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For those who drive their cars-Car and Driver branded vehicle sized gadgets make hitting the road-a bit more user friendly, organized, tidy - at budget prices.

Military inspired outerwear and footwear- rugged handsome style-  not only for guys who never ever bother glancing in the mirror---but also for those who spend waaay to many minutes-primping. 
… by APLHA Industries-reinterpreted WWII Bomber Flight jackets by the original company producing the iconic uniforms.

Mineral glass lenses- OTIS EYEWEAR sunglasses-in classic shapes-deliver optically correct, clear -color balanced views-with exceptional performance-NO SCRATCHING-highly durable, and lightweight…and 100%UVA/UVB Blocking.

MADE IN THE USA-beer and sunglasses-smart pairing and sure to sell out-

HOLIDAY GIFTS-Outdoors/Athletic-Better Gym Bags, Active+Casual Apparel

Holiday gifts are a perfect excuse to elevate one's gym bags-style wise- beyond giveaway haulers from races, trade shows ...

New to us-Gregory-vintage flavored Sunbird series that refs its design history (backpacks)…and produces sturdy selections made from classic-cotton-polyester canvas, authentic steel alligator clips and figure eight attachment systems, and chrome-tanned leather details.

A bump up, materials wise than Herschel…imo….the tote, cross-body and backpack are urban worthy and roomy enough for gym and travel essentials. Prices $99-$149---deliver Spring 2015 but worth keeping eye out for…i.e.-gift cards.

Bonus points always go to entrepreneurs…these well thought out haulers by NOMAD by Tess Johnson-has mass transit and electronic friendly details…that really are unique.

Sophisticated leather bags for women/men with an eye for modern luxury…two brands that command attention…as both use chromium free, vegetable dyes, water based glues---- made by eco conscious companies--…

Holiday Gifts -Outdoors+The SPORTY Fitness Stocking Stuffers

There are so much 'stuff' for sale-for in/out door fitness activities---it's surprising how expensive similar products are.

Excluding combing through yard sales/eBay…more time efficient and with a warranty (plus) are the new product offerings by the appropriately named, iFIT…including their ACTIVE Fitness Tracker that does what pricier versions do but sells for $79.99 -pairs wirelessly-to sync with the iFIT platform app (iOS/Android) to track activity (steps), calories, and sleep- around  the clock-while also displaying real time (!) ---

Just in time for holiday calorie counting -log in your food intake for that stat too, plus access iFit's library of food/recipes for (theoretically) healthier eating---and there's even a barcode scanner that helps in doing that.

Plus there is the capability to send/receive messages with those who also have who are iFIT app enabled-show up on the tracker. TMI?

Maybe but we thought the functionality/price ratio exceptional -availabl…