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Metropolitan Pavilion/NYC

A preview of sorts for the gigunda International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas---the CES Unveiled New York event this past week featured a well attended press briefing-with remarks and observations made by CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and other staff members on key themes for the Holidays -including an improving economy helping to improve this year's spending-with growth "driven by narrowly defined demographics", online retailers getting more of their share of the $s spent----with mobile reshaping commerce (searches and purchases)….and consumers shopping earlier-with Black Friday pretty much starting up right after those Veteran Day Sales pushes -anticipating "Shop Early, Stop Early"…and ALSO based on their findings-a 2014 Holiday consumer tech gift wish list... (electronically speaking).

we figure on this list can be added fitness apps-wearable will be heavily download in honor of New Years resolutions to get in shape


miCoach Smartball by Adidas…a size 5 32 panel soccer ball with an integrated sensor package-officially obsessed $199

Integrated sensor package records kick data-spin, strike, speed and flight path-battery life of 2000 kicks-1 week of standby. connects via Bluetooth® Low Energy
For us -the exhibitors, especially those nominated for the CES innovation awards-provided the biggest wow

Smart Run-miCoach -Adidas--miCoach Smart run w/o the strap-continuous heart rate, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, wireless music player, Wi-Fi and color touchscreen

Fit Smart 
with MIO wrist based heart rate technology-provides simple to understand visual coach guidance for workout intensity, calorie burn to keep you on track, -accelerometer tracking pace, distance, stride-synchs wirelessly with miCOach Train+Run app.
and Smart Run-Adidas miCoach 

Clean Scandinavian design-Italian wool fabrics in current Panatone color choices-wireless speakers-exceptional sound quality-by Libratone---

Liberatone DIVA works-Bluetooth 4.0

POLAR-heart rate monitors, GPS Watches, and soon to be available mid November-V650 GPS Bicycle monitor -large 2.8" touchscreen -integrated GPS+accurate altitude data with the built-in barometric pressure sensor

Most wanted/needed-LEDs really show cyclists-wearing VISIJAX Cycling Jackets-turn signals-sensitive sensors light the arm part up when moving. Brilliant. A CES Innovator Award 2015.

Mark Bernstein-one very popular guy-co-founder VISIJAX

waterproof/breathable DuPont Teflon® coated-resistans stains and bad weather-Commuter Jacket w/ 23 integrated high intensity LEDs' both front (white) and back (red) with turn indicators-self canceling like a car's turn signal once complete the turn!!!! $199

Highlight Jacket- $159

We almost got this----GYMWATCH® Sensor$389--- amazing fitness tracker measures strength and motion---we asked and there are 900 exercises it can track--- 'in it.' Works with Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart to communicate data to GYMWATCH app (iOS+Android)-in turn synchronizes with web portal...

Fabian Walke from Germany-inventor-took him 4 years to conjure up finished product. Very impressive

LG wowed the crowd with the massive 4K Ultra HD television…that would probably not fit in the average sized NYC apartment…

Also showed off their new LG G Watch R...

fav feature-swipe the screen get a completely new watch face. …classic style we think will find favor with those people who also like to wear a watch as an accessory to an outfit

JayBird-new REIGN Activity Tracker-$199…automated activity detection-fashion/function-joins their famous famous ear buds-available VERY SOON

This is so amazing we want it and we don't even cook-by Made In The USA, family owned DACOR-high end appliances-yup that is a wireless connected touch screen panel so you can check your mail and/or download video on how to whip up the latest recipe…talk about a must have for any Chef's kitchen.

GoPro cameras imo-big for the holidays----Steadicam Curve® designed specifically to protect that investment----based on the same techy stuff as the Academy award-winning professional Steadicam®

WHAT ELSE:---took some pictures of the showcased CES INNOVATOR AWARDS 2015 Finalists

94Fifty-software and mobile apps-smart sensor basketball

FUZ Designs-Noke world's first bluetooth enabled padlock

Axxccc CE AIR2-floating Bluetooth speakers-the company expects imitators

Nifty-FUEL3D Inc-this is a point and shoot 3D scanner-hi res shape+color capture

mi COACH Adidas Smart Ball

Amaryllo International B.V. iCam HD Pro

Pioneer Electronics-Home Audio+Video Components and Accessories-the ELITE pictured above- size -brought us back to what we had in Middle School for an amplifier-size wise.

Gibson Brand Home Theater Speakers-Philips Fidelio B5 Wireless Surround Soundbar Speakers

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge=Fabulous

AudioQuest NightHawk semi-open over-ear headphone

Dell's Venue 8 7000 Series-thinnest tablet in the world!!!!

hint-we want-Sony's a7S Full frame Mirrorless Camera-world's smallest full frame interchangeable lens camera

Sengled Snap-Indoor/Outdoor LED PAR Lamp w/ integrated 720p HD IP Camera, microphone and speaker.

?-a lot of 'only works with my app' fitness/activity trackers---limit the broad appeal for fitness fanatics motivated enough to use one of these wearables ?… privacy policy  discussions ?-with all that personal data uploaded…(like FitBit's)---AND how reliable/secure is monitoring equipment if dependent on 3G-4G networks-or cable-fiber optic delivered broadband.

Just asking----