and active wear with flair…for the boho, sporty, pretty sweet and pretty smart-moods of today's girl…at crazy good prices.
studded denim vest $20.99

Faux fur trim boucle hoodie$23.99

shoes, boots and casual kicks-all footwear $39.99 (leather slouchy ankle boots) or less-pictured twin gore sneaker black/white/plaid $17.99
3 piece sham-comfrter sets-$89.99-$106.95